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Welcome Introductions Administration Rule Changes Other things 2014 Eastern Officials Association Referee Clinic.

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1 Welcome Introductions Administration Rule Changes Other things 2014 Eastern Officials Association Referee Clinic

2 Introductions EOA Secretary/Treasurer –Robert Turner Volleyball Delegate to EOA Board of Directors –Chris Long Volleyball Committee –Barb BesalCommittee Chair –Chris LongDelegate –Bob KyleCommissioner –Mark GraupmannLine Judge Certifications –Bob RoeserMentor Program Chair –Ben Pancho –Kathy Shirey –Kelsey Seibert –John Swanberg Other Board of Directors Members -- Chris Miller President-electBob West Football Delegate –Scott Warren Softball DelegateAlan Shackley Swim & Dive Delegate

3 Administration Dues W-9 Independent Contractor Agreement Code of Conduct Registration Clinic Schedule Event Calendar Arbiter EOA Web Site NASO & Referee Magazine

4 Dues Next year’s dues now withheld from amounts paid through RefPay.

5 W-9 Form All agencies safeguard social security numbers Available on EOA web site & Arbiter link Resubmit when information (address) changes Submit by fax or in pdf to Sec/Treasurer

6 VHSL Registration Returning members need to verify information for accuracy and changes I‘ll send out roster for you to verify

7 VHSL Registration Steps to complete registration –Registration form (VHSL ID number) –Fees –State Rules Clinic (On line) –Test (70%) (On line)

8 EOA Volleyball Clinic Schedule 2014


10 Date TBD Demonstration Match –Actual players –Level 1 officials will officiate –Officials divided into small groups with facilitator for questions and comments.

11 Saturday Aug 16 or Aug 23 Scrimmages 9:00 AM Tidewater Volleyball Center (4 or 5 courts) For all new members; all level 4 & 5 officials; and others desiring observation Most EOA raters will be there

12 Monday August 18 On court training (bring whistles, coin, cards, & equipment bag) 6:00 PM. Norfolk Academy All members Multiple station training, clinicians, and discussion oPre-match duties & post-match procedures oMatch interruptions and intervals oSignals & whistle oR1 stuff oR2 stuff oEquipment

13 Scorekeeping Clinics All members must attend one session –Unless excused by rating chair based on demonstrated performance at scrimmage(s) –New members attend Jul 31 session & one other session Others may attend for additional training

14 In Season Meetings 6:00 PM Sep 14 & Oct 12 1 st Colonial HS (probably) Review situations and progress of season Discussion of one topic identified by members (e.g., handling coaches, administering sanctions, bench control) View as continuing training or professional development Identify requested topics for discussion to Barb Besal

15 Arbiter Please keep contact information and close out dates current Links may not be working currently



























42 Arbiter Important Information Make contact numbers available to partners Keep availability up to date De-conflict with other sport assigners Accept assignments quickly when given Other assignments will come after initial shot Check site often for new assignments I’ll use Announcements for important information If you forget password, the system can help

43 EOA Web Site Upgrade and update always in progress Please provide input on what you want on site for volleyball Clinic presentations on web site by Sep 1. Score sheet; Libero tracking sheet; Line- up sheet. All revised. On line soon. Links from Arbiter when on line.

44 Referee Training Web Site Training site for officials maintained by USA Volleyball Contains videos and training modules Contains Blog Great training and professional development site Some rule & mechanic differences View without receiving credit

45 NASO & Referee Magazine Advantages of NASO membership –Great articles in Referee Magazine –$3 million in liability insurance –18 reasons to join NASO

46 18 Reasons to Join NASO General Liability Insurance Protection Member Information & Consultation Program $50,000 Game Call & Assignor’s Coverage Death Benefit Coverage Assault Protection Program Optional Game Fee Loss Insurance Referee Magazine “It’s Official” Newsletter NASO LockerRoom e-Newsletter

47 18 Reasons to Join NASO (cont) Annual Sport Quizzes Advocate on Critical Officiating Issues Discount to Annual Convention Major Buying Discounts Savings on Personal Services Relocation Referral Services Personalized Membership Card Marriott Athletic VIP Card NASO Membership is tax deductible

48 Rule Changes

49 Rule Changes 2013 Signal sequence changed. Eliminate sending teams to end lines between sets prior to changing sides. Towel tucked in shorts treated as equipment. Deciding set protocol. R1 no longer verifies scoresheet. Technology on the bench. Special injury time out. Libero tracker advises R2 at start of T.O.

