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The Environment and Mental Health

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1 The Environment and Mental Health

2 Environmental/Community Self Assessments

3 Objectives Identify your communities score card
Identify your Body Score Demonstrate ability to perform home assessment Identify personal care products that have toxins

4 Self Assessment Assignments
Do own Body Burden Score at Pick three personal care products and research what ingredients are hazard for your health Do a home assessment of your home. Assess own communities at

5 Natural Disasters

6 Objectives Explain how natural disasters can affect mental illness symptoms

7 Assignments Know at least 5 psychological reactions to a natural disaster Know 4 vulnerable risk groups during a natural disaster Be prepared to name what the risk groups would need Be prepared to name 4 or more survivors needs and reaction

8 Assignment Con’t Name reactions that would require additional mental health services Name organizations and resources that are available for mental ill individuals after a natural disaster

9 Environmental Issues and Mental Illness

10 Objectives Identify an environmental issue that can affect mental illness symptoms

11 Assignment Research articles re: environmental issues and how it affects mental illness symptoms Read the article “Dampness and Mold in the Home and Depression”

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