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WOMEN’S GROUPS Women of The Reformation By: Mike Leuzzi, Chris Horn, Grant Cheung.

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1 WOMEN’S GROUPS Women of The Reformation By: Mike Leuzzi, Chris Horn, Grant Cheung

2 ORDER OF THE COMPANY SAINT URSULA  The Order of the company of Saint Ursula was an order of women dedicated to teach girls and giving them a good education.  It was started by Italian nun Angelia Merici

3 ORDER OF THE COMPANY SAINT URSULA  During this time period women in religious orders were given few responsibilities and rights. They remained in their convents and prayed. Attending to duties such as clean and preparing meals. Only men were allowed to educate or feed the poor  The Roman Catholic Church disagreed with the Orders efforts. They felt women should not be given an education and nuns should only be allowed to carry traditional duties

4 ORDER OF THE COMPANY OF SAINT URSULA  However, over time this view changed and the Catholic Church began to see positive benefits of allowing women to be educated.  An outstanding example of this is Mother Teresa, and the Missionaries of Charity. These women have made a tremendous difference alleviating suffering and educating the poor.

5 VISITATION OF HOLY MARY  The group was cofounded by Jane of Chantal and Francis of Sales in Annecy, Haute-Savoie, France  The group trained women to be teachers  At first the founder had not a religious order in mind he wished to form a congregation without external vows  The sisters (members) were free to go out to visit the sick and the poor

6 VISITATION OF HOLY MARY: MARY WARD  Mary Ward (one of the members of the group) began a network of schools for girls throughout Europe  When she first proposed her work it was denounced by anti-Jesuits and the church  Ward’s ideas about women were considered dangerously new  Later in Ward’s life her missionary influence was formally recognized by the church

7 MARY WARD: EARLY YEARS  Born in Yorkshire, England on January 23  Until she was nearly ten she lived with her grandparents Robert and Ursula Wright Sr  Her Grandmother taught her Latin and made her read the bible daily  Grew up in a very strict Catholic family at a time where Catholics were being persecuted Mary Ward

8 MARY WARD: RELIGIOUS LIFE  She became a nun at 15, and a decade later founded the Institute of Mary.  She opened convents across Europe.  She wanted of women's rights, mostly a right to education, which led to conflict with the Catholic Church  While in Germany in 1631 she was charged by the Inquisition with heresy, schism and rebellion jailed for three months  She was freed by a good amount of money but the Pope's order was to shut down her order of nuns.  She died in 1645 of natural causes  She also was called “venerable” which is the first step to being a saint The Institute of Mary

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