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FAMICO Conference, 19/11/2013 CONFERENCE FAMILY CAREER COMPASS Efficient Career Guidance Approaches Supporting Parents in Guiding their Children’s Vocational.

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1 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/2013 CONFERENCE FAMILY CAREER COMPASS Efficient Career Guidance Approaches Supporting Parents in Guiding their Children’s Vocational Career” "Greek experience in guidance supporting parents in career counseling to their children” Doukas School Head of Career Counseling Department: Maria Koutsafti

2 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/2013 National Approach of Career Counseling & Vocational Guidance in Greece

3 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/ Career Counseling & Vocational Guidance in Greece aims to provide help to people, at their several growth phases in order to realize their interests, to develop their capabilities and to support their participation in society. The National Centre of Career Counseling (E.K.E.P.) which was founded in 2000 and was responsible for the certification for the practice of Career Counseling and the scientific support, is recently merged in by the National Organization for the Certification and Career Guidance (EOPPEP). Introduction

4 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/  The newly established national authority, under the supervision of the Minister of Education serves the need for a strong pillar for the actions under the national policy in the areas of Career Counseling Certification, qualification and structures for lifelong learning. EOPPEP

5 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/  Development of the Career Counselor profile in Greece with the active contribution of SEV (Helenic Federation of Enterprises) and Scientific Expert Maria Koutsafti, Head of the STEP Department at Doukas School & Director of Career Associates  This occupational profile contains the job functions and the required knowledge, skills and competencies for exercising career counseling.  Based upon this accredited occupational profile, EOPPEP is planning to develop standards and specifications for modularized curricula with credits. In addition this will allow the accreditation of providers of formal & non-formal education.  Also a code of ethics and a base standards by which career practitioners should abide has been developed. Career Counseling Certification & Curricula Standards

6 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/  providing scientific and technical support to the Ministry of Education in designing and implementing a National Policy on Career Counseling,  the development of communication and coordination of actions taken by private and public counseling and guidance service providers, aiming at the improvement of existing services,  networking of providers and vocational guidance professionals,  designing and implementing actions of counseling supporting the work of counselors and of lifelong support of citizens for career management,  Promoting quality information exchange between European countries on career counseling and vocational guidance issues Through:  Seminars/Training workshops,  Meetings and Conferences targeted at Counseling and Vocational Guidance Practitioners,  Scientific material & publications,  Developing and upgrading e-tools E.O.P.P.E.P. is responsible for:

7 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/ Public Sector  University of Athens -postgraduate degree in Vocational Guidance and Counseling.  Higher School of Pedagogical and Technical Education (ASPAITE)- Specialized Degree in Counseling and Vocational Guidance Higher School of Pedagogical and Technical Education Private Sector  There are several postgraduate programs, certificates and diplomas by Private Educational Institution and Colleges.  Some Private Career Centers offer various training seminars /programs in Career Counseling. Education -Training

8 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/  Hellenic Society of Counseling and Guidance (Ε.L.Ε.S.Υ.P.) established in 1985, aims to promote, and establish the practice of career counseling and guidance in Greece. Professional Scientific Associations

9 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/ Career Services Offices for Universities & Technological Educational Institutes (TEI) provide: Career Guidance and sometimes Counseling services to graduates aiming to facilitate their smooth entry into the labour market. Information about postgraduate studies, training courses, scholarships and knowledge about employee / professional rights. Guidance Services in Universities

10 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/ The 70 Counseling and Guidance Center (KE.SY.P) which Have been founded in major towns have been reduced nowadays. KE.SY.P mainly: provide guidance support and information about studies, and the labor market to students & teachers. provide their services to handicapped people but very few can be reached by them due to lack of equipment. The “Nestor” net, a PanHellenic Intranet with educational and occupational information allow access only to the specialized members of KE.SY.P. The School Guidance Offices (GRASEP) which support the implementation of guidance in the schools, have been eliminated Guidance Services in Education

11 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/ The institution of Vocational Guidance has been incorporated to the Greek national education in the sense that is an additional item in the curriculum involving specific activities for which the students are not marked. Specifically, Vocational Guidance is “taught” at High-school level (Grade C:1 hour per week) and at Unified Lyceum (Grade A’: 1 hour per week, 2 nd semester), by teachers with poor training in Career Counseling & Guidance. Implementation of the Educational Guidance Institution in the Classroom

12 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/  Other bodies, also, offer Career Counseling & Vocational Guidance services  Presently, there are only seven good private schools in secondary education operating their own counseling with career counselors – psychologists or school psychologists.  Private Career Counseling Centers offer individual specialized Career Counseling & Guidance Services for secondary students, unemployed, professionals with personal sessions psychometric tools and information.  Career Services in the Private Sector (1)

13 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/ Career Services in the Private Sector (2)

14 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/2013 Parents & their Children’s Career Counselling The need for their engagement to the Career Counseling Process

15 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/ Obstacles  Self-projection of their own needs and expectations  Need to postulate their own stereotypes  Projection of their own fears The above lead to the limitation of their children’s perception for their career development

