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Utley Middle School Orientation

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1 Utley Middle School Orientation
Welcome Class of 2019 Utley Middle School Orientation

2 Administrators Todd Bradford- Principal Shenequa Miller - Assistant Principal A-L Dave Girardi- Assistant Principal M-Z Counselor Shanda Riley – Counselor A-L Michele Jensen- Counselor M-Z Registrar Connie Bennett Attendance Shawna Seabolt Nurse Susan Edwards Athletic Coordinator Kody Hergert Technology Instruction- Alan Engle Technical- Megan Houser School Resource Officer Officer Woodruff People to Know

3 Course Selection Time Students received:
Academic Planning Guide (electronic on website) Letter about upcoming important dates Course selection sheet due back by January 31 Pre AP Contract (required if want to take a Pre AP course) Skyward Log in -used to register on line Personal information to update if needed Course Selection Time

4 Course Selection Sheet
Please complete course selection sheet or complete online registration Sections Required Courses Physical Activity Electives Academic Electives Counselor Contact information Schedule change conditions Pre AP Contract on the back of sheet Course Selection Sheet

5 Pre – AP Courses Is Pre AP or Regular for you?
Do you have an A average in regular core classes or at least a solid B average in an Advanced class? Did you score 80 or 90 percent correctly on the past STAAR test? Do you have time in your schedule for homework most nights and weekends? (1 ½ -2 hours) Do you have the motivation for summer reading and other large projects that may fall over school breaks? Pre – AP Courses

6 Core Classes U.S. History U.S. History 8
Pre AP U.S. History 8(contract required) English English 8 Pre AP/GT English 8(contract required) Science Science 8 Pre AP Science 8 (contract required) Math Math 8 Pre AP Algebra I (contract required)(HS credit calculates into high school grade point average) Core Classes

7 All students must take a physical education class both years while in middle school. This took effect the school year. Choices are: Athletics- Boys (football) and Girls (volleyball and basketball) Cheerleading- Tryouts - Must have physical on file Cheer tryout week Fittings Drill Team Officer Tryout week Gymnastics tryouts FREE Physicals are offered Heath Baylor Medical Center across from Cain MS usually in May Physical Education

8 Outdoor Education – Year Long
Outdoor Education Curriculum: This is an 8th grade class ONLY. Will learn the Following: Hunter Safety Boater Safety Fishing Education Archery Dutch Oven Cooking Survival Skills GPS/Compass use Will join PE students for some units Outdoor Education – Year Long

9 Physical Education - PE
Physical Fitness Strength & Conditioning Team Sports Positive Attitudes Intramurals No tryouts PE clothes Physical Education - PE

10 Be in athletics and develop a winning attitude
Sports fundamentals Conditioning Strength training Sportsmanship Teamwork Competitive Weekly games and weekend tournaments Physicals– Heath Baylor Medical Clinic across from Cain MS- times to be announced at a later time (usually February) Boy’s football equipment pick-up before school starts Be in athletics and develop a winning attitude

11 Boys Athletics Sign up for Football only
Students who do not want to participate in football will have an opportunity to try-out for basketball before the season starts (schedules will be changed into athletics during the year- must contact coach if want to tryout) Tennis, Track, Cross Country and Soccer are before or after school Basketball and cross Country try-outs first week of November Boys Athletics

12 Girls Athletics Volleyball (shorts are $20) Basketball
Tennis, Track, Cross country and Soccer are before or after school sports Girls will tryout for each sport. Girls must have participated in two sports in 7th grade athletics to be automatically placed into 8th grade athletics. If tryout first week of school and make team, schedule will be changed. Girls Athletics

13 Cheerleading Cheerleading camp- Tryouts required- Fittings –
Promotes school pride Cheer at home football and basketball games Perform at pep rallies You learn to dance, cheer and jump May require after school practices Uniform and camp costs around $350 More information to come about parent meeting, fittings & summer camp (August) Cheerleading

14 Drill Team Drill team fitting Officer Tryout practice
Promotes school pride Perform at home football and select basketball games Perform at pep rallies You learn to dance No prerequisites May require after school practices Uniform and camp costs around $350 More information to come about parent meeting, fittings & summer camp (August) Drill Team

15 Gymnastics Main Goal – prepare for High School Gymnastics
Basic Skills – cartwheels, handstands, class 7 through class 5 routines Tryouts to determine skill level Pick-up a gymnastics packet Students will participate in meets throughout the school year May require before or after school practice Cost for boys will be $30 and girls $150 Tryouts Gymnastics

16 Academic Electives Art I / Art II AVID I / II Band
BIM I Business Information Management(high school credit) Choir / Select Choir Concepts of Engineering and Technology(high school credit) Health / Speech (high school credit) Orchestra PALs Spanish I (high school credit) Theatre Arts I / Theatre Arts II Yearbook Academic Electives

17 Art I provides for inventive and imaginative expression through materials and tools. The student learns the basic elements and principles of art through drawing and a variety of media. Art appreciation and history are also included. Students are required to purchase art supplies (Fee is $45 and due at the beginning of the school year) Art II- Pre-requisite of Art I and an application must be turned in by January 31st. Art

