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District Sicily and Malta

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1 District 2110 - Sicily and Malta
R O T A R Y I N T E R N A T I O N A L District Sicily and Malta Gaetano Lo Cicero Incoming District Governor Rotarian Year

2 a personal memory

3 District 2110 - Sicily and Malta
R O T A R Y I N T E R N A T I O N A L District Sicily and Malta Meeting of the Presidents with the IDG Gaetano Lo Cicero - 1st part Let’s start talking about Rotary Malta - November 27, 2011

4 Objectives of the first part
Giving a good idea of Rotary and its activities. Things to be remembered: What the duties of the President of a Rotary Club are. Objectives and Planning. What is meant by the Rotary Family and Friendship. Rotary duties and responsibilities.

5 Rotary International - Rotary Foundation r. y. 2011 - 2012
Kalyan Banerjee Rotary International President 1 year Vice President 1 year William B. Boyd John Hewko R. F. President 1 year President Elect 1 year General 5 Secretary years 17 Directors 2 years Treasurer 1 year Vice President 1 year President Elect 1 year 531 Governors 1 year 12 Trustees 4 years Concetto Lombardo DG District 2110 Sicily and Malta 1 year

6 The “powers” in the Rotary International
The Board of Directors representing the government of Rotary International - is composed of 19 members: the President of RI, the President-Elect and 17 Direc-tors, members appointed by the Clubs and elected by Congress for a period of two years. The Central Council directs and controls the affairs of Rotary International and the management of funds in accordance and in conformity with the Bylaws and Rules of Procedure. The Council on Legislation. RI’s legislative body, as provided for in article 10 of the RI Constitution and articles 7 and 8 of the RI Bylaws. Its voting member-ship is composed of a representative of the clubs of each district. It meets every third year to deliberate and act upon proposed enactments and resolutions sub-mitted by clubs, district conferences, the RIBI General Council or Conference, the Council on Legislation, and the RI Board. Its actions in adopting legislation are subject to review by all clubs. See also enactment; resolution.

7 The "sacred texts" of Rotary
Manual of Procedure is a comprehensive guide to Rotary, its principles and objectives, its organization and its programs, contains the binding rules that can only be changed by the Council on Legislation. (Parliament of Rotary International). Publication created to help club and district leaders understand Rotary and the policies and procedures most relevant to their services; issued every three years after each Council on Legislation. This also contains the RI constitutional documents. Rotary Code of Policies Document containing all of the general and permanent policies of the RI Board of Directors. The code is updated after each Board meeting and Council on Legislation and supplies the RI constitutional documents.

8 Rotary International in figures
Presence in countries and geographical regions 211 Districts 531 Clubs 33.855 Rotarians Clubs Rotaract 8.126 Clubs Interact 12.559 8

9 We must not forget ... It is very important! To talk about ROTARY in the clubs, sometimes.

10 Of the things we think, say or do …
The Four-Way Test The ethics of our founding fathers is well demon-strated by the evidence of the 4 questions, created in 1932 by Herbert G. Taylor (International President ) and adopted by RI in 1943. Of the things we think, say or do … Is it the TRUTH Is it FAIR to all concerned Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned

11 Public image and Membership development
The public image of Rotary makes a vital contribution to the increase and retention of membership development. Candidates applying for membership are steered towards efficient, effective and committed organizations to improving collective life in and outside their community.

12 Rotary illuminates the Colosseum to sensitize the Community

13 ... and even the Trevi Fountain

14 Rotary credibility Bill Gates, co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, administered a dose of oral polio vaccine to a child in a Pradesh’s Shadnagar clinic in India, in November 2002. During the International Assembly of Rotary International in 2009 in Birmingham, Rotary and the Gates Foundation decided to raise their common commitment to the eradication of polio in 555 million dollars.

15 “Bill Gates challenge”
Progress in $ 200 Million Challenge of Rotary to eradicate polio "A polio-free world" $ 200 million goal by June 30, 2012 Where are we today? We have already raised $ 195 million !

16 The last advertising campaign “We are this close to ending Polio”
Nwankwo Kanu soccer legend of the Nigerian national football team Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu Dr. Jane Goodall primatologist Jackie Chan action movie star M. Grazia Cucinotta italian actress

17 would be nice, for each of us, help Rotary meet the challenge

18 Who makes up the board of the Club?
President Secretary Treasuer Councillors Vice-President Immediate Past President Incoming President Sergeant at arms Elected President Presidents and Committees members

19 The basic characteristics of an efficient President
Motivate other Rotarians. Maintains and increases membership development. Promotes, through the action of the Club, the image and the work of Rotary. Supports the Rotary Foundation. Is a reference point and a guide.

20 What kind of President would You like to be?
District Trainer

21 the same ... goes for a President?

