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GEAR UP Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs.

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1 GEAR UP Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs

2 GEAR UP Council Leadership Institute Year Five

3 What is GEAR UP? Program funded by U. S. Department of Education for six years In 2005, only 98 grants in US (only 10 in Texas Services to one cohort of 1548 students as they move from grade 7-12 All students in grade level are GEAR UP students

4 Purpose Designed to increase the number of low income students who are prepared for college Services available to all students, not designed as a minority or at-risk program

5 School District Partners 9 Independent School Districts Central Lufkin Center West Sabine Diboll Woodville Hemphill Zavalla Hudson

6 Partners Post-secondary Partners Angelina College Stephen F. Austin State University Community Partners Lufkin/Angelina Chamber of Commerce Top Ladies of Distinction, Lufkin Chapter

7 Fiscal Agent Stephen F. Austin State University Advisory Board District Supt. & Community and Business Partners 10 School Districts Coordinator Principal District Council Community Partners Lufkin/Angelina Chamber of Commerce Top Ladies of Distinction Secondary Education Partner Angelina College

8 GEAR UP PROMOTES a college going culture PREPARES students by taking more rigorous courses PROMOTES Possibilities……..offers students opportunity to achieve future dreams

9 Definition of College Any education past high school (post- secondary) Technical training or certification Associates degree (2 years) Bachelor’s degree Military service

10 Why Prepare? 90.1% of secondary students say they will go to college 80% of students say they will complete college 40% of students in the top income quartile graduate from college 6% of students in the lowest income quartile graduate from college (National Commission on the High School Senior Year, 2001)

11 Why Rigor? “The academic intensity of the student’s high school curriculum still counts more than anything else (grade point average or class rank) in pre-collegiate history in providing momentum toward completing a bachelor’s degree”. Adelman,2006

12 Focus on Changing Access “To improve their college readiness outcomes for students, school districts need to approach “Advanced Placement” not as a special set of courses for their already well-prepared students, but as a comprehensive program to prepare large numbers of students…to be able to do college level work before they leave high school. ( Dougherty, Mellor, Jian, 2005)

13 Goals Increase the academic performance and preparation of students Increase the rate of high school graduation and participation in postsecondary education Increase student and family knowledge of post-secondary options, preparation, and financing

14 Best Practices Curriculum changes Professional development Student recruitment for advanced classes Student support while in advanced classes Parent/Community outreach

15 Results Increased by 46% from Year One to Year Four

16 Results Increased by 61% from Year One to Year Four

17 Results Increased by 93% from Year One to Year Four

18 Results Increased by 91% from Year One to Year Four

19 GEAR UP Program Activities and Expenses Students (only cohort grade level) Parents (target grade level, but could include parents of all grade levels) Teachers for Professional Development (from cohort grade to High School)

20 GEAR UP Responsibilities Program Evidence that you are providing the services planned to meet the goals Financial Evidence that you are spending the money to meet the goals

21 Principal’s Role Communicate GEAR UP philosophy & goals Align curriculum to accomplish GEAR UP goals Administration of district GEAR UP plan Supervise the documentation of GEAR UP services Supervise Campus GEAR UP Coordinator Chair of District Council

22 Coordinator’s Role Liaison for district to GEAR UP Project Director Work with Council to develop and monitor district plan Plan and record activities Submit monthly reports Collect data for Evaluation Submit Annual Performance Report data

23 District Council’s Role Promote GEAR UP and create a college going culture for district Develop district plan of activities to accomplish GEAR UP goals Evaluate student data and make recommendations for curriculum and program changes Attend Leadership Institutes

24 Financial Leader Role Should serve on District Council Verify that expenditures are allowable Verify that expenditures are tied to GEAR UP plan and cohort Secure accurate documentation for payment Assist in recording matching funds

25 Payment of Stipends Addition to base salary For specific work as detailed in a formal agreement Addition to regularly assigned duties Does not require a Time and Effort report for stipend activities

26 Formal Agreement Beginning and Ending Date Stated Amount Specific Duties or attendance Confirmed completion of agreement Must be signed by both parties

27 WHAT exactly is time and effort? The amount of time per month spent on various work activities, including GEAR UP activities A reasonable estimate of you grant effort

28 Time and Effort Reports If paid by GEAR UP funds, employee must sign statement that they provided that % of time to GEAR UP activities If salary used as match, must sign that the % of time used as match was used to provide GEAR UP activities

29 WHEN and HOW to report effort Each week, estimate the number of hours devoted to GEAR UP Record on Time and Effort form At end of month, sign and send form to district financial contact

30 Matching Funds Required dollar for dollar match In-kind represents contributions of either services or products used to accomplish GEAR UP goals Any item that would be an allowable charge can be counted as matching

31 Documentation of Services Record date Type of service Amount of time service is delivered Names (signatures) of people receiving the services Maintain documentation in district file for each month

32 What does GEAR UP mean to students? “a program that prepares and encourages students to attend college” “a program that opens up your eyes and allows you to see that there is no obstacle you can’t defeat in order to go to college” “GEAR UP is like an open door of opportunity guiding students to a better way of life”

33 Why is College Important to Students? “If you go to college, there are more jobs available to you.” “I will be the first in my family to do so.” “I want to get my dad out of his dirty job and make money to help them with everything they need.”

34 GEAR UP Program Contact Information Barbara “Bobbie” Davis, Project Director Phone #: 936-468-1813 Betty Alford, Principal Investigator Phone #: 936-468-1865 Donnya Stephens, Mentoring and Tutoring Coordinator Phone #: 936-468-1899 Heather Roten, Administrative Assistant Phone #: 936-468-1899

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