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JINR educational program S.Z. Pakuliak Director of the JINR University Centre May 14, 2012 JINR Educational Programme.

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1 JINR educational program S.Z. Pakuliak Director of the JINR University Centre May 14, 2012 JINR Educational Programme

2 A brief history of JINR’s educational program  1956 – JINR is established  1961 – Moscow State University branch is organized in Dubna (D.I.Blokhintsev, V.I. Veksler and S.N.Vernov)  1991 – JINR University Centre is established  1995 – JINR’s PhD program is opened  1994 – Dubna International University (DIU) is founded  2003 – education program in physics is started at DIU

3 Goals of the JINR educational program Goals of the JINR educational program are developing and proper functioning of the system of training of young scientists for the member-states and the Institute itself. “ The whole Institute should become a big physical practicum for the Universities of the member-states.” A.N. Sisakian This program is realized on the base of the University Center in the framework of the first priority topic 06-0-1078-2009/2013 "Organization, Maintenance, and Development of Education Process at JINR"

4 MAIN DIRECTIONS OF UNIVERSITY CENTRE ACTIVITY Students, JINR-based departments JINR postgraduate programmes International education actions Secondary-school oriented activity

5 JINR-based departments Moscow State University  Elementary Particle Physics  Neutron Diffraction Studies Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology  Fundamental and Applied Problems of Micro-world Physics Moscow Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics, and Automatics  Electronics for Physics Research Installations Dubna International University  Nuclear Physics  Theoretical Physics  Biophysics  Distributed Computing Systems  Nanotechnologies and New Materials

6 “Nuclear physics, new materials and technologies” was opened on July 9, 2008 at the Gumilev Eurasian University on the basis of the DC-60 heavy ion cyclotron of Interdisciplinary Scientific Research Center. During CP held in Astana on November 19, 2009 a four-side agreement between GEU, DIU, NNC and JINR regarding the training of bachelors and masters in nuclear physics was signed. First 7 bachelor students got their diplomas in nuclear physics in 2011 both from the Dubna University and the Kazakh Universities.

7 Lecture courses at JINR-based departments (  particle physics and quantum field theory – 34  mathematical and statistical physics – 19  condensed matter, physics of nanostructures and neutron physics – 21  informational technologies – 15  nuclear physics – 15  physical equipment – 18

8 JINR scientists involvement into the training programs

9 List of Proposals for PhD Theses (VBLHEP) List of Proposals for PhD Theses (VBLHEP)

10 JINR postgraduate programmes Each year about 60 people are educated at the JINR postgraduate courses starting from 1995. Among 217 postgraduate students, who finished the postgraduate studies from 1998, 71 people already defended their PhD theses. Nuclear and Elementary Particle Physics; Theoretical Physics; Charged Particle Beam Physics and Accelerator Techniques; High Energy Physics; Solid State Physics; Physics Experiment Techniques, Instrument Physics, and Physics Research Automation; Computational Mathematics; Mathematical and Software Support of Computers, Computational Complexes, and Networks; Mathematical Simulation and Numerical Methods; Radiobiology.

11 International education activities UC is organizing the International Summer Schools “Nuclear Physics Methods and Accelerators in Biology and Medicine”

12 Practice at JINR The International Summer Student Practices have been organized since 2004 on the initiative of the UC, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, a number of Polish universities, and the Czech Technical University in Prague. History of the practice at JINR The practices are intended for graduate students of the JINR Member States and the countries that have government-level agreements with JINR. The practices are held in the summer during the student holidays. The practices are two or three- week long.

13 Aim of the Practice  to give an idea about JINR fields of research  to get to be acquainted with JINR research teams and JINR facilities  to learn new facts in different sciences  to attract students from different countries to start a scientific career at JINR

14 Research-Educational Projects

15 Participants of the Practice 2009 1. Shaymaa Seif Cairo University 2. Mohammed Aesh Menoufia University 3. Safinaz Addelrahman Center for Theor Physics BUE 4. Mostafa El Demery Egyptian E-Learning University 5. Hosam Abdel Azeem Bani Souaf 6. Sameh Hassan El Menoufia University 7. Yomna El-Baky Alexendria University 8. Ashraf Kaka Nucl power plant authority 9. Khalid Gad Researcher AEA 10. Mostafa Ashoush Al Azhar university 11. Mohammed Elsaied New Reactor AEA 12. Ahmed Al Ashry New reactor AEA 13. Barakat Mahmoud AEA Accelerator 14. Samah Radwan Assit.lect. AEA,Accelator 15. Yasser Nour El-Din Medical accelerator project

