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Welcome back! UDL Implementation: moving beyond awareness Cohort 2, Session 5 March 14, 2013.

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1 Welcome back! UDL Implementation: moving beyond awareness Cohort 2, Session 5 March 14, 2013

2 Welcome back, TEAMS!

3 Where we have been: – Established patterns for thinking about UDL UDL Guidelines UDL Implementation & District Self-reflection – Established patterns for working with team Mutually accountable, clear goals, interdependent Combined expertise

4 for today To move team beyond awareness as you refine goal & action plan To use UDL framework to: – map resources – design lessons

5 Resource mapping Lesson development Action planning Self reflection (last session) UDL Implementation

6 UDL Implementation Process

7 Today’s Story: The UDL Journey of Do-Be District Process Of UDL Change Do-Be District Once upon a time… The Explored As Framework A The

8 Today’s Story: The UDL Journey of Do-Be District Once upon a time, the Do-Be School District explored the UDL Framework as a process of change. …let’s finish the story!

9 The Finished Story… Once upon a time, Do-Be School District explored the UDL framework as a process of change. Administrators worried that there was a real danger of “initiative overload.” The district’s curriculum and instructional practices did not meet the needs of all learners.

10 Go on…! The district leadership team defined a clear goal to align their curriculum with the Common Core State Standards and UDL. The district leadership team realized that professional development needed to model the UDL principles. Principals at the middle schools worked with interested teachers to create PLCs.

11 And then what? The PLC inquiry process and the UDL principles helped teachers to develop and enhance lessons. UDL implementation resulted in increased student engagement and improved performance.

12 The UDL journey can feel like…

13 From goal to action: apply what you’ve learned

14 Action Plan Plan to reach goal Challenge: Variability! Resources: Action Plan, Self Reflection, UDL

15 Maryland Educator: District UDL Self Reflection to Action

16 Action Plan yields: Observable, measurable outcomes unique to your district’s goal Action Plan Template (paper, online)

17 Discussion How will each team member contribute to district goal? What are your action steps? How will you obtain measurable outcomes?

18 Resources to consider: bookmark! District UDL Self Reflection UDL Implementation information UDL Guidelines

19 Break, lunch order options

20 3 Resources for your UDL ‘Toolkit’

21 Willingness & Interest Survey Goal: District level introspective survey Identify areas of need that may be incorporated into Action Plan

22 PD Questionnaire Goal: A way for individuals to think about their implementation & understanding of UDL Immediate feedback based on answers chosen Can print results, BCSC used in teacher evaluation meetings

23 UDL Exchange Goal: build & share resources, lessons, & collections – Public or Private Video Scavenger Hunt

24 Explore UDL Resources Take time to explore & consider how you may use these tools in your action steps Share ideas with teams

25 Lunch Return at 1:15

26 Build your action plan using your district’s goal Administrators to break out room. – Resource map Teachers in this room – Lesson planning

27 Team discussion  share with group: How & what will you do this month towards district goal? – ‘how’ is implementing UDL different from what you’ve done before? What are measurable outcomes at classroom, school, district? How will you use your resources differently?

28 Working Break

29 What places will you go? Create a visual representation of your action plan’s paths/roads/waterways/galactic highways. Respond to questions on protocol when creating.

30 Some introductory questions What is your team goal (destination)? What will your path(s)/road(s)/waterway(s)/ highway(s) look like? – direct path(s) – curvy – double-back(s) – full of hairpin turns – anything else

31 Additional questions What benchmarks are you planning for during your trip? – stopping to give a presentation – stopping to regroup with your team – pausing to reflect on your progress – anything else

32 Additional questions Who do you plan to meet along the way? Will everyone be using the same path/road/waterway/highway or will you offer team members options for reaching the goal? What road signs will be along to way to guide your travels?

33 Additional questions What data will you collect? – Speed – Miles travelled – Souvenirs – Pictures, videos – Journal – Did you stay within budget – Did you take any detours – Anything else

34 Signs of the times 10 minutes

35 What’s UDL today? Options for PerceptionOptions for Action & Expression Options for Engagement Perception: Customize digital, Oral & PowerPoints, videos Physical Action: Write, type, peer record Recruit interest: Choice, autonomy Authentic: your context Vocabulary: multiple media Expression & Communication: Levels of support & facilitator & worksheets Effort and Persistence: Collaborate, keep goals clear Background: video examples, district examples Executive function: Clear goals Monitor progress: handouts Self Regulate: Reflection What was UDL today?

36 Closing-- Evaluation PDEs Next time: – Work time to develop UDL lesson – Work time to resource map Thank you! See you April 11

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