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1. 2 What is Mikes Bikes? Single-player version (SoloMike) –Stand alone single player simulation –Ideal for teaching students the Mikes Bikes interface.

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2 2 What is Mikes Bikes? Single-player version (SoloMike) –Stand alone single player simulation –Ideal for teaching students the Mikes Bikes interface quickly Multi-player version (NetMike) –Multi-player online simulation –Students able to connect from anywhere –Used predominantly in Marketing, Strategy, Management Accounting, Organizational Behavior, Intro to Business & Capstone classes –Has also been used in Engineering Management, Business Communication, Entrepreneurship, Managerial Economics & Operations Management.

3 3 It works for..Team competition..Leadership development..Undergrads..MBAs..Management Development

4 4 Why Mikes Bikes? Fun to teach. Interactive learning environment. Complete environmental control. 24 hour customer service. Fun to learn. Learning by doing. Competitive worlds. Cross-functional management experience.

5 5 Overall Strategy operating decisions investment decisions Current Profit ECONOMIC CONDITIONS COMPETITORS ACTIONS DemandSupply BUSINESS STRATEGY Marketing Strategy Operations Strategy Finance Strategy Product Development Strategy Future Profit Accounting Shareholder Value

6 6 MARKETING DECISIONS Marketing Strategy Decide on a Marketing strategy (target segments, niche marketing, price/differentiation strategy, etc) Pricing Strategy Develop a pricing strategy (eg, high price/low volume, low price/high volume) Decide on the price of your bikes based on an evaluation of your manufacturing costs and industry standards. Advertising/PR expenditure Recognise which advertising media your market segments respond to (all these data can be found in the Help manuals).


8 8 MARKETING DECISION SCREENS Advertising/PR Expenditure

9 9 OPERATIONS DECISIONS Managing Plant Capacity Balance demand with supply and ensure that you have sufficient capacity (note: capacity purchase takes two rollovers to complete) Quality Systems Invest sufficiently in Quality systems to complement your marketing strategy Labour Try to ensure that your workers receive salaries and get sufficient training.

10 10 OPERATIONS DECISION SCREEN Managing Plant Capacity Quality Systems

11 11 FINANCE DECISIONS Financing your Firm Decide on how you wish to finance your firms operations, what percentage of debt/equity Investor Relations Investing in Investor Relations will ensure that your investors are in the know and do not sell your shares hastily, thus causing fluctuations in your share price.

12 12 FINANCE DECISION SCREEN Equity Financing Debt Financing

13 13 PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT DECISIONS Developing New Products Identify potential synergies (eg, distribution channels) and plan the expansion of your product lines carefully Investing in R&D Be sure to invest sufficiently in Development Projects Consult the Perceptual Map for data on segments Any projects that have less than 90% success rates will be scrapped


15 15 REPORTS Financial Reports After each rollover, flick through all the reports to find out how your firm performed. If you require further information, the Help files are the best source.

16 16 Competing through For control of Two distribution channels Two market segments Overview of Single-player version Two manufacturers Real Cool Cycles MountainTop Cycles Bike StoresDepartment Stores Adventurers Leisure


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20 20 Single-player version Perceptual Map Adventurers Leisure 0 20 40 60 80 100 0 20406080100 Style/Design Tech Specs

21 21 Multi-player version Course Overview Course World Firm Users

22 22 Three distribution channels Five market segments Overview of a Multi-player version World Five manufacturers Competing through For control of

23 23 Multi-player version Perceptual Map Racer Adventurers CommuterLeisure Kids 0 20 40 60 80 100 020406080100 Style/Design Tech Specs

24 24 The Multi-player version Scenario (Richer than SoloMike) Same decisions and model as SoloMike. NetMike has two distinct phases over a period of 6-12 years –A growth phase (new products & strategy implementation) –A mature market phase (product life cycle management) All companies start out identically. No randomness in the model. Offline mode allows forecasting.

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