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Looking at Cells.

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1 Looking at Cells

2 What is the Metric System?

3 Metric System Examine the SI units in Table 1(page 50). How many meters are there in a kilometer? How many centimeters are in a meter?

4 Opener What is ONE major benefit to the metric system?
How does the metric system work? How have microscopes benefitted you???

5 Metric System The Metric System is the International System of measurement. It is based on powers of 10. Why might it be important to have a universal system of measurement? Scientist need to have a “common ground” for performing experiments.

6 Microscope Video ite/k-12/browse?cuecard=40197

7 Microscopes Light Electron

8 Light Microscope Light microscopes have 2 lenses and a source of light. Objective Lens & Ocular Lens Each lens has its own MAGNIFICATION. You multiply each lens’s magnification to get the total magnification 10x times 40x = 400x

9 Electron Microscope Electrons are shot at the object.
Electrons then bounce off, or pass through the object to create an image. Can magnify up to 200,000 times.

10 In your book on page __ Transmission Electron Microscope
Scanning Electron Microscope



13 Cell Features

14 Cell Theory All living things are made of one or more cells
Three Parts All living things are made of one or more cells Cells are the basic units of structure and function in the organisms All cells arise from existing cells.

15 PROkaryotes vs. EUkaryotes
Observe the three cells: Cite 3 differences between the cells Think organelles!

16 PROkaryotes & EUkaryotes
Single celled or Multi- cellular organisms. HAVE true nucleus Have ORGANELLES Prokaryotes Single Celled Organisms NO true nucleus Prokaryotes have little internal structure

17 Left Side Describe Similarities and Differences in Light and Electron Microscopes Similarities Differences

18 Cell Membranes The Cell encloses the cell and holds in the CYTOPLASM.
The Cell membrane is a PHSOPHOLIPID BI-Layer The cell membrane regulates what enters the cell

19 Opener 2/2/2012 One day you found out that there was a great need for shoes in the world. You decided you wanted to open a shoe factory. What would need to do this??? BE DESCRIPTIVE! You need a list of at least 8 components!

20 Opener Page ____ Develop an analogy for an ANIMAL cell.
You must include: Cell Membrane Nucleus Nucleolus Mitochondria Golgi Body Ribosome Endoplasmic Reticulum (Smooth & Rough can be 1) Cytoplasm Lysosomes

21 Cell Organelles


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