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If – Wish Clause Gamze Yaşarbaş İngilizce Öğretmenliği 1.Sınıf 1090610180.

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1 If – Wish Clause Gamze Yaşarbaş İngilizce Öğretmenliği 1.Sınıf


3 Conditional sentences describe situations that occur (or do not occur) because of certain conditions. In conditional sentences, the clauses can come in either order.We place a comma after the if clause if it is comes first.We don’t generally place a comma after the result clause if it comes first.

4 There are five types of if clause: Type 0 Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Mixed Type

5 Type 0 We use this type of condition to express a universal truth. *** If + simple present + simple present e.g. If you freeze water, it becomes ice. If you heat snow, it melts.

6 Type 1 This type of condition is used for present or future activities which are likely to happen. *** If + simple present + will verb1 e.g. If he doesn’t hurry, he will be late. If we go by train, it will be cheaper.

7 Type 2 The condition is used for present or future activities which are unlikely or impossible to happen. *** If + simple past + would verb1 e.g. If I had enough money, I would lend you. If he was a bird, he would fly everywhere.

8 Type 3 This is the only type of condition which deals with past situations. The action mentioned did not really happen. *** If + past perfect + would have verb3 e.g. If it had rained yesterday, I would have stayed at home.

9 Basic structures used in conditional sentences SituationIf ClauseMain Clause True in the present / future Simple present Simple future Untrue in the present / future Simple pastWould + verb 1 Untrue in the pastPast perfectWould + have verb 3

10 EXERCISES 1. If I ___(be) stronger, I'd help you carry the piano. 2. If we'd seen you, we ___(stop). 3.If we ___(meet) him tomorrow, we'll say hello. 4.He would have repaired the car himself if he ___(have) the tools.

11 5.If you drop the vase, it ___(break). 6.If you hadn’t studied, I ___(not pass) the exam. 7.I wouldn’t go to school by bus, if I ___(have) a driving licence. 8.If she ___(not see) him everyday, she’d be lovesick. Answers: 1)were 2)would have stopped 3)meet 4)had had 5)will break 6)would not have passed 7)had 8)didn’t see

12 Mixed Type The times of the if clause and the result clause are sometimes different.Present unreal and past conditional forms can be “mixed” in the same sentence. e.g. If I hadn’t gone to college, I’d still be working at the hardware store.

13 Examples: If Sam were coming, he would have arrived by now. If you had planned things at the start, we wouldn’t get into a mess. If you hadn’t left all these dirty dishes, the place would look a bit tidier. If Jack was more sensible, he would have worn a suit to the interview.

14 Actual situationsConditionals If ClauseResult Clause He didn’t have children, so he is alone. pastpresent If he had had children, he wouldn’t be alone. His memory is not good, so he didn’t buyhis medicine. presentpast If his memory were good, he would have bought his medicine.

15 EXERCISES 1.Come before lunchtime if it ___ you. a)suits b)will suit c)suited d)was to suit e)had suited 2.If we ___ double glazing on our windows, we ___ on our heating bills. a)had / would save b)have / are saving c)had had / save d)are having /saved e)will have / can save

16 3.If he ___ how serious the situation is, he ___ around like that. a)should realize / hasn’t been fooling b)had realized / hasn’t fooled c)realized / wouldn’t be fooling d)could realize / wasn’t fooling e)realizes / wouldn’t have fooled 4.If a replacement kidney ___ soon, the patient ___. a)won’t have been found /dies b)wasn’t found / had died c)hadn’t been found / was dying d)wouldn’t have been found / died e)isn’t found / will die

17 5.A lot of people ___ in the explosion if the medical men ___ so promptly. a)are being killed / don’t act b)were being killed / haven’t been acting c)should have killed / didn’t act d)might have been killed / hadn’t acted e)must be killing / aren’t acting 6.What things ___ you ___ with you if you ___ stranded on a desert island? a)might / take / have been b)would / take / were to be c)could / take / will be d)will / have taken / were e)did / take / could be Answers: 1A-2A-3C-4E-5D-6B


19 We often use unreal conditionals to express regret or sadness. In a similar way, we use wish + noun clause to express sadness or a desire for different situation. e.g. I wish (that) I had a better job. (If I had a better job, I’d earn more.)

20 a) wish + would / could To express a wish about the future. e.g. I wish you would change your mind about buying that house. I wish she could visit us.

21 b) wish + simple past To express a wish about the present. e.g. My wife wishes I helped her with the house work. I wish I lived in a big city.

22 c) wish + past perfect To express a wish about the past. e.g. My son wishes he hadn’t taken that job. I wish you had told me about the dance.

23 Be careful! Don’t confuse wish and hope. Use wish to express regrets about things that are unlikely or impossible to change. Use hope to express a desire about events that are possible. e.g. I wish she would accept my proposal. (I don’t think she will.) I hope she will accept my proposal. (It’s possible that she will.)

24 ** If only has a meaning similar to that of wish. If only is followed by a noun clause without that. e.g. I wish (that) I were good at sports. If only I were good at sports. ** Use simple past after if only to express a wish about something that is contrary to fact at present. e.g. If only we weren’t so busy. ** Use past perfect after if only to express a wish that something had happened differently in the past. e.g. If only I hadn’t said that.

25 Be careful! Don’t confuse if only with only if. e.g. If only Jerry studied more. ( = I wish he would study more.) Only if Jerry studied more would he have a chance of passing. ( = This would be the only way for him to pass.)

26 Basic Structures Used in Wish Clauses situation Subject + wish main clause A wish about the future would + verb1 A wish about the present verb2 A wish about the past verb3

27 EXERCISES 1.What a beautiful view! I wish I (bring) ___ my camera with me. 2.If only Mr. Blake (not, interrupt) ___ the speaker all the time, the presentation would have been enjoyable. 3.I quite like this flat, but I wish the people above us (not, be) ___ so noisy. 4.If only I (have) ___ better eyesight.I can’t read anything now without my glasses.

28 5.I really wish you (stop) ___ whistling.It’s getting on my nerves. 6.I wish you (can, be) ___ at the party last night.You really enjoyed yourself. 7.I wish you (can, see) ___ the look on my husband’s face yesterday when he saw the colour I had painted the living room. Answers: 1)brought - 2)wouldn’t interrupt - 3)weren’t - 4)had - 5)Stopped - 6)could have been - 7)could have seen

29 EXERCISES 1.Everybody would have drowned if the boat ---- the quayside when it sank. A) must not have approached B) didn't approach C) hadn't been approaching D) hasn't approached E) wouldn't be approaching 2.My brother is sitting by the telephone wishing his girlfriend him. A) calls B) has called C) will call D) would call E) is calling

30 3.I know Sibel wishes she ---- the horses with her friends, but she is too young. A) could ride B) would ride C) will be riding D) would have ridden E) has ridden 4.One day I ---- to visit my cousin in Australia if I can get three weeks off work. A) have liked B) had liked C) would like D) liked E) were to like

31 5.Later on today, I ---- a cake for tea if we---- all of the necessary ingredients, of course. A) would bake/were having B) will bake/have C) could have baked/had D) will have baked/have had E) were to have baked/would have 6.If people ---- any opium-related drug often enough, they ---- physically dependent, or addicted, to the drug. A) take/become B) took/became C) would take/had become D) were taking/may become E) are taking/have become Answers: 1C-2D-3A-4C-5B-6A

32 The End

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