18 AVID is an elective class that prepares students in the academic middle of college eligibility and success. Students receive instruction in writing, inquiry, collaboration, and reading strategies in addition to note-taking and organizational skills that are necessary for academic success. AVID students must enroll in at least one Pre AP course in addition to the AVID elective class. Tutors are provided during the AVID class to support student success in all courses. Application due by January 31st. AVID

19 Band 7th Graders – Stay in Band!!!!
Continue to learn to play your instrument to prepare for the Mighty Hawk or Orange Wave marching bands!!! Work and learn to perform at football games, band contests, and festivals!!! All bands have great social activities!!! Auditions in May for Honors, Symphonic, or Wolf band. Band

20 Business Information Management(BIM)
BIM I prepares students to implement personal and interpersonal skills to strengthen individual performance in the workplace and in society and make successful transition to the workforce and post secondary education. Students will be provided the opportunity to apply technical skill through word processing, spreadsheet, database and electronic presentation software. Course can count for one high school credit and in grade point average. Business Information Management(BIM)

21 Choir provides music appreciation and enjoyment, the development of vocal skills, and sight-reading abilities are the emphasis of this course. Performances and competitions are an exciting part of choir and student participation will be required. Auditions for the Select Choir will be held in April after school until 5 pm.. 8th graders are encouraged to audition. Choir

22 Communication Applications
Communication application fulfills the graduation requirement for speech. Students identify, analyze, develop and evaluate communication skills needed for professional and social success in interpersonal, group and professional interactions and presentations. Course will count for ½ of high school credit and count into grade point average. Communication Applications

23 Concepts of Engineering and Technology
Concepts of Engineering and Technology(Synergistic Lab) provides students the opportunity to rotate through a modular computer laboratory- based course designed to introduce the application of technology to solve problems and meet human needs and wants. At the conclusion of the course, students will have an understanding of the various fields related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and their interrelationships. Students will work on a design team to develop a product or system and will use multiple software applications to prepare and present course assignments. Course will count for 1 high school credit and calculate into grade point average. There will be at $10 charge for materials for this class. Concepts of Engineering and Technology

24 Health - Students learn health concepts recommended for comprehensive health instruction. This survey course includes instruction in mental health, family and social health, the life cycle, body systems, personal health and physical fitness, nutrition, medicines and drugs, diseases and disorders, community and environmental health, consumer health and safety and emergency care. Course will count for high school credit and calculate into grade point average. Health

25 Orchestra Team work Join with your friends Field trips Social events
Cool music Specialize in an instrument Contests and trophies Tryouts required for classes Orchestra

26 Peer Assistance Leadership provides an opportunity for selected 8th grade students to become peer helpers to other students in the school. Students are trained to be peer mentors and mediators. They are involved in school and community projects such as newcomer parties, promoting abstinence of drug and alcohol use, and publication of a newsletter informing others of their activities. The selection criteria include teacher recommendation, academic performance, and citizenship. Applications are due by January 31st. PALs

27 Spanish I is an introduction to the Spanish- speaking world, its language and its people. The main emphasis is on the early acquisition of the spoken language while developing listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. The grammar skills will be introduced through both oral and written expression. Students should purchase a Spanish/ English dictionary. To continue with Spanish II as a 9th grader, students need to maintain at least an 85 in Spanish I. They need to spend at least minutes on Spanish homework each evening for the language to be learned. Course will count toward high school credit and calculate into grade point average. Spanish I

28 Theatre I- Basic acting techniques are taught through improvisations and pantomimes. Memorization is important. For putting on plays, students must learn their lines. Theatre Arts II- Theatre Arts I is a pre- requisite. This course is a continuation of theatre techniques emphasizing stage performance. Students will be required to perform in one evening performance per semester. Application due by January 31st. Theater Arts

29 Yearbook is an elective, two semester course
Yearbook is an elective, two semester course. Students will publish a yearbook for the school. The student will learn skills in planning, word processing, page layout, graphic design, writing and marketing. Interested students must apply to be accepted into the class. Applications are due by January 31st. Yearbook

30 Electives through Applications
Art II AVID Library Worker PALS Theater II Yearbook Applications are due by January 31st to the counseling office. Students will notified letting them know if they have been accepted in the class. Classes may fill up and alternate choice may be substituted. Electives through Applications

31 Bell Schedule Tutoring is available Monday–Friday 8:00 AM 8:35 AM
Teachers tutoring days may vary. School Begins at 8:45 AM School Ends at 3:45 PM Bell Schedule

32 Clubs at Utley Chess Club Crime stoppers RADD
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Friends of Rachel (KC Kids club in ES) Girls for God Promise Makers Student Council WOLF TV Clubs at Utley

33 January 31st- Registration forms are due to History teacher
Januray 31st- Applications for academic electives February - Free Physicals at Baylor Medical Center Cheerleading Cheerleading Parent meeting March 5th UMS Library Cheerleading Tryout Week – March UMS Gym Cheerleading Fitting TBA at 4:00 pm Drill Team Drill Team Parent Meeting and Fitting –May 1st Drill Team Officer Tryout Week- May UMS Gym Drill Team Officer Tryout – May 22- UMS Gym- 4:00-6:30 pm Gymnastics Boy’s Tryouts May 6th 6:30-8:00 Girl’s Tryouts May 6th 5:00-6:30 Important Dates

34 Thanks for making the transition for the Class of 2019 a success.

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