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September 15, 2009 Department of Medicine Faculty Meeting Announcements, Review of ’08-’09, Goals for ’09-’10.

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1 September 15, 2009 Department of Medicine Faculty Meeting Announcements, Review of ’08-’09, Goals for ’09-’10

2 Announcements BMC IT has decided not to replace Logician (GE Centricity) with an alternative product Clinical dashboard coming soon Fit Testing for the N95 mask to be announced soon Clinical volume continues to grow (visits up over 14%, wRVU’s up 10% YTD) BMC CEO search to interview first round of candidates in early October Reminder regarding importance of Influenza Vaccine for patients and healthcare providers

3 Grand Rounds September 2009 Sept 18: “Clinical Problem Solving Case”, Moderator- Rob Lowe, M.D., Discussant- David Battinelli, M.D., North Shore LIJ, Health System Sept 25: “Sudden Cardiac Death in the Young: Is it in the Genes?” Michael Ackerman, M.D., Mayo Clinic

4 Research Announcements Process to subsidize use of cores by faculty has been established “Bill of Rights” for trainees and faculty in the process of being drafted Next Bridge Funding application deadline December 1, 2009 Researchers Luncheon, 12:30-1:30 pm, Tuesday, September 22, EBRC Room 715 Paul Pilch, Ph.D. appointed Associate Director of the Graduate Program in Molecular Medicine BUSM Grant Writing Course October 28 and November 4 (five participants per session) contact if interested

5 Pilot Fund Recipients DOM: –Tracy Battaglia –Kalpana Gupta –Gustavo Mostoslavsky –Xuemei Zhong –Michael Wolfe Pepper Center: –Wen Guo BU Bridge: –Doug Faller –Stephanie Lee/Amy Rosen –Mike Hollick –Fred Little –Avi Spira/Lee Goldstein

6 Evans Days: December 3-4, 2009 Abstract submission deadline October 2 at ( ) Wilkins Visiting Professor: David A. Flockhart, M.D., Ph.D., Chief of the Division of Clinical Pharmacology, Indiana University School of Medicine, 3:30 p.m., Thursday, December 3, 2009, Keefer Auditorium Ingelfinger Visiting Professor: Talmadge E. King, Jr, M.D., Chair, Department of Medicine, University of California at San Francisco, 12 noon, Friday, December 4, 2009, Keefer Auditorium

7 Faculty Web Pages Available The Dept. of Medicine is offering individual faculty web pages to all faculty members. Web pages can be created by completing the online form, right, at: FacultyForm.html Contact Kate Gilbert with questions:

8 Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Announcements ARC Application Deadline: October 8, 2009 ( ARC celebratory event planned for February 16, 2010 (save the date) First Evans Center Monday Social/Science ARC hour, November 2, 2009 at 4-5:30 p.m. Joint CTSI/Evans Center Mini-symposium on Hypertension chaired by Dr. H. Gavras planned for April 16, 2010

9 Faculty Development Seminar Tuesday, October 20, 2009:"Academic Advancement and Promotion” Facilitator: Karen Freund, MD, MPH

10 September 15, 2009 Review of 2008-9 and Goals for 2009-10 (and beyond!)

11 Overview Growth in number of faculty Research and clinical programs grew substantially Transitions in Education Program Increasing financial constraints due to BMC’s financial situation and recession Increasing rate of program development, change and refinement

12 Leadership Appointments 2008-9 Vice Chairs –Emelia Benjamin, M.D. (Faculty Development & Diversity) –Angela Jackson, M.D. (Education) –Rajlakshmi Krishnamurthy, M.D. (Outpatient Medicine) –Nila Radhakrishnan, M.D. (Inpatient Medicine) Center Directors –Katya Ravid, Ph.D., D.Sc. (Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research) –Joseph Mizgerd, Ph.D. (Pulmonary Center) –Maria Trojanowska, Ph.D. (Arthritis Center) Section Chiefs –Vasan Ramachandran, M.D. (Preventive Med/Epid) –Rob Simms, M.D. (Rheumatology) Residency Program Director –David Halle, M.D.

