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Circle K Style! Twenty Questions 12345 678910 1112131415 1617181920.

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2 Circle K Style!

3 Twenty Questions 12345 678910 1112131415 1617181920

4 1.Who is the GA District mascot?

5 2.How many districts are in CKI?

6 3.How many divisions are there in the Georgia District?

7 4.Which international service project promises to rid the world of Neonatal tetanus by 2015—a disease that kills nearly 60,000 newborn children every year?

8 5.What year will Kiwanis International celebrate its 100 th year anniversary?

9 6.What International Subregion is the GA District a part of?

10 7.What is the official publication of the GA District of CKI called?

11 8.What are the 3 tenants of CKI?

12 9.What Kiwanis Family organization’s motto is “Caring–Our Way of Life” ?

13 10. What word is missing from the CKI pledge: “I pledge to uphold the objects of Circle K International, to foster compassion and ________ towards others through service and leadership, to develop my abilities and the abilities of all people, and to dedicate myself towards the realization of mankind’s potential.”

14 11.The Georgia District of Circle K was formed in 1959 under the direction of Mr. J. R. Griggs with ____ clubs.

15 12. What year did the Georgia District of CKI celebrate its 50 th year anniversary?

16 13. How many District Service Initiatives (DSI) does the Georgia District of CKI have?

17 14. Which CKI project works with UNICEF to help children get the rehydrating salts they need to survive dehydration spells and promotes clean water?

18 15. Where is the Kiwanis International headquarters located? Indianapolis, IN

19 16. What day-long event do all the K-Family organizations get together to perform service projects?

20 17. What college chartered the first Circle K Club in Georgia?

21 18. What scholarship by The Kiwanis International Foundation recognizes Circle K members who have excelled in leadership and have provided service to others with a one-time $1000 award?

22 19. In 1936, the “___________” at Washington State College was established by the Kiwanis Club of Pullman, Washington.

23 20. What is the website address for the Georgia District of CKI where you can find this game and other info?

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