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Isolation and Expansion CIVILIZATION VS. GEOGRAPHY 700-1000 AD Expanding civilizations move to new regions seeking new resources.

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1 Isolation and Expansion CIVILIZATION VS. GEOGRAPHY AD Expanding civilizations move to new regions seeking new resources

2 Africa Geography and barriers Sahara Ocean High ground with steep rivers Only 5-6 major basins Half rivers never reach coast Dense forest Malarial mosquitoes Spread and exchange of cultures took centuries longer than Europe


4 African Exceptions Ethiopia Contact via sea trade Monsoon winds West Africa Jenne – Jeno C. 300 BC Flood plain of Niger river Crossroads of trade North to South Slaves Salt Copper Gold



7 African Exceptions cont. Ghana and Gao C AD Sacred kings Rich middlemen of trade Lack of contact between E and W along Sahel reason Africa does not mirror Asia/Europe


9 America and Geography Lack of N-S corridor kept Americas from mirroring Eurasia No known contact between South America and Mesoamerica


11 The Maya 3 contrasting environments Volcanic highlands (Guatemala) Limestone plateau (Yucatan) Caribbean coast (Mexico) Rulers 3 responsibilities (similar in all North American civilizations) War Communicate with Gods Building ceremonial centers


13 Maya cont. Mayan City-states Too equally matched for imperialism Constant warfare Terror Sacrifice Centered around ceremonial building Markets Temples Human Sacrifices


15 Maya cont. Unique writing system Astronomical observation Genealogies of Kings Mayan Civilization declines c AD Environment changes Droughts and storms El Nino currents

16 Mayan Calendar

17 North American Civilization Civilization expands along Ohio & Mississippi river valleys Maize Culture Maize and beans move to central plains New crops allow spread of people Allowed large scale building Mound building in Mississippi Adobe cliffs in South West

18 Areas of Mound-Builder Influence

19 Maize

20 Islam and the Environment Imp expansion slows in late 700s Ecological exp. increases New foods gathered and moved Medicinal Plants Examples Coffee Cotton Sugar New technology Clearing forests Fertilizer Increases amount of arable land


22 Coffee Plant

23 Cotton Plant

24 Sugarcane Plant

25 Clearing Forests

26 Frontier Expansion in Japan Drive to increase food production Gov sponsored Slow development of marginal land farming Adopt barley to replace millet as secondary crop Open new lands to agriculture by displacing barbarians Ainu people Developed fortified farming settlements


28 Ainu Peoples

29 India and Environmental Expansion Gupta empire collapse 500 AD Replaced by many rival kingdoms Small kingdoms sent priests and warriors to clear/cultivate uninhabited wasteland Forests Swamps Generated revenue by taxes these new lands


31 Tang China and Environmental Expansion Improved canal system and irrigation Land reform Break large holdings among smaller holders New rice strains from Vietnam Moved southward Away from steppes Take land from southern barbarians Exterminated Assimilated Marginalized Chinas southern movement led to conflict with coastal trading powers



34 New Agrarian States AD Chenila (Cambodia) Khmer (lower MeKong) Viet Cham Java Sumatra


36 Expanding Christendom Conquest rather than new crops Ireland & Scotland (monks) Saxons (Boniface) 719 Charlemagne Carolus Magnus Traveled to Italy 774 -> collected books, etc. Proclaimed self successor of Rome Conquered in name of a new Roman empire First Roman expansion since Trajan Charlemagnes satellites (Christian states) Slav states in Bohemia Bulgars in modern Bulgaria

37 Carolingian Empire

38 Charlemagne

39 AD Overall, a time of new environmental expansion and conquest New crops New farming strategies Military expansion Agriculture expanded into marginal areas All to deal with population increase

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