13 Faculty Distribution by Rank, Gender, and Minority Status Rank TotalWomen (%)URM (%) All faculty 383 153 (40) 31 (8) Professor 92 20 (22) 3 (3) Assoc Prof 80 33 (41) 5 (6) Asst Prof 174 75 (43) 18 (10) Instructor 39 25 (64) 5 (13)

14 Faculty Development Initiatives 2008-9 Faculty Development seminars Faculty Development grants Creation of Faculty Development website Enhance portfolio of faculty awards Develop more robust faculty database Augment mentoring available to faculty Establish new faculty orientation Develop faculty individual development plan tool

15 Faculty Development Diversity Goals 2009-10 Improve FDD Website FDD grants to 12 faculty not prior recipients Continue FDD seminars Increase diversity of DOM faculty using national benchmarks Target individuals at rank for >7 years to assist with possible promotion Develop & pilot faculty mentoring system

16 Promotions or New Appointments to Professor (2008-9) Irving Bigio, M.D. Phyllis Carr, M.D. Hyon Choi, M.D. James Collins, Ph.D. Alan Fine, M.D. Thomas Geisbert, Ph.D. Jianlin Gong, M.D. Robert Lafyatis, M.D. Peter Merkel, M.D. Joseph Mizgerd, Ph.D. Paul Pilch, Ph.D. Philip Podrid, M.D. Susan Fried, Ph.D.

17 Promotion or New Appointment to Associate Professor 2008-9 Ahmed-Samer Al-Homsi, M.D. Michele David, M.D. Susan Doctrow, Ph.D. Alan Farwell, M.D. Frank Gibson, Ph.D. Kalpana Gupta, M.D. Brian Jacobson, M.D. Angela Jefferson, Ph.D. Darrell Kotton, M.D. Raj Krishnamurthy, M.D. Paul LeLorier, M.D. Michael Paasche-Orlow, M.D. Elizabeth Pearce, M.D. Anita Raj, Ph.D. Marissa Ramirez, Ph.D. Christine Riordan, M.D. James Rosenzweig, M.D. Asish Saha, Ph.D. Jussi Saukkonen, M.D. Avi Spira, M.D. Orian Shirihai, M.D., Ph.D.

18 Promotions to Assistant Professor 2008-9 Laurence Beck, M.D., Ph.D. Ramon Bonegio, M.D. Yan Dai, Ph.D. Albena Halpert, M.D. Andrea Havasi, M.D. Andrea Kronman, M.D. Raphael Lemaire, Ph.D. Daniel Mishkin, M.D. Sheng Wang, Ph.D.

19 New Appointments to Assistant Professor 2008-9 Uri Avissar, M.D. Ioana Bica, M.D. John Carr, M.D. Hassan Chami, M.D. Shoumita Dasgupta, Ph.D. Jean Francis, M.D. Craig Gordon, M.D. Naomi Hamburg, M.D. Amresh Hanchate, Ph.D. Jennifer Hughes, M.D. Matthew Jones, Ph.D. Alok Kapoor, M.D. Ilona Kopits, M.D. Joanne Krasnoff, Ph.D. Henri Lee, M.D. Hector Lucero, M.D. Mitchell Medow, M.D., Ph.D. James Meisel, M.D. Gustavo Mostoslavsky, M.D., Ph.D. Jaime Murphy, M.D. Caryn Navarro, Ph.D. Leila Obeid, M.D. Yoram Puius, M.D., Ph.D. Lee Quinton, Ph.D. Timothy Radstake, M.D., Ph.D. Sandhya Rao, M.D. Bharti Rathore, M.D. Adam Rose, M.D. Alisa Rosen, M.D. Amy Rubin, Ph.D. Frank Schembri, M.D. Richard Sherva, Ph.D. Karin Sloan, M.D. Winnie Suen, M.D. Judith Tsui, M.D. Andrew Wilson, M.D.

20 Initial Appointment as Instructor 2008-9 Sonia Ananthakrishnan, M.D. Anthony Annese, M.D. Aaron Bartoo, Ph.D. Wanda Blanton, M.D. Xueping Fan, M.D., Ph.D. Vandana Gupta, M.D. Peter Hoffmeister, M.D. Won Lee, M.D. Sara Pietras, M.D. Andres Solorza, M.D. Lisa Usdan, M.D. Steven Vlad, M.D. Jean Yeung, M.D.

