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Creating an Online Fundraising Strategy Coy D. James, Canon of Stewardship.

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1 Creating an Online Fundraising Strategy Coy D. James, Canon of Stewardship

2 Did You Know ? More than 100,000,000 Americans are active Web and users North Americans alone exchange more than 8 billion messages a day. As of January million people have a FaceBook account.* – 35 to 55 yr. old grew 276.4% in the past 6 mo. – 55 and better grew 194.3% in the past 6 mo. – 25 to 34 yr. old population doubles every 6 months *FB Data Source:

3 Key Considerations Fundraising is really about building relationships All relationships are built on TRUST – the same goes for online relationships Online fundraising should be PART OF a comprehensive and integrated Stewardship strategy A successful integrated strategy requires an investment of time and resources

4 Why People Give Emotional – ongoing support rests on an emotional connection to a cause or purpose Rational – the cause must be credible and worthy based on vision, leadership and track record Spiritual – generous living is rooted in spiritual values and beliefs

5 Making an Effective Appeal How will the mission will be achieved if you receive the necessary funds? How will the gifts help you achieve specific objectives of the campaign? What ways (tangible and intangible) will the donor benefit from contributing to the cause.

6 Building Trust Online Resource: Code of Ethical Online Philanthropic Practices Ensure online security with seals of approval and a security statement: (Starfield Technologies, VeriSign, BBBOnline, TRUSTe) We take the confidentiality of your information very seriously. For this reason, we use the highest level of security that technology provides when dealing with your credit card information. To guard against fraud, your information is securely encrypted and automatically passed directly to the financial network for processing. At no time is this information made available to anyone else.

7 Building Trust Online, continued Provide easy site navigation Write clear instructions for making an online gift Donors should be able to communicate and provide feedback easily Respond quickly to concerns, questions or comments Acknowledge all gifts

8 More on Acknowledgement Donors demand and deserve heartfelt appreciation, considerate and responsive treatment, and information that inspires their trust. Document a Donor Response Plan and ensure all involved understand their role in the process Personal acknowledgement not just an automated response or pre-printed postcards Include a mention of the appeal that resulted in the gift Never solicit a new gift in an acknowledgement

9 Integrated Approach Consistent message for Stewardship, Evangelism, Communications and Marketing Segment the audience to build meaningful relationships Pay greater attention to cost-effectiveness than cost Set an annual schedule and stick to it. Success comes from persistence and timeliness

10 Online Approaches Search Engines communications (daily devotions, e-newsletters, event/service promotion, invitations) Viral marketing (MySpace, YouTube) Interactive Public Relations (media kits and press releases) Social Networking Sites (FaceBook, Twitter) Partnerships (for profit companies partnering with non-profits to promote philanthropic programs)

11 Drivers of Online Success A compelling vision/mission A clear, concise and consistent message An engaging website A very visible and easy way for visitors to contribute An ongoing effort to acquire contact information – at least addresses

12 Planning/Implementation Cycle 1. Define the Audience 2. Integrate the Message 3. Engage the Audience 4. Respond to donors 5. Review Data & Refine

13 Lessons Learned Even in hard economic times, people will give to a compelling vision/mission Fewer and fewer people carry cash or write paper checks – we must adapt A well-maintained mailing list (with addresses) is one of your most important assets Every communication method should drive readers to your website (website is a brand) Effective acknowledgements create enthusiastic supporters Persistence is key

14 This Afternoon We will share examples of: Online appeals for special programs Online Stewardship programs Alternate online revenue streams A Great Idea Free-for-all!

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