22 What responsibilities has the President of the Club?
Make sure all the Commissions have established and reached their objectives. Organize and promote participation to the meetings. Preside all meetings of the Club. Work with club leaders and those of the District. Organize and promote the visit of the Governor. Fostering ongoing collaboration with the outgoing and the incoming executives.

23 How to prepare the leadership team and look to the future?
Always urge the leaders* and members* to participate in the club and the district activities. Involving them* in the process of formulation and goal setting. Working with your team to identify and train new leaders to obtain a progressive and physiological “replacement”.

24 Who to work with to achieve the objectives?
With … the Team Manager of the Club, Members, their Family members, the Governor Assistant, the district team, other Clubs, the Community and all those you are able to engage, therefore creating real TEAMWORK

25 Characteristics of a valid objective
Shared Measurable Ambitious Achievable Limited in time

26 Proper planning to achieve objectives
needs to identify in advance: what? roles, activities, who? when? times, reasons, method, why? how? where? place

27 Rotary Friendship FRIENDSHIP
Belonging to Rotary and calling yourself rotarians, means to act and to be present by practing, through "Friendship", the ideal of serving the community. FRIENDSHIP

28 What we mean by "Rotary Friendship"?
Friendship, for the Rotarian, must mean “service above self ”and be ready to place yourself at the service of others. Rotarian Friendship must therefore be understood as the union of people with a vision and a common ideal: the willingness to make themselves useful in everyday life.

29 Who makes up the Rotary Family?
Club members Relatives, Children. Widows/widowers of members missing. Youth Exchange Students and their Families. Interact and Rotaract members. RYLA Participants. The GSE team members / RF Fellows (Ambassadorial Scholarships) The components of the Rotary Community Corps.

30 How to involve families in Rotary?
With social events organized specifically for families. With meetings at the Club on topics of particular interest. Involving them in fundraising. Projects with the services offered to the community. Hosting the participants of the Youth Exchange and GSE. Encouraging the participation in the Fellowship and Rotary Community Corps.

31 How do we encourage our youths to be part of the Rotary Family?
Involving them in: Projects, fundraising, events organized by the Club and District. Christmas convivials, handovers. District Conferences, Assemblies. Sponsorships for the RYLA. Involving them in the Fellowship and the Rotary Community Corps. Always keeping in mind that they are the real future resource of the Club ...

32 What are the duties and responsibilities of District Governor
The task of the District Governor is to promote the Object of Rotary under the general supervision of the RI Board, guiding and motivating the clubs within the district. The responsibilities of the Governor from the election on are many. One of these is also the obligation to send a monthly letter to communicate with club leaders, keep them informed of Rotary International and remind them of important rotarian dates.

33 We are talking about Rotary … we must remember, all together, that…
There is a time for everything We try always to find time to devote to "our" ROTARY

34 Each Rotary Club Must try to devote his time well, especially for projects that will certainly become, in time, the pride of the Club. Many projects have already taken place and shall be followed by others in future. Thanks to you, so many beautiful dreams ... will soon become, reality.

35 A preview of the near future
Kalyan Banerjee Logo and theme of the year ? Sakuji Tanaka

36 A preview of the distant future
Logo and theme of the year ? Ron D. Burton menber of the Rotary Club of Norman, Oklahoma, USA

37 I wish to conclude the first part with a thought
The main mission for us all, is to always operate in compliance with the sound principles of Rotary - in the Club, District and ... why not try to hand over these values in our entire civil society that we come in touch with daily?

38 Paul Harris said “ Being a Rotarian in practice means having the courage and pride, not only to declare such, but to be in everyday reality. "

39 We stop for a break 10 minutes

40 District 2110 - Sicily and Malta
R O T A R Y I N T E R N A T I O N A L District Sicily and Malta Gaetano Lo Cicero Incoming District Governor Rotarian Year 40

41 District 2110 - Sicily and Malta
R O T A R Y I N T E R N A T I O N A L District Sicily and Malta Meeting of the Presidents with the IDG Gaetano Lo Cicero - 2nd part Working with Your Club and District Leaders Malta - November 27, 2011

42 Objectives of the second part
At the end of the session, President-Elect will be able to: Identify the necessary requirements to manage an efficient club. Train the new rotarian year leaders. Understand the role played by the District to support the Club.

43 What skills you need to preside over a club?
To effectively manage the club you need to have ability to form and to manage a cohesive team, as well as enthusiasm and integrity. According to the Club Leadership Plan, Presidents must: Promote harmony and spirit of collaboration among the members; Promote continuity in decision-making; Continue the work begun in the past; Promote communication; Ensure that all members actively participate in Club activities.

44 How to prepare the management team of the Club?
As President Elect You must: Ensure clear communication among Your club leaders, members and district leaders. Develop a training plan that ensures the participation of the Club Managers to the district training meetings. Ensure continuity of management through multi-year appointments to positions. Involve managers and members in the process of setting goals.

