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GEAR UP Mississippi. GEAR UP G- gaining E-early A-awareness R-readiness U-undergraduate P-programs.

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1 GEAR UP Mississippi

2 GEAR UP G- gaining E-early A-awareness R-readiness U-undergraduate P-programs

3 About GEAR UP The GEAR UP program was enacted in 1998. It is funded primarily through a grant from the United States Department of Education. GEAR UP MS is a collaborative effort of the Mississippi Institution of Higher Learning, the MS State Board for Community and Junior Colleges and the MS Department of Education. The Partnerships provide: information on college prep, financial aid, mentoring, tutorial services, and access to scholarship opportunities.

4 The GEAR UP Mission Actively encourage students to set high academic expectations, stay in school, study hard and take courses that will prepare them to enter and succeed in college.

5 GEAR UP MS serves approximately 40 schools in 20 districts across MS. The National GEAR UP project has served over 2.7 million students and distributed over 1.7 billion dollars nation wide. This effort is given in order to decrease drop out rates among middle school and high school students, and increase post secondary education rate.

6 GEAR UP MS Staff State Director: Nira Coleman-Johnson Associate Director: Juanester Colbert Russell Special Projects Director: Lashanda Colbert Evaluation & Compliance: Mary Grant Lee Fiscal Coordinator: Charlotte Tanner YAC Coordinator: Briana Thompson Mentor Coordinator: Marlow Butler Administrative Asst.: Pat Shines College Coaches

7 An integral part of GEAR UP would include the college coaches. Each GEAR UP school is assigned a college coach. College coaches are the recognizable faces of GEAR UP. Coaches provide services within the school such as: ACT prep, student advisor on college requirements, presentations, and act as an overall “go to “ person for students, parents, and teachers. The Mission: As a college coach we are to communicate the vision of GEAR UP. Coaches work to improve graduation rates and promote post secondary education for all students.

8 What can GEAR UP offer your School? GEAR UP MS provides long term mentoring over a six year period, helping students stay on track for college and often providing scholarships when they reach college. Services Include: Family and Community OutreachGear Up Newsletters Tutoring and MentoringScholarship Opportunities ACT TestingDuel College Enrollment Summer Enrichment AcademiesCollege Tours Exposure to Cultural EventsYouth Advisory Committee

9 Other Projects that make GEAR UP Successful ACT Explore: This year all 8 th grade students were given the ACT Explore test. (10 th grade ACT Plan; 12 th grade ACT) College Goal Sunday: On February 26, GEAR UP will sponsor a day when Senior students in MS can come and receive help filling out the FAFSA. College Coach Presentations: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, How To Get The Most Out of High School, Study Skills, and Parent Academies.

10 GEAR UP Summer Academies Each summer GEAR UP provides free summer academies for students from each GEAR UP school. Academies this year focused on Math, and Biology. College Hosts: Alcorn, MS Valley, Ole Miss, Southern MS, Museum of Natural Science

11 Who Needs to be on Board? Superintendent……………. Principal………………………. Site Coordinator…………. YAC Coordinator…………. Provides support to schools Oversee maintenance and communication Implements action plan, submits documents, etc. Sponsor for student led club

12 College Tours William Carey College


14 YAC


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