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Introduction of Environmental Health into Fundamentals of Nursing Curriculum.

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1 Introduction of Environmental Health into Fundamentals of Nursing Curriculum

2 Introduction into Nursing Florence Nightingale 1:10 Most trusted Responsibility Be accurate, find out, promises kept Quiet hour Evidenced based practice Body Burden Study as a preventative tool

3 Florence Nightingale Founder of modern nursing Established the first school of nursing that combined clinical and theory Recognized the influence of environment on health care the act of utilizing the environment of the patient to assist him in his recovery. – Florence Nightingale

4 National Student Nurse Association Joining Leadership – In NSNA – At college Green committee Recycling efforts Fragrance free Advocacy

5 Connecticut Hospital Association Test Radiation Safety MSDS sheets Hazardous Substances

6 Health Protection and Safety Hazards and Health Care Appropriate Red Bag Waste – Incineration – Cost (guest relations) Appropriate room stocking, use of supplies – Work on relationship with hospital for donations of unused supplies and equipment Reading directions Fragrance Ingredients Handwashing – Triclorsan

7 Handwashing Project – Obtain 5 commonly used products often in hospital – Read use directions – Read ingredients – Review MSDS sheets – Research ingredients on Hazardous Substances Database – Contrast and compare – Safer Alternatives Compare cost

8 Communication Lecture contains info on therapeutic communication Exercise – Written communication – Letter to editor – Letter to clubs to join green effort – Corporate responsibility Publication of successes in college publication Publication to NSNA journal or other

9 Introduction into Holism Healthy People 2010 Goals – Self Care – Personal Care Products – Fragrance Free Health Promotion/Prevention 3 Levels of Prevention – Primary True prevention- precedes disease True prevention- precedes disease – Secondary Early detection of disease Early detection of disease – Tertiary Begins after illness- minimizes effect of long term disease Begins after illness- minimizes effect of long term disease

10 10 Nurses Role in Health Promotion Model healthy lifestyle Facilitate client involvement Teach self-care strategies Educate clients to be effective health care consumers Advocate in the community for changes that promote a healthy environment

11 11 Dimensions of Wellness

12 Nutrition Food diary Organic vs non-organic Food source – Fish – Beef and Dairy-rBGH Pesticides – Dirty dozen, clean dozen Preservatives Storage Transportation

13 Nursing Care Plan Development Exercise – Compare clients diagnosis or symptoms with profession utilizing EnviroDx

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