16 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/ Why should parents participate in the process of Career Counseling  To be “trained” and to be sensitized to new approaches in relation to Career Counseling  Enhance the open minds to the new, emerging, innovative career choices due to technology advancement  To provide emotional support and eliminate the need to control their children’s life  To be aware of the new process of career decision making  To enhance the positive image of their children  To encourage their children’s engagement to (lifelong) learning activities

17 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/2013 Department of Career Counseling S.T.E.P. Department of Career Counseling S.T.E.P. since 1993 at Doukas School Head of Department: Maria Koutsafti Associates of the Department: Aspasia Koukoumtzi & Georgia Matziara

18 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/  Especially, nowadays, a period characterized mainly by the rapid change and internationalization of labor, deciding and managing a career becomes complicated and it is often frustrated. The person is required to handle variety of knowledge, to recognize the aspirations, values, needs and roles involved. Career decision making is crucial for every individual

19 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/ By adopting the Model of Personal Career Management, the department following the new trends aims to the creation of a new “culture” about career decision making and development According to this model, the individual is required to have the possibility to reconsider the relation between the acquired education, the job and the personal abilities, to be prepared through a lifelong learning process to be redirected successfully along with the rapid changes of labor. Philosophy (1)

20 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/ STEP is committed to helping every student identify, plan and implement sound career decisions as part of his/her education and personal growth through a broad range of services which are constantly renewed:  Individual Career Counseling,  Assessment through valid psychometric tools,  Educational information,  Seminars/Workshops,  Career Day. Philosophy (2)

21 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/ The continuum, individualized program starts in 3 rd Grade of Gymnasium and is completed in 3 rd Grade of Lyceum & International Baccalaurean. Evaluates and supports students who face difficulties, questions, or dilemmas and supports the decision making process. Emphasizes to the distinction and evaluation of the educational and professional options as well as the information about workplaces by providing reliable information on academic institutions and on the job market. The program-Methodology

22 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/ An interactive individualized program with a basic goal is the awareness and the sensitization of the students about their initial career exploration and planning through specialized exercises related to personality traits, interests and values and updated information. ” Planning of a personal “Career Map” 3 rd Grade of Gymnasium

23 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/  Main goal is for the students to have a deeper perception and awareness of the importance of “personal planning”. Therefore, it seeks to gradually gain a wider knowledge of their skills and strategies during the decision making and also have a critical attitude to the complex information they receive 1 st Grade of Lyceum 2 nd to 3 rd Lyceum Follow up individual meetings with additional updated information material

24 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/  Evaluation through valid psychometric questionnaires & tests (personality, values,interests and abilities)  Personal sessions - counseling analysis  Individual folders are given with detailed presentation of the results of the questionnaires and tests  Targeted and comprehensive information in relation to educational fields and professional options (the results of this procedure vary according to the emotional growth and capability in decision making of every student) 1 st Grade of Lyceum – The Process includes the following Steps:

25 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/  The department encourages & maintaines the direct contact with the parents, on a personal or group level through: Personal sessions with the Career Counselors Seminars/workshops Lectures open to the public with various topics It’s aim is to sensitize and inform them about their children's career development Parents

26 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/ STEP organizes or takes part in a wide variety of workshops, training and open lectures to students, parents and teachers on career related topics:  Test anxiety  Building Confidence  Time Management  Decision Making  Job Search Skills etc Mentoring Program: a structured education program which held a year ago to Teachers in collaboration with the School Psychologists. Workshops/Training

27 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/  Career Day  Career Role Model (Video Productions)  Educational / Professional Visits General Activities For accurate and realistic information on the labor market

28 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/ Distinguished, successful and accomplished professionals are invited to participate in panel sessions that help our students gain insight into the variety of professions and diverse career paths. Panel sessions conclude with a question and answer period to facilitate students-professionals interaction. Career Day

29 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/  Creation of career videos in order to show to the students in a vivid way how some alumni from Doukas school manage their career paths, and what challenges and difficulties they have handled. Career Role Models Educational/Professional Visits  Every year the department organizes visits of its students to University Institutes & professional settings.

30 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/  Structured questionnaires are given to students and parents, in order the evaluation of our services  Comparative Evaluation study between the educational fields that the Counselor suggested to the students in the 1 st Lyceum and their results in the Panhellenic Examination Evaluations-Research (1)

31 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/  Research on the “Relationship among Career Decision Making – Personality Development –Family Relations”. Methodology  Structured questionnaires filled by students of the 2 nd grade of Lyceum Indicative Results  According to the research, the personality development stage positively correlates to the occupational personality development stage.  Insecure attachment towards their parents may lead young adults to quickly establish their personality and to assimilate their parents’ system of values, beliefs, convictions & goals.  When an adolescent is emotionally dependent and continually seeks the confirmation, acceptance and support from his/her parents, finds it difficult to make career decisions. Evaluations-Research (2)

32 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/  The more emotionally independent the young adult is, the more he/she develops the ability for decision making towards career choices.  The more the system of beliefs and values is shaped the more capable the adolescents become for the appropriate career decisions.  Finally, the students’ occupational decisions may reflect the culture of their school. Evaluations-Research (3)

33 FAMICO Conference, 19/11/  National conference “Parent in the 21st Century”, which includes workshops for parents on career advice, psychology etc ( – Website PrintScreens “Parent in the 21 st Century” Conference

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