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YWCA El Paso Del Norte Region 1918 Texas Avenue El Paso, TX 79901.

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1 YWCA El Paso Del Norte Region 1918 Texas Avenue El Paso, TX 79901

2 VISION To Eliminate Racism

3 OUR MISSION To Promote Justice And Enhance Appreciation Of Diversity For Staff, Volunteers And Community Through Training, Dialogue, Advocacy And Other Activities


5 TRAITS AND CHARACTERISTICS Awareness Nurturance Challenge to Racism Equity and Fairness Listening Ally Building Inclusiveness Friendship Diversity


7 Respect... the LINK that unites the YWCA Racial Justice and Leadership Core Values

8 Through RESPECT, we welcome acceptance; With ACCEPTANCE comes understanding of others; By UNDERSTANDING, we appreciate differences; APPRECIATION brings unity and justice.

9 PROGRAM OBJECTIVES Identify and Challenge Racial Biases Encourage Unlearning of Racism Motivate Racial Understanding Enhance Racial Acceptance and Appreciation Inspire Building of Diverse Relationships Foster Justice Eliminate Hate No One Is Born A Racist


11 INTAKE AND ASSESSMENT  Staff Feedback  Community Intake  Evaluation of Programs and Training

12 EDUCATION Facilitation and Training Incorporation of Curriculum into YWCA Programs Public Speaking Dialogue

13 ADVOCACY Grass-roots Contacts with Community to Promote YWCA Commitment to Justice Press Releases Racial Justice Award Presentation Cultural Celebration – All Staff Day Publication of Racial Justice Core Values

14 COLLABORATION Housing of Racial Justice Institute and Exhibit at community sites YWCA Racial Justice Committee Organizations Businesses Schools

15 Activities Community Service Projects Art and Music Lending Library of Films and Books Historical Studies of Cultural Struggles Foundation Competencies Established Modules for All Age Groups CURRICULUM LESSON PLANS Almost 200 Modules

16 CURRICULUM COMPETENCIES Foundation 1: Personal Beliefs Foundation 2: Life Experiences Foundation 3: Diversity Awareness Foundation 4: Cultural Understanding Foundation 5: Cross-Cultural Communication Skills Foundation 6: Change Agent Behaviors

17 Our Future Depends On It!

18 FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT… Dawn Thurmond Racial Justice and Professional Development Director 533-7475 ext. 251 Adriana Molina Racial Justice Administrative Coordinator 533-7475 ext. 283 El Paso Del Norte Region 1600 Brown El Paso, TX 79902

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