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Educational Design and Technology Updates

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1 Educational Design and Technology Updates
S/CDN Thursday, March 7, 2013 Lawrence M. Paska, Ph.D. Coordinator of Technology Policy

2 NEW! Devices and Infrastructure
NYSED Field Memo on Technology Purchases Technology Purchases to Support the Implementation of the Common Core Learning Standards NYSED Strategies to Leverage Aid for Technology Purchases Devices Infrastructure Technical Support Professional Development Curriculum and Instruction Funding Sources Technology Readiness Tool Resources NYSED PARCC SETDA devices/home.html 2

3 Technology Readiness Tool (TRT)
Statewide Usage of the Technology Readiness Tool Jan. 3 Feb. 21 Number of Public School Districts In TRT 695 Number of Public School Districts With Assigned User 580 625 Percent of Districts in TRT with Assigned User 83.45% 89.93% Number of Districts Reporting Any Devices 298 442 Percent of Districts in TRT Reporting Any Devices 42.88% 63.60% 23% of schools have data submitted 399,685 devices statewide – 70% meet minimum requirements 14% schools have sufficient infrastructure to carry the data traffic

4 NYS School Technology Voucher Program (Cy Pres Fund)
Program Purpose Assist eligible schools in their efforts to improve their readiness for computer-based testing (CBT) and a technology-rich learning environment. While the NYS-STVP is platform neutral, the focus is to leverage the Cy Pres Fund to support schools in their efforts to close the gap in their readiness for CBT and overall integration of technology in classroom teaching and learning. Program Coordination Frequently-Asked Questions Eligibility Criteria Program Implementation Process Eligible Schools Eligible Public Schools List Eligible Charter Schools List Program Contacts programs/techvouchers.html 4

5 NYSED Virtual Advanced Placement (VAP) Program
Increase the successful participation of low income students in virtual learning (online and blended instruction) Advanced Placement® (AP®) courses and tests. Provide greater opportunities for low-income students to demonstrate college- and career-readiness and mastery of the New York State Learning Standards.

6 NYSED Virtual Advanced Placement (VAP) Program
Goals: enable larger and more diverse groups of students to participate and succeed in virtual learning AP® programs and receive AP® credits, provide enhanced professional development to teachers offering the courses, increase the number of virtual learning AP® courses available to students statewide and, help build increased capacity at the district level to participate in available and expanding virtual learning opportunities. Online/VAP.html

7 NY STEM Advanced Coursework Program
Aligned to Common Core Standards, College-Level Work, and AP® Coursework 5-day Institutes in Math and Science focused on aligned curriculum through vertical teaming will be held during the Mid-Winter Recess, February 18-22, 2013 and Spring Recess, March 25-29, 2013. Additional training opportunities will be ongoing with blended face-to-face and online professional development through August 31, 2014.

8 NY STEM Advanced Coursework Program
Announcing Cohort 2 A second chance for math, science, and technology teachers in grades 7-12. Available to teachers in districts with one or more schools in Needs Improvement status during the , , and school years. Held in the New York City and Long Island areas (district/individual responsible for travel).

9 Questions and Next Steps
NYSED Office of Educational Design and Technology Phone: (518) Web: THANK YOU!

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