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Round the clock with Lauren The Childrens Society.

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1 Round the clock with Lauren The Childrens Society

2 Laurens day looks a lot like your Mums might... But shes only 14. She looks after her Mum, her three younger sisters, and herself because her Mum isnt well... Round the clock with Lauren

3 6:00-7:00 Wake up. Get washed and dressed. Get ready for school.

4 7:00-8:00 Wake up my youngest sister Brooke (shes 5). Get Brooke washed, dressed and ready for school. Shout up to my other sisters, Georgia (12) and Chelsea (10) to get ready. Make Mum a cup of coffee and take that and her tablets up to her. Turn on the TV for my sisters until they leave for school.

5 8:00-9:00 My sisters leave for school one at a time. I walk to school. I think about my Mum on the way, and hope she will be ok while Im at school.

6 9:00-3:30 At school I try to concentrate on my lessons but its hard Im worried about my Mum and text her several times to see how she is Im getting behind on my schoolwork and people arent always nice to me.

7 3:30-8:30 On the way home from school I pick up my sister Brooke. I get her changed then she plays outside while I clean and tidy the house, and make dinner for everyone. Everyone needs to be fed and then put into their pyjamas. Brooke goes to bed at 6:30, Chelsea at 7:30 and Georgia at 8:30.

8 8:30 - ??? Once everyone else is in bed and asleep I can do my homework. I have a bath and go to bed.

9 But on Mondays... I get to go to Basingstoke Young Carers from 6pm-8pm – I have my own time to myself and I really want to say thank you to everybody there for the time off. I also have time off on Saturday and Sunday because my grandma and granddad let us stay for the weekend. Its nice there and we have a laugh.

10 I do love my family but... Caring for them is really tiring and difficult.

11 Giving young carers time off Life is hard for young carers like Lauren. But The Childrens Society helps them by running clubs and sending some of them to the Summer Festival. Photo: Max Alexander

12 but rest, fun and a chance to talk to other young carers makes a big difference. Photo: Max Alexander Caring round the clock is hard...

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