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1. 2 1.Uniform requirements 2.Basic referee kit 3.Complete referee kit.

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2 2 1.Uniform requirements 2.Basic referee kit 3.Complete referee kit

3 3 Uniform Requirements for Beach Officials

4 4 Standard Uniform The STANDARD uniform for beach volleyball officials is: Plain white polo shirt Plain black shorts Khaki shorts when specified Sandals, flip flops, or white tennis shoes with socks Plain white cap or visor Sunglasses & cleaning cloth What should I wear to officiate a beach volleyball event?

5 5 Some ADDITIONAL uniform equipment is recommended: Plain black rain-coat / rain-pants Plain black sweatshirt / sweatpants Spare shirt to wear during court set-up (a plain t-shirt is fine) Since I will be working outside, can I wear additional items depending on the weather? Additions to Uniform

6 6 The Basic Kit for Beach Officials

7 7 Carry most of the standard items from an indoor referee kit: What equipment should I carry in my beach officials kit? Whistle, lanyard and spares Ball pressure gauge, hand pump & spare needles Flipping coin Yellow & red cards Current DCR (rule book) Pens, pencils, and rubber bands You don’t need to carry a net height chain!

8 8 The Complete Kit for Beach Officials

9 9 You should add the following items to create your Beach Ref Kit! Is there any additional equipment I should carry to the beach? Measuring tape (100’ / 30m) Stakes / corner markers (x6) Clipboard (plastic recommended) Sunscreen Waterproof bag for valuables Water bottle & snacks

10 10 A few other OPTIONAL items for your beach kit: Black “duct” tape White cloth (athletic) tape Laminated scoresheet Grease pencil / china marker (mechanical if possible) A few extra paper score sheet(s) Work / garden gloves Anything else for my ref kit?

11 11 QIf an event host provides a different uniform shirt, am I allowed to alter the standard uniform? AYes – if the uniform shirt is consistent with the professionalism standards of volleyball officials. QCan I wear my indoor “certified volleyball official” polo or jacket? ANo – the approved uniform shirt for beach volleyball officials is a plain white polo. QDo I need to use multi-colored pens for the score sheet? ANo – only one color pen (black or blue) is required for the score sheet.

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