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We Teach Children Pedagogy vs. Technical Content Jocelyn Long Leanna Carstetter Kerri Myers.

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1 We Teach Children Pedagogy vs. Technical Content Jocelyn Long Leanna Carstetter Kerri Myers

2 Presenters Jocelyn Long –6 th Grade Technology Education Teacher –Neff 6, Manheim Township School District Leanna Carstetter –Sophomore Technology Education Student –Millersville University PA Kerri Myers –Middle School Technology Education Teacher –Tamanend Middle School, Central Bucks School District

3 Questions? What should the focus of technology education teacher preparation be technical content or pedagogy? Is what we teach as important as how we teach? Do the students we teach matter at all? What separates the effective teachers from the non effective teachers? How can we apply this information in the preparation of future technology education teachers?

4 Content - What do we teach? Energy, Power and Transportation Systems Manufacturing, Production and Construction Systems Engineering and Design Communication Systems Bio-related Technology Systems

5 Pedagogy - How do we teach? The art, science, or profession of teaching (merriam-webster dictionary) Technology education advantage –Students WANT to be and LIKE being in our classes –We provide HANDS ON, REAL LIFE applications to Science and Math concepts

6 Students - Who do we teach? Students of all ages Students with different backgrounds –Race, Religion, and Cultures –English Language Learners/English as a Second Language –Urban vs. Rural –Mixture of Male and Female Students with special needs

7 Connecting all Three How do we combine the answers to these three questions together to create the ultimate technology education teachers? To answer this question, we looked at some of the research done on what makes effective teachers.

8 So what do effective teachers look like? Have great classroom management –Holds command of their classes –Establishes and enforce a system to keep students on task and minimizes distraction –Allow students collaborate while creating classroom protocol Use a variety of instructional strategies –Differentiates instruction and adapts to individual differences –Assessments are valid and truly gage what students are learning

9 Effective Teachers … Are organized –Lessons are well prepared –Have the needed supplies ready to go –Teaching aids are use effectively Engages students in learning –Invites students to share their knowledge and experiences –Uses probing questions –Praise correct and/or different answers

10 Effective Teachers … Interact with and show interest in their students –Recognize and greet students in and out of class –Approachable, friendly, and available –Actively involved with students and other staff Provide a “warm classroom climate” –Accept all students –Develop a classroom community –Allows students to feel comfortable to think outside the box

11 Effective Teachers … Become master of their subject –Has knowledge in the subject and the ability to communicate that knowledge –Continues learning new things Show enthusiasm about what they teach –Relates subject to everyday life –Motivates students to want to learn –Makes teaching/learning FUN!!!

12 Did we miss anything?

13 Why does this matter? Only 1 of the 8 common themes has anything to do with the content being taught. The others are heavily dependant on –The Teacher –Pedagogy –The Students

14 What does this all mean? We need to remember we teach children. We need to be preparing the future generation of technology education teachers with the skills to be effective teachers. While content is important, shouldn’t more time be spent on giving future teachers experience with the pedagogy side of teaching?

15 How can this be achieved? While teaching content to pre-service teachers intertwine topics such as: –When you are teaching your students about this you should … –Your goals and content at the middle school level should concentrate on… Provide pre-service teachers with more hands-on, classroom experience. Get them out in the field as soon as possible.

16 How can this be achieved? Teacher education programs could be specifically orientated to meet the needs of individual pre-service teachers. Expose pre-service teachers to the professional side of teaching. –Encourage them to become involved in organizations like TECA and ITEA

17 Your Thoughts and Ideas on this Topic Please share your thoughts and ideas on this topic … We want to expand our research base and hear what you have to say.

18 Final Question What should the focus of technology education teacher preparation be? Technical Content or Pedagogy

19 Resources Hoffman, J. Classroom Management Research Power Point. Manheim Township Moodle Site, Eble, K. (1971). The Recognition and Evaluation of Teaching. Components of Effective Teaching as Perceived but Students. Sheffield, E. (1974). Teaching in the Universities – No One Way. Characteristics of Effective Teachers Most Often Mentioned. Ebro, L. (1977). Instructional Behavior Patterns of Distinguished University Teachers. Characteristic of Great Teachers. Smith, R. (Sept. 1980). A Checklist for Good Teaching. Teaching and Learning, Vol 7, No 1. Concordia University. Current pre-service teachers, teachers, and teacher educators in the field of Technology Education.

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