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BEESS Support for Assistive Technology

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1 BEESS Support for Assistive Technology
Leanne Grillot, BEESS Program Specialist Free Powerpoint Templates

2 Reauthorization Principles
NASDSE’s ESEA Reauthorization Principles -If the principles of RtI and UDL are applied in classroom instruction and assessments, then there is no need to continue the current ‘carve out’ for 2% of students with disabilities to take an alternate assessment based on modified academic achievement standards. -However, until such time as UDL and RtI are fully implemented nationwide, NASDSE believes that the ESEA should permit this 2% ‘carve out’ in the ESEA regulations.

3 PARCC Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) Florida is one of 12 Governing Board States. There are now 24 total participating states. Goals of PARCC – Build a pathway to college and career readiness for all students Create better assessments Support educators in the classroom Make better use of technology in assessments

4 of technology in assessments
Make better use of technology in assessments PARCC will leverage emerging technology in assessments, bringing K-12 assessments into the 21st century The assessment data will be shared via real-time reports with educators, parents and other stakeholders so they can all be armed with the data they need to ensure students stay on track to graduation Full administration of PARCC assessments begin September 2014

5 How FDLRS Tech helps -monitor assessment techniques for students who access learning through technology Free Powerpoint Templates

6 House Bill 7197 Digital Learning
-At least one course required for high school graduation to be completed through online learning -Requires all statewide end-of-course assessments to be adminstrated online beginning with the school year

7 How FDLRS Tech helps -get prepared for online testing
-Assist schools in determining accessibility for online learning -get prepared for online testing Free Powerpoint Templates

8 Assistive Technology Devices
House Bill 1255 Education Accountability Assistive Technology Devices - If IEP team makes a recommendation that a student with a disability receive an assistive technology assessment, that assessment must be completed within 60 school days after the team’s recommendation.

9 Is consideration the same assessment/evaluation?
Ask the IEP team: What is it we want this student to do that he/she isn’t able to do because of his/her disability? Would assistive technology enable this student to meet this goal?

10 What is an assistive technology assessment (evaluation)?
Any service that directly assists a student with a disbility in the selection, acquisition, or use of an assistive technology device. This term includes: The evaluation of the needs of a student with a disability, including a functional evaluation of the student in the student’s customary environment.

11 What does the 60 school-days timeline mean?
IEP team meeting decision Must have informed parental consent This is considered a reevaluation This does not apply to section 504

12 The IEP team must consider the request
What if a parent requests an assistive technology assessment (evaluation)? The IEP team must consider the request

13 Support the IEP team members
How FDLRS Tech helps Get the word out Be the model Support the IEP team members Free Powerpoint Templates

14 Multi-tiered System of Student Supports
MTSSS -PHASE I, : Problem Solving and RtI -PHASE II, : MTSSS



17 How FDLRS Tech helps -by implementing multi-tiered systems of student support when looking at assistive technology Free Powerpoint Templates

18 Leanne Grillot

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