21 September 15, 2009 Research Program

22 Research Initiatives 2008-9 Bridge (10) and Pilot (22) Funding Nanomedicine initiative Instrumentation cores (analytical, imaging, animal phenotyping, Immunohistochemistry, HTS) Clinical research core (with CTSI) First Step grant internal grant review Researchers’ luncheons Research space review Evans Junior Faculty Merit Award (E. Pearce, J Lu, M Zang) and Evans Scholar Award (R Cohen, D Felson) Research symposia (Obesity, Stem Cells, Nanomedicine)

23 Evans Junior Faculty Research Merit Awardees 2009 Tuhina Neogi, M.D., Ph.D. Ravi Jasuja, Ph.D. Gerald Denis, Ph.D.

24 Department of Medicine Research Funding 2006-9 (in millions $, excludes NEIDL, VA, Roger Williams)

25 Research Goals 2009-10 Enhance Faculty success in securing research support Improve IT support of research Refine and further develop research cores Develop strategic space allocation plan to promote programmatic affiliations Refine pilot, bridge, and Award programs Improve mentoring and faculty development initiatives

26 Research Goals 2009-10 Enhance translational and interdisciplinary research Enhance the research and training ambiance Increase efficiency of research program Enhance impact of research program in vulnerable patient populations Enhance capacity to derive and analyze biological material for diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic uses Improve impact of preventive health interventions

27 September 15, 2009 Clinical Program

28 Clinical Initiatives 2008-9 Increase number of clinical faculty (22) and clinical faculty ftee (7.5%) Improve access for new patients (23%) Increase clinical volume Patient satisfaction Increase productivity expectations of clinicians Department (Quality Council) and Section specific quality improvement Increase communication at transitions of care Conversion to new billing company, electronic billing system and use of EMR on inpatient service Develop new and enhancing existing clinical programs Increase primary care services

29 Sections Receiving Incentive Payments based on 08-9 Performance New Patient Access –Hematology-Oncology New Patient Volume Increase –Gastroenterology –General Internal Medicine –Geriatrics –Pulmonary

30 Total Clinical Volume

31 Ambulatory Visits Department of Medicine

32 Discharges Medical Service

33 Boston AMC’s Inpatient Volume (FY 2009, 9 mo’s) Hospital Discharges % Increase YTD BWH 39,951 1.83 MGH 38,180 0.87 BID 30,612 -3.28 BMC 22,274 2.20 Tufts 14,379 11.46

34 Average Length of Stay (Days) Medical Service

35 Clinical Collections Payments increased 10% or $2.4m from the same time prior year.

36 Charge Lag

37 Clinical Goals for 2009-10 Improve patient access Increase clinical volume Improve communication among internal and external providers at transitions of care Enhance quality of care and patient safety Improve financial performance Enhance provider and patient satisfaction Promote integrity of the clinical practice Disseminate results of clinical innovation

38 September 15, 2009 Education Program

39 Medical Student Education 2008-9 Established Evans Student Educator positions Tom Barber, M.D. hired to direct ambulatory medicine clerkship Ambulatory medicine clerkship moving to fourth year Student satisfaction on medicine rotation improved

40 Residency Program 2008-9 Two new Associate Program Directors: Subha Ramani, M.D. Charlene Weigel, M.D. –EBM curriculum established Evans Educators appointed: Adam Segal, M.D. Julie Crosson, M.D. Renee McKinney, M.D. Tuhina Neogi, M.D. Steve Vlad, M.D. Rob Lowe, M.D. Elaine Hylek, M.D. Craig Gordon, M.D.

41 Residency Program 2008-9 Excellent match results: 60 positions (41 cat, 14 prelim, 5 primary care) 32/60 women 9/60 under-represented minorities Primary Care Training Program awarded three year grant from HRSA Title VII ($1.01 m)

42 Fellowship Programs 2008-9 Fellowship curriculum committee being established Following programs received full accreditation following RRC site visit –Infectious Disease –Nephrology –Hematology-Oncology

43 Education Goals for 2009-10 Develop and evaluate a rigorous residency program curriculum Foster a spirit of inquiry and scholarship Expand training and modeling in professionalism and communication Aggressively recruit best and diverse candidates Develop externships at international sites Develop central resources for fellowship training Develop faculty skills in teaching and curriculum development Integrate doctoral training in DOM Enhance and evaluate medical student education Enhance Graduate Program in Molecular Medicine

44 Administrative Goals 2009-10 Improve timeliness and ease of use of all financial transactions and controls Improve accuracy and usefulness of the budgeting process Enhance staff development Augment information technology resources Reduce expenses

45 September 15, 2009 Final Thoughts

46 Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Examples of Pre-ARC’s CV consequences of Metabolic Disease Biomarkers of Disease Protein Trafficking and Neurodegenerative Diseases: Alzheimer Disease as a first model system Sex differences in adipose tissue remodeling: mechanisms and role in disease risk Regenerative Medicine Mitochondria: one organelle, multiple organs Immunobiology of trauma Blood microbiome

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