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Environmental Health and Nursing Theory January 13, 2009.

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1 Environmental Health and Nursing Theory January 13, 2009

2 The Domains of Nursing Person, Environment, Health and Nursing: Concepts common to all theories and frameworks of nursing Comprehensive, holistic approach to the care of people and communities

3 Nightingales EH Theory Environmental factors affecting health Adequate ventilation has also been regarded as a factor contributing to changes of the patient's process of illness recovery Defined in her environmental theory are the following factors present in the patient's environment: Pure or fresh air Pure water Sufficient food supplies Efficient drainage Cleanliness Light (especially direct sunlight) Any deficiency in one or more of these factors could lead to impaired functioning of life processes or diminished health status.

4 The Reality Although the domain of environment is in most major nursing theories and models, very few explicitly include the effects of environmental health hazards on human health.



7 A model of the determinants of health. Reprinted from R.G. Evans and G.L. Stoddart, "Producing Health, Consuming Health Care," Social Science and Medicine," 31:1359

8 Integrative Model for Environmental Health (Dixon & Dixon, 2002)

9 Approaches to Teaching Environmental Health to Students Incorporation of environmental health assessment into comprehensive health assessment of individuals and communities Insertion of evidenced based environmental health content into disease prevention and management content Addition of environmental health principles such as reduction of toxins, body burden and less hazardous substitution into patient and community teaching, particularly for vulnerable populations

10 The Nursing Process and Environmental Health Hazards Identification and assessment of risks Prioritization of needs Interventions to minimize risk - Do the doable Implement plan and teach risk reduction Evaluate

11 Questions

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