16 Result of the 2009 Practice

17 Participants of the Practice 2010 GRID 1. Mohamed Mahmoud Hafez Fac Computers and Information, Cairo University 2. Alaa Eldeen Saber Fac of Science, Sohag University 3. Ahmad Lotfy Abd El-Fattah Ahmad Phys Dept, Fac of Sciences, Fayoum University 4. Atef Fathy Ismail Phys Dept, SCI, Azhar University 5. Mohamed Husseiin Abd ELRazik Fac of Science, Ain shams ACCELERATOR AND APPLICATION 6. Yasser Nour El-Din Phys Dept, Fac of Sciences, Cairo University 7. Ali Atta Mohamed NCRRT AEA 8. Hitham Ahmed Shaban Spectroscopy Dept, N R C 9. Mahmoud Abdelaziz Ali Mohammed Gaafar Fac of Sciences, Menoufia University 10. Mohammed Abdelmajed Shalaby Phys Dept, Fac of Sciences, Cairo University NEUTRON PHYSICS AND APPLICATION 11. Hani Hussein Abdu Hussein Negm Phys Dept, Fac of Sciences, Assiut University 12. Amr Attia Abuelwafa Qenawe Fac of Sciences, South Vally University 13. Dina Ali Ebrahim Amer Alex Univ Fac Engin, Nucl & Rad Dept 14. Mohamed Yahia Ahmed EAEA 15. Abd El-Mo'ez Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Phys Dept, Fac of Sciences, Sohag University

18 Training Program in GRID

19 Condensed matter theory 2011 1. Computer simulation of tunneling characteristics of superconducting nanostructures (supervisor Prof. Yu.Shukrinov) Kareem Elgammal, Ahmed Foda, Hazem Abdelhafiz Students perform a theoretical research and compare the calculations with experimental data. Some results of student research are preparing for publication.

20 Some results of the Practice 2011

21 International Student Practice in 2011 May 1 4 – June 5: Arabic Republic of Egypt (22 participants) ‏July 13 - 30: Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovak Republic, Romania (70 participants) September 5 - 26: South Africa, Belorussia, Ukraine (50 participants)

22 Joint ARE-JINR Research Projects 3rd JOINT COORDINATION COMMITTEE 9 February 2012, El Quseir, ARE Decisions of JCC-3 ProjectPI #103Micromechanical testing and structural examination of the oxide dispersion strengthened steels irradiated with heavy ions of fission fragments energy (jointly with FLNP) Dr. V.A. Skuratov, Dr. Ali S. Khalil #301Mathematical Modeling of Genetic Regulatory Networks in Bacterial and Higher Eukaryotic Cells Dr. Oleg V. Belov, Prof. Dr. Nasser Sweilam #405Nuclear and related analytical technique for Life Science (Neutron Activation Analysis and other methods) Prof. M.V. Frontasyeva, Prof. Hussein El-Samman

23 Secondary school activities  The UC will continue to organize acquaintance visits by school delegations from JINR Member States.  Jointly with European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), the University Centre is holding professional advancement courses for teachers of physics from JINR Member States.  The University Centre will concentrate their efforts to advertise among school pupils the possibilities to get good education at JINR- based departments and to start scientific carrier at JINR.


25 Virtual excursions to JINR Labs

26 The JINR University Centre in cooperation with CERN is organizing the annual School Teacher Programs in JINR and CERN. First program for Russian teachers held on November 2009 at CERN Schools for Teachers Second and fourth scientific schools for teachers from JINR Member-States held on June 2010 and 2011 at JINR. Third and fifth scientific school for teachers from JINR Member-States held on November 2010 and 2011 at CERN


28 JCC via Videoconference

29 Video-seminars and lecture courses

30 Video-report about second Practice of ARE students at JINR

31 THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION Contacts: JINR University Center Director PAKULIAK STANISLAV TEL. +7(49621)65089 FAX: +7(49621)65581 E-mail:

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