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Aboriginal Banking Catherine Debassige, Manager Aboriginal Business Services, ON December 2011.

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1 Aboriginal Banking Catherine Debassige, Manager Aboriginal Business Services, ON December 2011

2 2Aboriginal Banking BDC Aboriginal Banking Objective: To provide an overview of BDCs Aboriginal Banking business solutions and Aboriginal market activity, while creating strong alliances with Aboriginal service providers to leverage Aboriginal business opportunities in Canada.

3 3Aboriginal Banking Aboriginal Banking Role >Create Awareness >Provide Expertise to BDC Employees & Liaise with Aboriginal Businesses >Create, Maintain and Enhance Alliances in the Aboriginal market

4 4Aboriginal Banking BDC Aboriginal Banking Initiatives: In addition to our existing business solutions, we have developed the following: >Growth Capital for Aboriginal Business >Loan Loss Reserve >National Consulting Strategy >Aboriginal Business Development Fund >Peer Lending Circles

5 5Aboriginal Banking Aboriginal Banking Youth Initiatives: >E-Spirit National Aboriginal Youth Business Plan Competition >Aboriginal Banking Newsletter >SOAR Magazine >Internship / Summer Employment

6 Financing

7 7Aboriginal Banking GCAB: Growth Capital for Aboriginal Business >Up to $25,000 for start-up businesses >Up to $100,000 for existing businesses >Access to other BDC loans to top up financing requirement >No application or annual fees >Flexible debt to equity >Competitive interest rate >Interest rebate for the community >For on-reserve or off-reserve lending

8 8Aboriginal Banking GCAB Financing Example: BDC financing to complement other lenders: Benefit: Start-up business, operating on-reserve ProjectAmountFinancingAmount Purchase equipment$185,000Aboriginal Business Canada$82,000 Working Capital$ 58,000Canadian Youth Business Fund$11,000 BDC Financing: GCAB$25,000 BDC Financing: Working capital$75,000 Shareholders investment $50,000 Total$243,000Total $243,000

9 Loan Loss Reserve

10 10Aboriginal Banking Proposal Overview >Intent is to make financing available to medium and larger First Nation businesses located on reserve, under commercial terms >A majority owned (51% ownership) Status Indian or First Nation corporation or business, whose primary assets to secure loan are located on-reserve. >Loans to individual businesses can be issued from $250,000 up to $500,000. >Loans to First Nation community-owned businesses can be issued up to $5 Million.

11 11Aboriginal Banking Aboriginal Financing Example Loan Loss Reserve Complementary lending and use of the LLR Benefit:Reopen a mill on-reserve land previously owned by a non-Native company, where 80 people had been laid off. ProjectAmountFinancingAmount Equipment Upgrades $753,000 BDC Financing $344,000 Refinance Term Debt $ 232,000 Aboriginal Business Canada $200,000 Contingency Costs $34,200 2 CFDC Partners $300,000 Consulting Fees $16,800 First Nations investment $117,000 First Citizens Fund $75,000 Total $1,036,000 Total$1,036,000

12 Consulting Strategy

13 13Aboriginal Banking Consulting Strategy >Depth of experience in our roster of management consultants >Understand a desire exists to include knowledge transfer, built into consulting projects with Aboriginal clients, focus on implementation, support. >Examples of projects completed: >Marketing Plans, Business Plans, Feasibility >Quality Management, ISO, Operational Efficiency >Information and Communication Technology >Human Resources, Enhancing Management, Leadership

14 14Aboriginal Banking Sugar Cane Development Corporation Testimonial Needs >Faced with rapid growth – the wood manufacturing plant alone has undergone a major expansion over the past three years and employs up to 40 community members – Sugar Cane Developments board of directors recognized the need to become ISO certified to ensure that formalized processes were being applied throughout the corporation. Results >The new quality management system has instilled an openness and transparency across the corporation, improved time management procedures, and allowed Sugar Cane Development to better serve its clients. CLIENT TESTIMONIAL : As a result of becoming ISO certified, we are able to serve our clients more effectively and consistently. We recommend BDC to anyone who wants to improve their business. – MARG SHELLEY, Sugar Cane Development Corporation

15 Publications

16 16Aboriginal Banking Aboriginal Banking Newsletter >Client profiles to share success stories of entrepreneurs >Recommended by BDC business centres >Internal and external distribution, with 4,000 copies of each issue printed >National recognition for the client

17 17Aboriginal Banking SOAR Magazine >Focus on education and life experiences >Stories about Aboriginal youth role models who succeed in finding balance in their lives >Internal and External distribution with over 4,000 copies of each issue printed >E-Spirit Special Edition produced each year showcasing the event and the winners

18 Aboriginal Student Employment

19 19Aboriginal Banking Annual Employment Program for Aboriginal Youth Goal: Increase Aboriginal employment at BDC (full-time positions) >Summer employment and Internship opportunities for College and University students >Students must have completed at least one year at post-secondary institution in order to qualify >20 positions available across Canada each year, online application

20 20Aboriginal Banking Summary: BDC Aboriginal Banking >Consider BDC Financing and Consulting to support business start up and growth >Speciality in custom solutions, flexibility, work in partnership with other service providers, funders and lenders. >For more information on BDC business solutions, visit:

21 1 888 INFO Catherine Debassige Manager, Aboriginal Business Services Serving Ontario T 705 670-6486

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