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Career Services Center at Bloss College Emil Cunningham CSC Director.

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1 Career Services Center at Bloss College Emil Cunningham CSC Director

2 The Journey Expectations Mission Vision Values Responsibilities Staffing Two Goals Innovative Program Questions

3 Expectations As current practitioners, what were your fondest memories of your undergraduate Career Services Center (CSC)? What were some issues you faced?

4 CSC Mission In line with Student Affairs, the mission of the Career Services Center operates under a holistic development model with the intent to ensure its students success beyond matriculation from Bloss College by providing Women students with experiential learning and internship opportunities, professional networking capabilities, and effective job acquisition strategies. Through various workshops, career fairs, and personalized career counseling, our mission is to prepare students to be able to work in an ever changing and diverse global community.

5 CSC Vision The Career Services Center at Bloss College will become the most comprehensive career networking unit of our size. We strive to provide our students with the necessary professional skills that matriculating college graduates need to work in a diverse and ever changing global society. We aim to provide our students with the most up to date resources on employment and internship opportunities and we aspire to provide educational and instructional programs that enable our students to become more aware of local and global issues surrounding their career options. Additionally, we aspire to offer the most comprehensive mentoring programs of comparable institutions in our region.

6 CSC Values Experiential Learning and Internships -we value the vocational exploration of our students and support them by providing them with opportunities involving hands on experiences in career related fields. Professional Networking -we value the ability of our students to build connections with future employers and therefore will create on-campus networking opportunities for our students to explore their career options. Personalized Counseling -we value the individuality of every student and are committed to ensuring that each students career counseling needs are individually met.

7 CSC Unit Responsibilities Offer individual and group career counseling Host Career and Internship Fairs Offer workshops on effective job acquisition skills Offer mentoring program- Bloss Connections Provide medium for students to interact with potential employers Provide students with the resources needed to acquire employment or internship opportunities

8 Staffing Assistant Director Coordinator of Mentoring Programs Career Counselors Office Manager Associate Director Employer Relations Coordinator Administrative Assistant Student Career Assistants Graduate Assistants CSC Director Web Specialist

9 Staff Salary PERMANENT BUDGET TEMPORARY BUDGET Staff Title Salary Wage Salary Wage Director 80,000 20,000 3,700 Associate Director 38,000 9,600 1,800 Assistant Director 32,000 8,000 1,200 Employer Relations Coordinator 29,500 7,530 900 Coordinator of Mentoring Programs 29,500 7,530 900 Administrative Assistant 27,000 6,700 700 Career Counselors 50,000 47,520 1,000 Office Manager (Receptionist) 26,000 Student Career Assistants 38,720 Graduate Interns 33,000 Web Specialist 44,600 14,600 Internship Scholarship 4,000 Total 286,000 216,200 43,200 18,600

10 CSC Goal ~ Staff Development Staff Development-it is important for the staff in the CSC to stay current with knowledge and best practice approaches to effectively serve our students Goal 1.Create a body of shared professional development knowledge 2.Increase staff knowledge of best practices in career services Implementation Strategies 1.All full-time salaried staff members will be required to attend one national conference per year related to the field of career services. 2.All full-time staff members will be required to host one staff development session per year related to their knowledge gained at the national conference.

11 CSC Goal ~ Programming Educational and Instructional Programming-in an effort to achieve our vision of ensuring that all students will have the necessary skills needed to acquire a job prior to graduating, it is important that the CSC offer a variety of educational and instructional programs to its students Goals 1.Create opportunities for students to acquire effective job acquistion skills 2.Become a resource for students seeking career guidance information Implementation Strategies 1.The CSC will offer weekly resume building workshops designed to provide students with the necessary developmental skills to create a strong resume. 2.The CSC will offer daily drop in appointments for students seeking immediate feedback on their resumes or cover letters.

12 CSC Innovative Program Finding Success in Failure Desired Learning Outcomes 1.Students will be able to recall the mantra of F.A.I.L.U.R.E. 2.Students will be able to recognize 2 ways to seek employment opportunities in a related field to their career choice. 3.Students will be able to differentiate between failure and opportunities for improvement. 4.Students will acquire knowledge about successful interviewing strategies. 5.Students will be able to formulate a F.A.I.L.U.R.E. mantra of their own. 6.Students will be able to identify 3 ways in which they can improve their interviewing skills.

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