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Words for Production 1. engineering [ &EndZ1`nIrI9 ] n. [U] the science of designing and building roads, bridges, machines, etc. 工程 ( 學 ) Mr. Chen majored.

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3 Words for Production 1. engineering [ &EndZ1`nIrI9 ] n. [U] the science of designing and building roads, bridges, machines, etc. 工程 ( 學 ) Mr. Chen majored in engineering in college. After he graduated, he became an electrical engineer. Would you like to know more...

4 engineer [ &EndZ1`nIr ] n. [C] 工程師 vt. 設計 ( 製造 ) Airplanes are engineered so that when hit by lightning, they will stay in the air.

5 Words for Production 2. backward [ `b8kw2d ] adv. toward a worse state 退步地,惡化地 Instead of improving economic conditions, we seem to be going backward. Would you like to know more...

6 backward [ `b8kw2d ] adj. 後退的,向後的 Harry unlocked the door and went inside without a backward glance at the crowd following him.

7 Words for Production 3. forward [ `fOrw2d ] adv. toward a better state 進步地 His plan doesn’t work at all since we are not going any further forward with it. Would you like to know more...

8 forward [ `fOrw2d ] adj. 進步的 We have been trying to find a solution for weeks, but we are no further forward.

9 Words for Production 4. debate [ dI`bet ] vt. to talk or argue about something with someone, usually in an effort to persuade other people 爭辯,辯論 Scientists have debated whether or not human cloning should be allowed. Would you like to know more...

10 debate [ dI`bet ] n. [C] 爭辯,辯論 The townspeople held a debate on building a factory by the river, because some of them were afraid that the factory might pollute their water supply.

11 Words for Production 5. editor [ `EdIt2 ] n. [C] a person who prepares a book, newspaper or magazine for printing or publishing 編輯 Although every dictionary published has been carefully proofread by editors, errors sometimes go unnoticed. Would you like to know more...

12 edit [ `EdIt ] vt. 編輯 The teacher spent his later years editing a Chinese-English dictionary.

13 edition [ I`dIS1n ] n. [C] 版本 The pocket edition of this best- seller is out of print now.

14 Words for Production 6. contribute [ k1n`trIbjut ] vt.; vi. to write or send (a written article) to a newspaper or magazine; to join with others in giving (money or help) ( 為報 章雜誌 ) 寫稿,投稿;捐獻,貢獻 PS. The example sentences are on the next page.

15 Words for Production 6. contribute The freelance writer contributed all his articles on India to that famous travel magazine. They said they would like to contribute more to charity, but money is tight this year. I believe that each of us can contribute to the future of the world. Would you like to know more...

16 contribution [ &kAntr1`bjuS1n ] n. [C][U] 投稿 ( 作品 ) ;貢獻 The doctor makes weekly contributions to the local newspaper to discuss GM (genetically modified) products. He was awarded a prize for his contribution to world peace.

17 Words for Production 7. article [ `ArtIkL ] n. [C] a piece of writing on a topic 文章 Your article is good food for thought. It has helped me a lot to find my inner self.

18 Words for Production 8. informed [ In`fOrmd ] adj. having a lot of information or knowledge about a particular subject or situation 見聞廣博的 I read newspapers to keep myself informed about what is happening around the world. Would you like to know more...

19 inform [ In`fOrm ] vt. 通知,告訴 Mr. Wang asked the doctor to inform him of any changes in his father’s condition.

20 Words for Production 9. issue [ `IS5 ] n. [C] an important point 重要問題,議題 No account of the current issue would be complete without mention of pollution.

21 Words for Production 10. frequency [ `frikw1nsI ] n. [U] the rate at which something happens 頻繁 ( 性 ) The frequency of his phone calls annoys me. Would you like to know more...

22 frequent [ `frikw1nt ] adj. 經常的,頻繁的 Mr. White is a frequent visitor to our house. He is one of my father’s good friends.

23 Words for Production 11. chemical [ `kEmIkL ] adj. of, connected with, used in, or made by chemistry 化學的 A chemical change takes place in paper when it burns. Would you like to know more...

24 chemical [ `kEmIkL ] n. [C] 化學藥品,化學製品 Farmers nowadays use lots of chemicals on their crops so you had better wash them carefully before cooking.

25 chemistry [ `kEmIstrI ] n. [U] 化學 A chemistry student has to study the substances which make up the earth, universe, and living things.

26 Words for Production 12. establish [ 1`st8blIS ] vt. to form; to set up 形成;建立 After having worked in a big company for ten years, he quit and set out to establish his own business. Would you like to know more...

27 establishment [ 1`st8blISm1nt ] n. [U] 建立,創辦 The establishment of a hospital benefits the people living in this small village.

28 Words for Production 13. organism [ `OrG1n&Iz1m ] n. [C] a living being 有機體,生物 There is no living organism on the moon. Would you like to know more...

29 organic [ Or`G8nIk ] adj. 有機的 Organic vegetables have become more and more popular in recent years.

30 organ [ `OrG1n ] n. [C] 器官 Without sense organs, we wouldn’t be able to see, smell, hear, taste, or feel.

31 Words for Production 14. reduce [ rI`djus ] vt. to make smaller, cheaper, etc. 減少, 降低 This medicine will reduce your pain quickly. Would you like to know more...

