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2 SC VIRTUAL SCHOOL PROGRAM (SCVSP) SCVSP is a supplemental program – not a diploma granting institution SCVSP is a free option for students who attend a public, private, home school or charter school in SC No costs for students, parents, or schools to enroll a student. Special projects for schools available: custom course options, blended opportunities are available to schools for a nominal fee for a whole class of students. All teachers are SC Certified in the subject area they teach and hold the Online Teaching add-on certification. SCVSP experience a 41% growth in enrollment during the 2011-2012 school year – 3 rd nationally in growth of all state-funded virtual school programs. Served 12,580 students in 2011-2012 with a 93.3% success rate.

3 AP COURSE OFFERINGS AP English Literature/Composition AP English Language/Composition AP Statistics AP Calculus AP US History and Constitution AP Latin AP Art History All SCVSP teachers that teach the AP level courses are highly qualified, certified in the required subject area and AP endorsed by the state of SC and the College Board. AP Courses span 2 semesters (half-year courses) to ensure students are prepared for the AP exam.

4 INITIAL CREDIT & CREDIT RECOVERY OPTIONS SCVSP offers a full line of Credit Recovery courses for high school credit Courses are now offered on a rolling enrollment basis Students can now enroll anytime and begin the following Monday CR courses check students knowledge prior to beginning each unit and courses are individualized based on students needs. All courses are taught by a highly qualified SC certified teacher. 100% success rate for students taking CR courses in 2011-2012. Initial credit courses are available in CATE, English, Fine Arts, Health/PE, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, World Languages subject areas. All courses are taught by a SC certified and highly qualified teacher.

5 SCVSP INCREASING COURSE OPTIONS SCVSP primarily offers courses at the high school level (9-12 grades) Working to expand options for all students in SC by piloting Middle School courses in Summer 2013. Continuing to expand offerings in 2013-2014. Summer 2013 Planned Middle School offerings: 8 th grade Math, 8 th grade English/Language Arts, Keyboarding Keyboarding will also be available at the Elementary level by Fall 2013. New Middle School options will be added throughout 2013/2014. Planning to pilot Elementary courses in 2014. Continued expansion of rolling enrollment opportunities to offer anywhere, anytime learning options for SC students.

6 UPCOMING ENROLLMENT & COURSE DATES Winter 2013 Last Day to Request a Course – December 7, 2012 – some courses do remain open and unfilled at this point. Courses Begin – January 23, 2013 Courses End – April 30, 2013 Summer 2013 Registration Opens – May 20, 2013 Classes Begin – June 5, 2013 Classes End – August 6, 2013

7 SCVSP CONTACTS Suzette Lee (Instructional Program Manager) – - (803) Tracy Sanders (Technical Program Manager) – - (864) Tiffany Holman (Student Services) – - (803) Website:

8 ELEARNING SC PD – OPTIONS FOR TEACHERS Offers online professional development opportunities for teachers across SC. Technology integration courses for renewal or graduate credit. Working to offer anytime, anywhere learning opportunities beginning Summer 2013. Courses will be available on a rolling enrollment basis (no specific enrollment dates or deadlines) Teachers will work through the PD on their own pace Individualized based on the needs of the teachers – remedial content, advanced content, etc based on course performance Offers all courses required for teachers to obtain the Online Teaching Certification add-on area.

9 REGISTRATION DATES & COURSE DATES Spring 2013 Registration Opens – February 4, 2013 Registration Closes – March 11, 2013 Courses Begin – April 1, 2013 Courses End – May 20, 2013 Summer 2013 Registration Opens – April 15, 2013 Registration Closes – May 24, 2013 Courses Begin – June 10, 2013 Courses End – July 29, 2013

10 COURSE INFORMATION & COSTS Course Information: Courses last a total of 7 weeks – 1 week orientation and 6 weeks of coursework Courses take require approximately 5 hours per week to complete (30 hours total) Courses are all taught by a qualified instructor that holds a SC Teaching Certificate and a the Online Teaching Add-on Certification Costs: eLearningSC PD offers high quality courses at affordable rates for SC Educators. Renewal courses are all worth 40 renewal credits - $60 for each course Graduate credit courses are all worth 3 graduate credits through College of Charleston - $165 for each course

11 ELEARNING SC PD CONTACTS Tammy Hegler – (Team Leader) – - (803) Sharon Dublin – (Student Services Manager) – - (803) Website: Office of eLearning Contacts Bradley Mitchell (Director) – - (803)


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