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Enterprise Search at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals.

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1 Enterprise Search at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

2 2 General AstraZeneca Background Waltham focus on Cancer and Infection About 12,000 R&D Staff Globally Increasing External Partnerships and Alliances Montreal Boston Wilmington Alderley Macclesfield Charnwood Avlon Mölndal Södertälje Lund Reims Bangalore Internal Drug Projects Patients & Markets Organization & Admin More at

3 3 Search in Context Collaborative Areas: Place to collaborate quickly and easily without worrying about work in progress being misunderstood ~ 8,000 today Information Libraries: More official sources of “finished” information that’s likely to have value over time and to a relatively wide audience Portal Interface: Single point of entry to information and tools – via browsing or searching Our “3-Fold Path”

4 4 Search Interfaces

5 5 Amateur’s View of Search Engine We Currently use Autonomy Constant Comparison to Speed & Quality of Google Interface Simple starting point – click and go Advanced option (rarely used) Presentation of Results Underlying Quality of Information Increasing Reach of Enterprise Taxonomy Very questionable application by individual editors / contributors

6 6 Open Questions How can we reduce the IM burden on scientists, clinicians? Taxonomy vs Folksonomy vs Irrelevant Will manual tagging of documents be overtaken by technology? How to integrate it all Volume Range of repositories – secure, limited, and open Range of information types – structured, free, video, etc. General People Issues Are people ready to find vs navigate? Dealing with range of skill levels & time constraints

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