45 What is the role of the Board of Directors of the Club?
The Board of Directors is the management body of the Club and is responsible for all decisions of the Club and its Committees. Assists the President in his activities and implementing annual and long-range goals of the Club.

46 Club Committees The recommended club committee structure includes the following five club committees: Club Administration Membership Service Projects Rotary Foundation Public relations

47 Club Committees Structure
Your club’s committees should plan, promote, and implement activities and projects to carry out your club’s annual and long-range goals. Amending the club bylaws to accurately reflect the club’s organizational needs, if necessary. Club bylaws

48 What requirements must have a Committees Chairs?
Common Sense. Imagination. Enthusiasm. Management capacity. Interest in the work carried out by the committee. Knowledge of the role and Rotary.

49 How will you prepare the Committees Presidents on their behalf?
By distributing corresponding Club Committee Manual. By handing over the documentation for the work done in the past by the respective committees. Encouraging them to meet and consult with their predecessors. Organizing planning meetings. Committees

50 What will your role in relation to the Committees during the year?
Periodically review the status of the Action Plan of the various committees. Coordinate the work between them. Respect the decisions made. Show gratitude for the work.

51 How to motivate committees of the Club to achieve the goals?
Appoint committee chairs based on their professional abilities, personal interests and skills. Committee activities may carry over for three-year term, to ensure continuity of action. For each Committee of the Club, identified annual and long-range goals. 2010 2011 2012

52 How to motivate committees of the Club to achieve the goals?
Encourage committees to keep minutes of meetings, to record information on projects, decisions and results, and inform the Board of Directors of the results obtained. Encourage club committees to communicate regularly with the Governor Assistant and the appropriate District committees. If requested, attend meetings of committees or, if the situation warrants, share the responsibility with other managers and members of the club

53 How to motivate Club members ?
You must consider each club member as an individual and address their individual motivational needs. What opportunities they offer? Fellowship opportunities Networking opportunities Opportunity to help the community Recognition of their efforts Una rete sociale (in inglese social network) consiste di un qualsiasi gruppo di persone connesse tra loro da diversi legami sociali, che vanno dalla conoscenza casuale, ai rapporti di lavoro, ai vincoli familiari.

54 Awards The recognition programs help the club as:
Encourage Rotarians to continue their work of service. They represent a form of thanksgiving to members for their work. Stimulate others to make their contribution. They are a sign of appreciation for the commitment shown by Rotarians in the local or international community.

55 The support of the District
Districts exist to support the Club. The Manual of Procedure states that "The organization and activities of the District have the only purpose of helping the club to continue to pursue the Object of Rotary."

56 How does the district support the Club?
Provides training and guidance to the Club. Connects together the clubs that share the same interests or projects. Informs and updates Clubs on R.I. and R.F.

57 What is the role of the Governor towards the Club?
Represents a resource. Inspires and encourages Members. Keeps clubs and their managers constantly updated on the international activities and opportunities; the same as happens in the district.

58 Who else can be useful at the district level?
Over the Governor should be consulted: District Secretary District Treasurer District Trainer Governor Assistant Area Instructor Specific Delegates District Committees Governors Emeritus Bearing in mind, of course, the district plan

59 As the Governor Assistant can assist you and your club?
It helps the club to implement and to update its master plan. Periodically reviews the progress made towards the achievement of the targets set by the Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs. Encourage clubs to follow the suggestions proposed by the DG. Help clubs to organize the visit of the DG. Help clubs to identify and train future district leaders.

60 Resources for Committees
The other Club’s Committees. District Committees Governor Assistant

61 ... for additional, specific information, please refer to ...
Club Secretary’s manual Club Treasurer’s manual Club Service Administration Committe Manual Club Service Membership Committe Manual Club Service Public Relations Committe Manual Club Service Projects Committe Manual Club Service Rotary Foundation Committe Manual

62 Right away, we set the following objectives
... for the first presentation ... Provide a quick overview on the Rotary and its activities. Remember ... What the duties of the President of a RC are. Objectives and Planning. What “ Rotarian Friendship”and “Rotary Family” is. Duties and Responsibilities in Rotary.

63 Right away, we set the following objectives
... for the second ... Identify the requirements necessary to manage an efficient club. Prepare the leaders of the new rotarian year. Understand the role played by the District to support the Club. Have we achieved all this? ??? I hope so !

64 A new acronym for the word …
eferent point O rientation to the future T raining A ction sense R esilience * Y outh * (the ability to organize our lives positively - face of difficulties.)

65 Please, remembering together that ...
among our priority commitments, there will always be those in favor of peace, understanding and brotherhood among all peoples of the earth. with the hope that the dove of peace can fly from the Rotary emblem all over the world.

66 To You I extend my heartfelt
Good Rotary to all !

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