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Internationalising Higher Education Prof. Alexey Shorokhov Ogarev Mordovia State University Project: Terahertz semiconducting and.

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1 Internationalising Higher Education Prof. Alexey Shorokhov Ogarev Mordovia State University Project: Terahertz semiconducting and superconducting electronic technology Prof. Feo Kusmarsev Loughborough University

2 The main aim: to establish long-term partnerships in the field of high-frequency electronic technology The development of THz technologies is one of the strategic directions of innovation economy for the UK and the Russian Federation Security Imaging 1Tb/s wireless Communication Spectroscopy Identifying toxins, explosives and concealed threats Pill/tablet/food quality and composition Environmental monitoring Medical Imaging

3 The research of interaction between GHz and THz radiation with semiconducting and superconducting microstructures is one of the major fields of Loughborough University and Mordovian State University research Choosing a partner of interest The first contact: visit of Dr. Shorokhov to the Department of Physics in 2008 (XXXII International Workshop on Condensed Matter Theories). In 2011 a memorandum between Mordovian State University and Loughborough University was signed. It declares both parties intention to conduct joint research in physics. Problem: the absence of personal contacts doesnt allow to establish the full- scale co-operation and critically intensify joint research Exchange of experience could lead to significant progress in the research. By the Federal government edict dated of 20th May 2010 Ogarev Mordovia State University was conferred a category National research university.

4 Loughborough visit (August, October 2012) The delegation: Prof. Alexey Shorokhov Dr. Michail Pyatev Dr. Nikolay Khvastunov Mrs. Olesya Pozdnyakova (graduate student) The team from Loughborough Prof. Feo Kusmartsev, Dr. Kirill Alekseev, Dr. Marat Gaifullin, Dr. Alexander Balanov

5 The main results of the project Education Loughborough University leading professors are ready to come to Mordovia State University to deliver short-term modules and seminars (14-18 January, 2012. Lectures of Prof. Kirill Alekseev in Mordovia State University for masters and postgraduate students). Mordovia State University leading professors are ready to come to Loughborough University to deliver seminars. Postgraduate student exchange (part-time postgraduate students) Youth Scientific Conference-School Materials of nano-, micro-, optoelectronics: physical properties and applications (international starting from 2013. Prof. Kusmartsev and Prof. Shorokhov are the members of the Program committee). The Master degree programs for students specializing in THz science will be developed. A long-term partnership between Institute of Physics and Chemistry of Mordovian State University and Department of Physics of Loughborough University in the field of THz electronics.

6 R&D and Innovation 1.It was decided to establish a joint research laboratory of terahertz semiconductor and superconductive electronics in Mordovia State University. 2. It was decided to begin the work on forming consortium of EU and Russian universities in order to conduct joint research into THz electronics. 3.The schedule of joint research for the coming year was discussed. 4.It was decided to submit joint applications in order to get funding (RFBR-The Royal Society grant, Seventh Framework Programme EC et al.). 5.The parties have discussed and agreed to conduct joint seminars engaging undergraduate and graduate students.

7 Joint laboratory of terahertz semiconducting and superconducting electronics The expenses related to the creation of such laboratory will be covered from Mordovian State University budget and will also be met through potential joint research projects. Loughborough University specialists will be engaged to train personnel, to provide the laboratorys layout, to purchase the equipment. The research at the laboratory will be conducted by both parties – Russian and British scientists The main goal: studying the physical properties of semiconducting and superconducting materials which can be used as an active environment for compact sources and detectors of THz and subTHz frequency range radiation. On the base of the fundamental research we plan to develop new high frequency electronic technologies (with the prospective commercial use) which provide devices operating with more powerful radiation and in more high frequency region than existing so far.

8 Russian universities and institutes Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics RAS Widening academic cooperation Finland Germany UK Mordovia National Research University Saratov National Research University European universities and institutes

9 Cooperation with Industry The final goal will be the development of prototypes devices with the prospect of patenting and industrial manufacture. Center of nanotechnology and nanomaterials of Republic of Mordovia Technopark-Mordovia

10 Further Collaboration The main objective of the future collaboration programe is to form an international consortium of EU (UK, Germany) and Russian universities in order to pursue research into THz semiconducting and superconducting electronics and to establish Joint laboratory of THz and semiconducting electronics Main components of future collaboration are: 1.Joint theoretical research focused on the study of new physical mechanisms of intensification and generation of coherent THz radiation in semiconducting supperlattice. 2.Joint seminars focused on the discussion of research results and possibilities of future collaboration. 3.Lecturing on the research theme for undergraduate and graduate students from both universities within the framework of reciprocal visits. 4.Reciprocal academic mobility as a further training for young scholars (undergraduate students, graduate students). 5.Courses for graduate students from Mordovian State University at the University of Loughborough and Nottingham. 6.Joint laboratory of THz and semiconducting electronics at Mordovian State University where joint experimental research is conducted. 7.Consortium of universities consisting of Mordovian State University (Russia), University of Loughborough (UK), University of Goethe (Germany), University of Nottingham (UK), Saratov State University (Russia) to submit an application for the 7FP. 8.New coordinated programe of lectures.

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