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3 EVENT BACKGROUND Significant growth of Indonesia’s economy at 6,7%, significantly bigger than the average of world’s economy growth which was at 4,2% only Tourism and hospitality sector ranked at second place with 9,5% growth showing mobility were the real parameter of the increase in tourism sector In 2012 alone, the International arrivals to Bali grew by 11% Significant growth of International tourist arrivals to Bali has been felt in the tourism sector to other Provinces across to the Indonesia’s Archipelago Looking forward towards “Sustainable Development” concept, in the short to medium term, key infrastructure expenditure leading up to APEC 2013 in Bali is setting the stage to stimulate demand in both the tourism and hospitality sectors 1

4 3 Social Culture Social Economic Insight Knowledge Cultural Exchange In Direct SME Others related industry In Direct SME Others related industry Direct Business Transaction Contract Agreement Direct Business Transaction Contract Agreement WHY BALI AND BEYOND TRAVEL FAIR

5 WHY PARTICIPATE AT BALI & BEYOND TRAVEL FAIR 2014 ? Groundbreaking, inaugural B2B large scale Travel Fair in Indonesia BBTF 2014 will be a comprehensive two and half full days of exhibiting with ample networking Sessions & Leisure activities to maximize your brand exposure BBTF 2014 will be an annual Travel and Tourism Expo in Bali and choosing the date of exhibition event in mid of June in conjunction with an annual Bali Art Festival which will be held every mid of June of the year or school holiday sessions Arrange your pre-schedule meetings to make an efficient one on your time plan 4

6 Showcase of destinations, Travel Agents, Travel & Tourism products and services to the global travel trade community with an opportunity to conduct business with targeted 500 qualified buyers and more than 1,500 trade visitors Located in most luxurious area in Bali, Nusa Dua for Business Sessions (TRAVEX), and Kuta for Direct Promotion (EXHIBITION), making it one of the biggest travel shows of Southeast Asia A series of sponsorship and branding avenues to maximize your brand exposure Extensive local and global media exposure 5 WHY PARTICIPATE AT BALI & BEYOND TRAVEL FAIR 2014 ?

7 BBTF 2014 will also be introducing the diversity of Indonesia’s unique culture held in the most popular and most visited tourism in the Island of Bali BBTF 2014 is a platform tourism stakeholders and International buyers to promote the diversity of Indonesia’s destinations, while at the same time to create the inter-connection to the global travel trade community Establish a clear communication channel between travel trade community in disseminating the latest development initiative Accelerate critically needed and open dialogue for the continued identification and securing investment 6 WHY PARTICIPATE AT BALI & BEYOND TRAVEL FAIR 2014 ?

8 EVENT OBJECTIVES To gather the stakeholders into 5 days International Exhibition and Business Sessions Facilitate Travel and Tourism products and services to the global travel trade community with an opportunity to conduct business Showcase of destinations with an unparalleled opportunity to promote products and services to the global travel trade community Exhibition event in mid of June in conjunction with annual Bali Art Festival which we will invite International hosted buyers to experience the opening ceremony of Bali Art Festival Bali & Beyond Travel Fair will be an annual Travel and Tourism expo in Bali 7

9 ABOUT THE EVENT Bali & Beyond Travel Fair 2014 scheduled to be held in Bali from 10 until 14 June 2014 Bali & Beyond Travel Fair 2014 is located in most luxurious area in Bali, which will be in Nusa Dua and Kuta TRAVEX (Business to Business) Sessions will be in Nusa Dua, and for DIRECT PROMOTION will be in Kuta 8

10 SUPPORTING ORGANIZATION 9 Bali Tourism Board Association of the Indonesian Tours & Travel Agencies Perhimpunan Hotel & Restoran Indonesia (PHRI) Perhimpunan Hotel & Restoran Indonesia (PHRI) Bali Villa Association (BVA) Society of Indonesia Convention Organizers (SIPCO) Gabungan Pengusaha Wisata Bahari (GAHAWISRI) Himpunan Pramuwisata Indonesia (HPI) Himpunan Lembaga Pendidikan Tinggi Pariwisata Indonesia (HILDIKTIPARI)

11 SUPPORTING ORGANIZATION 10 Persatuan Angkutan Wisata Bali (PAWIBA) Bali Spa & Wellness AssociationMajelis Utama Desa Pakraman Bali (MUDP)

12 BBTF 2014 PROGRAM 11 DAY/DATEPROGRAMVENUE Tue, 10 June 2014Participant ArrivalBali Welcome CeremonyBali Wed, 11 June 2014 Travex (Full Day) Nusa Dua Tourism Seminar Direct PromotionKuta Thu, 12 June 2014Travex (Full Day)Nusa Dua Direct PromotionKuta Fri, 13 June 2014 Trade Visitor (Half Day) – for Public Nusa Dua Closing Ceremony Sat, 14 June 2014Post Tour Bali Participant Departure

13 EXHIBITORS PROFILE Exhibitors Profile at BBTF 2014 : Tour Operators Hotels and Resorts International Chain & Local Villas Management Tourist Attractions Handicrafts on Economic Creative Spa, Healing and Medical Tourism Dive & Marine Sports Golf Courses 12

