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Wellness Program.

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1 Wellness Program

2 IBC’s new website
Independence Blue Cross is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

3 The Launch

4 Three Sources of Information
Self-reported data IBC member-specific data Clinical information One dynamic tool kit

5 Why Partner with WebMD®?
WebMD is a leading provider of health information services for consumers, health professionals, employers, health plans, and financial institutions. WebMD’s message boards, newsletters, and live events provide members with ample opportunity to share their experience with others and get information that is most relevant to them. WebMD’s independent medical review board continuously reviews the site for accuracy and timeliness. The result: More informed employees and members, which translates into wiser use of resources, improved health care outcomes, and lower costs. WebMD is an independent company offering online health information and wellness education to Independence Blue Cross members. 5

6 Enhanced Capabilities
Find a provider Request an ID card Change your PCP Review open referrals Print a temporary ID card View claims View benefits information Treatment cost estimator Personal Health Record Personal Health Profile Hospital/Provider finder Lifestyle Improvement Programs Trackers Health Management Center Symptom checker

7 Our New Home Page


9 The PHP is the “Starting Point”
Personalized Secure online gateway All-inclusive Integrated The starting point to getting more information about your current health and learning more about how you can improve it by making positive behavior changes Also anything you do on this site is PHI – Protected Health Information You are the one who decides who sees it and when. It is NOT shared with your employer nor does IBC see the detail you input. You determine if you want to print the details and share them with your doctor. 9

10 Personal Health Profile (PHP)

11 PHP Completion Notification E-mail
Congratulations on completing your personal health profile (PHP) on DATE and taking an important step toward reaching and maintaining good health.

12 Meet Joe Consumer New IBC member 41 years old
Married with two children Smoker Overweight Recently learned that he has: high cholesterol high blood pressure

13 Joe’s PHP: Summary 84

14 Modifiable Health Risk Factors

15 Joe’s Risk Reports

16 Health Tools and Trackers

17 Health Trackers

18 Blood Pressure Tracker
Printable results 18

19 19

20 Symptom checker 20

21 Check Your Symptoms 21

22 Prevention 22

23 Symptom Checker This symptom checker can assist members with mental or physical problems that are not specific to a body part. 23

24 Personal Health Record (PHR)

25 Personal Health Details

26 “Find a Provider” MEMBER NAME HERE!

27 27

28 Making the most of every doctor’s appointment

29 Customized Messages Based on member demographics and PHI


31 Take the express Site Tour

32 Confidentiality Just because these services are offered through work doesn’t mean Temple University will now know your business Federal law prohibits the sharing of personal health information Temple University may be notified that you have completed a Personal Health Profile, but we will know nothing about its contents Our providers give us cost and usage information on employees as a group You can be sure of your privacy!

33 Employee Health on Main Campus
1810 Liacouras Walk, 4th floor Dr. Joshua Rosenzweig, MD Denise Williams-Mujahid, RN Appointment Hours Monday to Friday 8:30am - Noon / 1:00pm - 4:30pm 33

34 7th Annual Health and Wellness Fair
Save the date! Temple University’s 7th Annual Health and Wellness Fair Thursday, April 22, 2010 10:00 am to 2:00 pm Fox-Gittis Room Liacouras Center 34

35 Interactive Wellness classes
Coming Soon! Wellness Website Monthly News Letter Weekly Blast Workshops Seminars Interactive Wellness classes 35

36 What questions do you have?

37 Register with Blue Cross
Create your own username Create your secure password ____________________________________ My Health Personal Health Record Personal Health Profile

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