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Utley Middle School Class of 2020

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1 Utley Middle School 2014-2015-Class of 2020
Welcome to 7th grade

2 Utley Pack Leaders Principal- Mr. Todd Bradford
Assistant Principals- Mrs. Shenequa Miller (A-L) & Mr. Dave Girardi (M-Z) Counselors- Ms. Shanda Riley (A-L) & Mrs. Michele Jensen (M-Z) Registrar- Mrs. Connie Bennett Attendance- Ms. Shawna Seabolt Nurse- Mrs. Susan Edwards Athletic Director- Mr. Kody Hergert Technology- Instruction Mr. Alan Engle Technician Ms. Megan Houser

3 Utley Pack Students from the following elementary schools will have the opportunity to attend Utley Amy Parks (partial) Cullins (partial) Dobbs (whole) Hartman (partial) Hays (partial) Jones (partial) Nebbie Williams (partial) Pullen (partial) Reinhardt (whole) Rochell (partial) Shannon (partial) Springer (partial) Stevenson (whole)

4 When do I get to meet my new friends?
February 20th - Campus visit and tour February 24th - Parent Student Orientation May 17th Spring Fling from 9:00-11:00 am at Utley Middle School Families and students can meet UMS staff members

5 Extras at Utley Natatorium next door
Wilkerson Sanders stadium for practice and games WOLF TV Outdoor Education ( 8th grade only) We will not have school lockers which means you will be issued a set of books to keep at home and we will have books in your classroom to use at school.

6 Immunizations 7th graders are required to have the following immunizations on file prior to the start of school Tdap booster Meningcoccal Varicella #2 You can start getting these vaccines now and send a copy to the elementary school nurse if you receive it before school is out. If you get the shots over the summer you can mail or fax them to Utley MS.

7 Required Courses English Math Science History
Pre-AP English (contract required) Math Pre-AP Math (contract required) Science Pre-AP Science ( contract required) History Texas History Pre-AP Texas History ( contract required)

8 Academic Core Classes Pre AP English – require two novels purchased during school year Math – homework most nights 70% of your grade is from tests and 30% is from homework Many projects count as test grades Students and parents will sign required contract on the back of the student choice form before being placed into a Pre AP class.

9 All 7th graders will take a physical education class
Boys athletics (football only but can participate in cross country, soccer, basketball, tennis & track) Girls athletics (volleyball, cross country, soccer, basketball, tennis & track) Drill team- Parent meeting and Fitting May 1st, Officer camp and tryout practice May , Officer Tryouts May 22, Cheer Team – Parent Meeting May 6th, Fitting dates- May 20th, Camp is August 4-6th from 9:00 am -2:00 pm Boys gymnastics – Tryouts May 6th from 6:30-7:30 pm Utley Gymnastics Gym Girls gymnastics-Tryouts May 6th from 5:30-6:30 pm Utley Gymnastics gym PE If taking any course other than PE , student must have a physical on file each year. FREE physicals will be announced at a later time Lockers are available for athletic classes only

10 Physical Education - PE
Physical Fitness Strength & Conditioning Team Sports Positive Attitudes Intramurals No tryouts PE clothes

11 Outdoor Education – Year Long ( 8th grade only)
Will learn the Following: Hunter Safety Boater Safety Fishing Education Archery Dutch Oven Cooking Survival Skills GPS/Compass use Will join PE students for some units

12 Be in athletics and develop a winning attitude
Students will be required to stay late(girls) or arrive early (boys) for practice Students will commit to a full year when signing up for athletics Sports fundamentals ( sports) Conditioning (running) Strength training ( weight lifting) Sportsmanship (positive) Teamwork ( support of other players) Competitive ( teams from Rockwall and other districts) Weekly games and weekend tournaments are required Physicals are required before tryouts- Heath Baylor Medical Clinic across from Cain MS- times to be announced later

13 Boys Athletics Sign up for Football only
Students who do not want to participate in football will have an opportunity to try-out for basketball before the season starts (schedules will be changed into athletics during the year) Tennis, Track, Cross Country and Soccer are before or after school

14 Girls Athletics Volleyball (shorts are $20) Basketball
Tennis, Track, Cross country and Soccer are before or after school Girls will tryout for each sport they are interested in or will participate in off season Must play two sports to move to 8th grade girls’ athletics class the following year