50 Points of Emphasis 2013 Expectations of Properly Trained Assistant Officials Legal and Properly Worn Player Uniforms, Equipment, and Accessories Mastering Officials Mechanics

51 Rule Changes 2014 R2 responsible for own antenna faults –Ball crossing outside on R2 side –Nothing new since this is our mechanic –In Preseason Guide, strike fourth line Play 1 Shortened time-outs –If both teams ready to play prior to 60 seconds, end time out with whistle. No longer use any signal to direct teams back to court. –Ensure clock is stopped

52 Rule Changes 2014 (cont.) Line Judge Optional Position –R1 can direct LJ to move to end line extended position to better view potential foot faults –Nothing really new, since this is our mechanic Mascot & School Name on Sleeve of Solid Color Jersey –Restricted to 4” x 4” or 3” x 5” logo on sleeve

53 Points of Emphasis 2014 Informational Signals from R2 to R1 –R2 offers assistance or opinion. R1 considers that information to make ruling. –Illegal Hit / Ball Handling Faults –Four hits –Possible Back Row Player Fault

54 Points of Emphasis 2014 (cont.) Court Boundary Lines –Recommended single color, continuous line contrasting to floor color –May use different color for contrast –Center line MAY be shadow-bordered to preserve painted logo Hand Signals –Player Numbers-- Ready to Play –Set / Match Point –Eliminate all references in Preseason Guide to identifying position of setter prior to serve

55 Editorial Changes b. –When R2 whistles fault, R1 only indicates result of play followed by player at fault (if necessary) without repeating fault 9-2-3c. –After coin toss for deciding set, R2 indicates what teams do to R1. –R1 blows whistle & directs teams a. –Subs reported during time outs by someone

56 Other Things Pay Customers Uniforms Fines Notify Partners Busy Days Annual Meeting Scrimmages Rating Opportunities Test

57 Pay Most schools pre-pay. Some mail checks. May be required to fill out form –Require SSN –Print legibly and clearly –If they have a form – just fill it out!! Ask before match if they have form if not pre-pay Advise commissioner if problem; You should call the school if problem getting paid. I’ll distribute pay schedule before season. I’ll provide list of pre-pay customers. RefPay

58 Used for all pre-pay customers. –Number continues to increase Paysheets transferred from EOA to RefPay every two weeks on a Monday New folks will need to establish RefPay account. No charge to do EFT transactions to bank Additional payments incur a fee Go to for

59 Our Customers Public High Schools (6A, 5A, 4A) in 6 Conferences –VA Beach (11 schools) –Norfolk (5 schools) –Portsmouth (3 schools) –Chesapeake (7 schools) –Suffolk (3 schools) TCIS (9 of 10 schools) Metro Conference (9 schools) Conference 33 (Windsor only) ODACS Conference (3 schools)(1 referee) Hampton Roads Ath Conf (9 schools)(1 or 2 referees) PIAL (4 schools) (Peninsula) (1 referee) ETIS (League of MS)(4 schools)(1 referee) Independent Schools (3 Schools)(1 or 2 referees)

60 More Customers Middle Schools –VA Beach (13) –Norfolk (7) –Chesapeake (10) –Portsmouth (3) Adult Recreation, City of VA Beach Youth Recreation, City of VA Beach Endless Summer Tournament (Sep 6 & 13) Other pop-ups

