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Southern New Hampshire University High School Partnership

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1 Southern New Hampshire University High School Partnership

2 Making College Attendance
Our Goal Making College Attendance a Reality for Everyone

3 Reasons Why Students May Think College is an Unreachable Goal
Just Not Smart Enough! Not Interested in School! Don’t Understand the Application Process Don’t Have Enough Money The SAT's are Too Hard Do I Have What it Takes? My Parents Never Went, so Why Should I?

4 How are the Students Recommended?
School Guidance Staff High School Teachers Mentors Friends Family Summerbridge / Webster House etc

5 What Does the Program Offer?
Summer Academic Enrichment Program Tutoring / College Mentors Community Involvement Weekly Student Meetings Monthly Parents Meetings Meet Other Students from Other Schools

6 The Summer Program Sophomores Junior Achievement Juniors
SAT - Preparation Program Juniors and Seniors Option of Taking an Introductory College Level Course

7 Community Involvement
Volunteering- Red Cross, Lions Club, Soup Kitchen, Boys and Girls Club, Adopt A Block, Site of personal choice.

8 What Should Students Do?
Attend School Everyday! Follow Partnership Schedule Attend Weekly Meetings Participate in Summer Program Get Involved with Community Service Work Less Than 20 Hours/Week! Communicate With Us!!!! Cell-phone, , Visit With Us!!!!

9 Expectations from the Parents
Communicate with Partnership Staff Ask Child What is Happening Attend Monthly Parent Meeting

10 What Can Students Expect in Return?
Junior Achievement/ SAT Prep / College Course / Career Exploration Develop Your Scholarship Resume High School / College Time Lines Assistance with Financial Aid / College Applications SNHU Scholarship - If Attending SNHU

11 Program Results 341 Students Have Completed the Program
89 Students are Currently Involved 99% of Students Have Graduated High School or Completed their GED 83% of Students Begin College in the First Year Well Over 15,771 Hours of Community Service Have Been Completed $38,767 in Scholarships Awarded for

12 Asst. Director, Int’l Admission
Thank You For more information: Rick Groleau Asst. Director, Int’l Admission

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