14 EXHIBITION AT BBTF 2014 Targeted Buyers and Sellers at BBTF 2014 : 1.Targeted Buyers for TRAVEX : National : over 300 qualified buyers from domestic Travel Agencies International : 100 qualified overseas buyers from ASEAN countries, China and Australia 2.Targeted Sellers for TRAVEX : Over 500 qualified domestic and International sellers serving the inbound, outbound and the domestic markets representing the top hospitality and unique leisure brands across the globe 13

15 EXHIBITION AT BBTF 2014 The networking program at BBTF 2014 will benefit you : To have as many meetings/ contacts within the shortest period of time To make more time efficient during our presence in the conference and exhibition To identify more business opportunities accurately To negotiate with business partners (clients/ buyers) in the segment of our interest Networking program is a conceived activity dedicatedly for Buyers to meet Sellers during two and half days event Relaxed atmosphere and able to obtain relevant contact detail in many organizations and an outline understanding of how they work and procure products and services 14

16 EXHIBITORS PROFILE Delegate Profile at BBTF 2014 are the Owner or Senior Management of the company representing from the following organizations : Tour Operators Hotels & Resorts International Chain & Local Villa Management Spa Operators Local Community Handicrafts Dive & Marine Sports Golf Courses 15

17 DIRECT PROMOTION Direct Promotion Profile at BBTF 2014 : Province Government Tourism Office Regency Government Tourism Office City Government Tourism Office www.baliandbeyondtravelfair.com16

18 DIRECT PROMOTION Targeted Direct Promotion at BBTF 2014 : Venue will be in Kuta : Together with exhibitors and sellers from at least 15 Indonesian provinces and numerous tourist from many countries around the world, BBTF 2014 will facilitate the direct promotion for buyers and sellers to negotiate on their long term leisure and corporate travel needs Targeted Visitors : Over 2,500 trade visitors from domestic and international tourist who are currently spending their holiday in Bali would be our main target within comprehensive direct promotion in two full days exhibition 17

19 PROMOTION The media promotion of BBTF 2014 is expected to be promoted through : Printing Media, such as local media, TTG Asia, Tourism Magazine Social Media On-Line Promotion, such as website :, and other website media partners Though other Electronic Media, such as Airport TV, TV media partners, Radio partners Press Release through any special events Direct promotion from executive team members 1919

20 PUBLIC RELATION The Public Relation of BBTF 2014 plays important role in dissemination and promoting the event and especially to alleviate the promotion cost. The Public Relation activities includes : Dissemination regular release via e-mail and fax Disseminating industry and market information & event update via newsletter Disseminating market information and event update via social media includes Linkedln, Facebook and Twitter 2020

21 MARKETING For the success of the event, the Organizing Committee of Bali & Beyond Travel Fair 2014 and Exhibition will do heavy marketing and promotion utilizing all avenues include the promotion via print, online and electronic advertising and PR- ing with releases, social medias and finally with sales using dedicated team to conduct tele- phone calls, fax, e-mail and meeting campaign to gather fund 2121

22 ORGANIZING COMMITTEE 22 POSITIONNAME CounselorKetut Ardana, SH Chairman IFrederik Tri Kusuma Chairman IITanto A. Ruwiyadi Secretary Dwi Nurdayati TreasureHadi Soetrisno

23 ORGANIZING COMMITTEE 23 POSITIONNAME Fund Raising TeamBambang Soegiono Mega Maya Mendra Astawa Event Team Nengah Aryana Bagus Surya Dharma Juarez R. Putra Ketut Jaman Bagus Kusuma

24 ORGANIZING COMMITTEE 2424 POSITIONNAME Public RelationWisnu Arimbawa Venue TeamI.G. Ayu Purnamawati Krisna Teja Kadek Darmayasa Dewi Febi Management Buyers TeamPutu Winastra Lasmi Astutik

25 ORGANIZING COMMITTEE 2525 POSITIONNAME Management Sellers TeamIGP Bayu Susila Dewi Astuti Ketut Tunggu Transportation TeamMisto L. Faisal Ketut Suarjana











36 BBTF 2014 LOGO 3030

37 BBTF 2014 LOGO The designed logo of Bali & Beyond with colorful concept is explaining an Indonesia tourism archipelago through colorful combinations. The symbol performance of two male and female dancers are expressing of greetings, welcoming and feeling of happiness to achieve one vision together. The green line across the word of BBTF is explaining Bali & Beyond in peaceful tourism, which is very much relevant to the concept of Bali & Beyond Travel Fair 2014 event 31

38 BBTF 2014 THEME EVENT GATEWAY TO INDONESIA’S CREATIVE TOURISM, was one of our choice to be the theme event for Bali & Beyond Travel Fair of this year (2014) and it would be the right theme because of the fact that the Island of Bali as the main gate of international tourist arrivals (HUB) before visiting to other Islands across an Indonesia archipelago. Therefore, it would be very much relevant to the upcoming event of BALI & BEYOND TRAVEL FAIR 2014 31

39 SEKRETARIAT DPD Asita Bali Jalan Raya Puputan No. 41, Renon, Denpasar 80235, Bali Tel. (+62 361) 243 225Fax. (+62 361) 244 263 E-mail : 32

40 33



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