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3 10 20 30 40 A B C D E Final jeopardy question

4 C-1 10 A person who hates Jews. Anti-Semite

5 20 Person who supported the Jewish National State of Israel. Zionist

6 30 SS From the German term Schutzstaffel, meaning “special detail.” This group became Hitler’s personal bodyguard and were put in charge of the camps.

7 40 A group of Jews selected by the Germans to run the ghettos. They were instructed to keep order. Judenrat

8 c-2 10 The shipment of the victims to the camps, usually by train in cramped, unheated cattle cars. Deportation

9 20 Prisoners in the camps who were selected to guard the other prisoners. KAPOS

10 30 The process by which the Nazis determined which victims at the camps would be spared to work and which ones would be sent to the gas chambers. Selection

11 40 Originally, a term referring to speakers of any Endo-European language. The Nazis used the term to mean people of Northern European background, or members of what the Nazis termed the German “master race.” ARYAN

12 c-3 10 A term used to describe the extermination of over 6 million Jews from 1933 to 1945. HOLOCAUST

13 20 Refuse to buy, sell, or use a product. BOYCOTT

14 30 Under Nazi regime, the term was used to justify the T-4 Program, which murdered the mentally and physically disabled. EUTHANASIA

15 40 Planned murder of an entire religious, racial, or ethnic group. GENOCIDE

16 c-4 10 The section of the city where Jews were forced to live in extreme conditions apart from other people. GHETTOS

17 20 Camps set up by the Nazis in Poland for the sole purpose of killing people. These camps were equipped with gas chambers. CONCENTRATION CAMPS

18 30 The Nazi secret police. GESTAPO

19 40 Organized lies and falsehoods designed to persuade people to a particular belief. PROPOGANDA

20 c-5 10 The Nazis’ term for their plan to exterminate all the Jews of Europe. FINAL SOLUTION

21 20 Person or group of people unjustly blamed for the crimes of others. SCAPEGOAT

22 30 A term describing a member of Hitler’s party (group), also known as the National Socialist German Worker’s Party. NAZI

23 40 Hitler’s reign that he claimed would last 1000 years. THIRD REICH

24 Final jeopardy Academy of Fine Arts What was the name of the school that Hitler was denied admittance to twice?

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