32 reduction [ rI`d^kS1n ] n. [C] 減少,降低 Regular exercise leads to a reduction in the risk of heart disease.

33 Words for Production 15. specific [ spI`sIfIk ] adj. particular; certain 特定的 No specific time has been set for the meeting, so we’ll have to stand by.

34 Words for Production 16. balance [ `b8l1ns ] n. [U] a state in which all parts are of equal weight or importance 平衡 Mrs. White keeps a perfect balance between her job and home. Would you like to know more...

35 balance [ `b8l1ns ] vt. 平衡 Can you balance a book on your head while walking around the room?

36 Words for Production 17. upset [ ^p`sEt ] vt. to disturb; to mess up 打亂,攪亂 My plans were upset by a change in the weather. That was really annoying. Would you like to know more...

37 upset [ ^p`sEt ] adj. 心煩的 Jenny was very upset to hear that the baseball game had been called off.

38 Words for Production 18. suppose [ s1`poz ] vt. to imagine; to pretend (used in making a suggestion) 假設 Suppose you have a chance to travel abroad. Would you choose America or Europe?

39 Words for Production 19. deprive [ dI`praIv ] vt. to take away from; to prevent from using 剝奪,使 … 喪失 No one can be deprived of his right to live.

40 Words for Production 20. makeup [ `mek&^p ] n. [U] the different parts that something consists of, and the way these parts are arranged 組織,構造 Each of us is different in our mental and physical makeup. It is reasonable to expect that we would therefore have different points of view.

41 Words for Production 21. outweigh [ a5t`we ] vt. to be more important than 比 … 更重要 To me, health outweighs everything else in the world.

42 Words for Production 22. resist [ rI`zIst ] vt. to stand or fight against; to force oneself not to yield to or accept 抵 抗;抗拒 If you exercise regularly, you will be better able to resist the cold. I cannot resist chocolate cake. Whenever I have some, I can’t stop eating more. Would you like to know more...

43 resistance [ rI`zIst1ns ] n. [U] 抵抗力;抵抗 The patient has great power of resistance; she will get well soon. Those people say their resistance against the government will continue if their needs are not met.

44 Words for Production 23. advance [ 1d`v8ns ] n. [C] forward movement; progress; development 進步,進展 The article discussed recent advances in GM products in Taiwan. Would you like to know more...

45 advance [ 1d`v8ns ] vi. 進展 Our understanding of human genetics has advanced considerably.

46 advanced [ 1d`v8nst ] adj. 高等的,高深的 More and more people are worried that without more training or advanced technical skills, they’ll lose their jobs.

47 Words for Production 24. impressive [ Im`prEsIv ] adj. causing admiration by giving one a feeling of excellence or importance 讓 人印象深刻的 I was told the show was most impressive and everything went off well. Would you like to know more...

48 impress [ Im`prEs ] vt. 讓 ( 人 ) 留下深刻印象 The boy tried to impress the girl with his courage. He drove the snake away.

49 impression [ Im`prES1n ] n. [C] 印象 The new student in our class gave the impression of being a quiet person.

50 Words for Production 25. virus [ `vaIr1s ] n. [C] a very small living thing that causes infectious disease in humans, animals, and plants 病毒 The AIDS virus can be passed from person to person by sharing needles.

51 Words for Production 26. permit [ p2`mIt ] vt. to allow 允許,許可 Smoking is not permitted here. This is a non-smoking room. Would you like to know more...

52 permission [ p2`mIS1n ] n. [U] 允許,許可 With your permission, I would like to go home now to sleep off my cold.

53 Words for Production 27. weapon [ `wEp1n ] n. [C] something used in fighting or war, such as a knife, a gun or a bomb 武器 Some people worry that someday in the future nuclear weapons may destroy the whole world.

54 Words for Production 28. mass [ m8s ] adj. of or for a large number, especially of people 大規模的,大量的 Mass production of cars has lowered their price. Would you like to know more...

55 masses [ `m8sIz ] n. pl. (the~) [U] 大眾,平民 Since its invention, television has brought cheap entertainment to the masses.

56 1. genetic [ dZ1`nEtIk ] adj. of or concerning a single part at the center of a cell, which contains characteristics of one’s parents 基因的 gene [ dZin ] n. [C] 基因 Words for Recognition

57 2. cell [ sEl ] n. [C] a very small division of living matter, which, alone or with others, is able to perform all the operations necessary for life 細胞 Words for Recognition

58 3. hormone [ `hOrmon ] n. [C] a chemical substance produced in the body which influences growth, development, etc. 荷爾蒙 Words for Recognition

59 4. dairy cattle [ `dErI &k8tL ] n. pl. cattle kept for milk rather than for meat 乳牛 Words for Recognition

60 5. AIDS [ edz ] n. [U] Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome; a very serious disease caused by a virus which breaks down the body’s natural defenses against infection 愛滋病 Words for Recognition

61 6. rogue nation [ roG `neS1n ] n. [C] a Third World state which has weapons of mass destruction and supports terrorism 流氓國家 Words for Recognition

62 1. come to mind to spring to mind; to occur to 忽然想起, 浮現心頭 Kindness and generosity are words that come to mind when we talk of Mother Teresa. Idioms and Phrases

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