61 Beach District Conference 1, Region 6A South –Bayside HS –Cox HS –First Colonial HS –Landstown HS –Ocean Lakes HS –Tallwood HS –Granby HS Conference 9, Region 5A South –Green Run HS –Kellam HS –Kempsville HS –Princess Anne HS –Salem HS –Maury HS –Norview HS

62 Southeastern District Conference 2, Region 6A South –Grassfield HS –Oscar Smith HS –Western Branch HS –Bethel HS –Kecoughtan HS –Woodside HS Conference 10, Region 5A South –Great Bridge HS –Hickory HS –Indian River HS –Gloucester HS –Hampton HS –Menchville HS –Warwick HS Conference 17, Region 4A South –Deep Creek HS –Churchland HS –Lake Taylor HS –IC Norcom HS –BT Washington HS –Wilson HS Conference 18, Region 4A South –Kings Fork HS –Lakeland HS –Nansemond River HS –Denbigh HS –Heritage HS –Phoebus HS

63 Eastern District Conference 1, Region 6A South –Granby HS –Bayside HS –Cox HS –First Colonial HS –Landstown HS –Ocean Lakes HS –Tallwood HS Conference 9, Region 5A South –Maury HS –Norview HS –Green Run HS –Kellam HS –Kempsville HS –Princess Anne HS –Salem HS Conference 17, Region 4A South –Churchland HS –Lake Taylor HS –IC Norcom HS –BT Washington HS –Wilson HS –Deep Creek HS

64 Uniforms All white collared polo shirt with Certified Official logo –VHSL shirt (attached) All black slacks (w/ or w/o belt loops) –Polyester or twill (to keep crease) –No Dockers or cotton that fades Black socks All black shoes Black belt (plain) (must wear if belt loops) EOA patch (on Velcro or magnet on right side) White whistle & lanyard or black whistle & lanyard

65 VHSL Volleyball Shirt Cliff Keen dealer in Charlottesville MXS loose gear fabric Required in Cost is $45.99 < 3 weeks for delivery We’ll use different vendor. Provide name & size Cost deducted from pay

66 Optional Equipment Red & black pens Score sheets, Libero Tracking Sheets, Line-up sheets Mints Extra whistle(s) Stand straps Athletic tape Flags

67 Fines Fine schedule sheet. I’ll . Special emphasis on timeliness and partner communication prior to match Approved by Board of Directors Forgiveness is NOT easier to obtain than permission in the world of sports assigning Accept assignments quickly. Don’t decline Keep me informed Be honest

68 Contact Partners Latest is 24 hours before assignment 48 hours is better A week prior is too much in advance because too much can change Always notify your partner if you get a late assignment or changed assignment Keep partner informed if you’re running late (roster & cell phone) I am neither MapQuest nor 411. I charge $50.00 for each request.

69 Busy Days and Assignments Will make assignments based on availability and ability Busiest days are Tuesdays and Thursdays Next busiest day order is Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, Friday. Will try hard to cross level number of assignments, and will listen to your desires If complaint, contact me or your delegate

70 Awards Banquet September 6 Greenbrier Country Club Dinner 6:00 PM –Free to members –Menu TBD –Guests allowed with charge Invitation by Event in Arbiter RSVP by accepting Event assignment –Charge for accepting & not showing up Awards for all sports

71 Scrimmages Will review at clinics Chance to be seen, learn, and get ready for season Will use self assign after August 8 Busy days TBD

72 Rating Opportunities Tammy Elliott is Ratings Chair Will discuss at later clinic Rating tournaments possible

73 NFHS Test Test done on line Test period is TBD Questions rolled every test Use your VHSL ID for log in Don’t have to complete in one session 70% to be certified for varsity scholastic volleyball and to be registered (insured). 80% to be considered for post season Do it early. May take it twice if score below 80%. Send me your score by when you have completed the test. Keep screen shot of results

74 State Rules Clinic Complete on line Period is TBD Use your VHSL ID to log on Inform me by when you have completed the clinic Keep screen shot of results

75 Volleyball Committee Chair

76 Volleyball Delegate


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