15 Cheer Team Promotes school pride
Cheer at home football and basketball games Perform at pep rallies You learn to dance, cheer and jump No tryouts required May require after school practices Uniform and camp costs around $350 Uniform fittings in May More information to come about parent meeting & summer camp during summer months

16 Drill Team No tryouts required to be a member Promotes school pride
Perform at home football and select basketball games Perform at pep rallies You learn to dance Required attendance for Parent meeting and Uniform fitting Utley MS Library Officer practice for tryouts in Utley MS Gym Officer selection May require after school practices Uniform and camp costs around $350 Summer camp Spring Show/ Competition alternating years

17 Gymnastics Main Goal – prepare for High School Gymnastics
Classes for both beginner and advanced levels Tryouts to determine skill level Pick-up a gymnastics packet Students will participate in meets throughout the school year May require before or after school practice Cost for boys will be $30 and girls $150 Tryouts are required for boys and girls in Utley MS gymnastics gym

18 Academic Electives You may choose two of the following Art Band Choir
Journalism/ Newspaper Orchestra Theater Technology course ( Rockets and Robots) Aerospace Career Portal Exploring Technology Careers Skills for Living Career Portal

19 Art Inventive and imaginative expression Creative No talent necessary
Fun Drawing Sculpture Painting Clay Enter in contests throughout the year Art supplies required (around $45 due at the beginning of the year) Prepares you for high school art Field trips in Art II (Art I is pre-requisite)

20 Be a part of the UMS Band Students currently enrolled in 6th grade band need to sign up for Symphonic Band Never been in band = sign-up (Band Director will contact you in May to help you select an instrument) Be a part of building a great musical tradition at Utley Performances throughout the year Social activities= football games, pep rallies, parades, concerts and competitions(individual and group) Honors, Percussion and Symphonic band sections Requirements: instrument, sectionals, and practice daily


22 Choir Everyone is eligible Goals – good time, success
Skills Learned – music appreciation, sight-reading and vocal development 4 Concerts for the year including a pop show Optional auditions for advanced choir placement in April/May Opportunities for personal advancement include All-Regions Choir and Solo and Ensemble Contest

23 Journalism/ Newspaper
Journalism/Newspaper is an introduction to the role of mass media in today’s society. Emphasis will focus on teaching the fundamentals of news writing, feature writing, editorial writing, and headline writing. Students learn the mechanics of the print media and will use the knowledge in the production of quarterly newsletter or campus newspapers. Basic photography skills will also be introduced.

24 Orchestra Team work Join with your friends Field trips Social events
Cool music Specialize in an instrument Contests and trophies Tradition of Excellence, High Level performances Pre-Requisite 6th grade orchestra or discretion of the director

25 Technology Class- Rockets and Robots
Problem Solving Learning to Learn Aerospace Career Portal Enhances their science, technology, engineering, and math skills to solve real world problems Exploring Technology Careers Guide students through the process of investigation and in the development of a college and career achievement plan Skills for Living Career Portal Importance of family, communication skills, management skills, getting along with others, decision making, and acceptance of responsibility

26 Theater Arts Everyone’s eligible Small cost involved
Learn basic acting techniques, improvisation, pantomime, dual-acting, short plays, puppetry and theater games Active participation required Campus performances

27 Registration Forms due back to your homeroom teacher by February 26th or you can select your class on line ahead of time. Pre AP contract must be returned before student will be placed into a PRE AP course.

28 On line registration Please follow online scheduling directions to verify or change your child’s course selection. You will see there are 7 items listed in Skyward for the school year. English, Math, Science, History Two academic electives Physical education class

29 Clubs at Utley Crime stoppers D-FY-It / RADD
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Friends of Rachel (KC Kids club in MS) Girls for God Promise Makers Robotics Student Council WOLF TV

30 Bell Schedule Tutoring is available Monday–Friday 8:00 AM 8:35 AM
Teachers tutoring days will vary. School Begins at 8:45 AM Lunches 30 minutes PACK- tutoring during the school day School Ends at 3:45 PM Bell Schedule

31 Thanks for making the transition for the Class of 2020 a success.

32 Questions?

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