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Tampere in Brief First name, Family name Unit Event, Date.

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1 Tampere in Brief First name, Family name Unit Event, Date

2 City of Tampere  Founded on 1 October 1779 by King Gustav III of Sweden  Tampere is located on the banks of Tammerkoski rapids, between two lakes, Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi The third biggest city in Finland The biggest inland city in the Nordic countries

3 Tampere in brief  Population on 31 December 2012 Tampere 217,421 Population density 414/km² Per age group 0– %46– % 16– %65–17.3 % 31– % Tampere Central Region 364,992  Area City km² Land km² Water km²  Climate 2012 Four seasons Highest temperature °C (29 July) Lowest temperature °C (4 February)

4 Tampere in brief  One of three most rapidly growing regions in Finland Centre of know-how intensive entrepreneurial activities Educational and cultural city Leading city in industry and a centre of information society  Labour force and jobs Employed labour force 96,532 (2011) Total number of labour force 110,394 (2011) Total number of jobs 116,219 (2010) Unemployment rate in December %  Educational institutions University of Tampere Tampere University of Technology Tampere University of Applied sciences Some 20 other vocational institutes

5 Largest cities by population 2012 Source: Statistics Finland

6 Population of Tampere 1990–2012 and projection for

7 Population of Tampere per age group Source: Statistics Finland

8 Foreign citizens 1996–2012 Source: Statistics Finland

9 Population changes  Year 2012 (year of comparison 2011)  Population 217,421 (215,168)  Population growth 2,253 (1,951)  Foreign nationals 4.0 % (4.0 %)  Excess of births 747 (646)  Net migration 1,541 (1,353)  Net immigration 572 (618) Source: Statistics Finland

10 Population growth in Tampere and Tampere Central Region Source: Statistics Finland *Excluding Tampere

11 Migration 1976–2012 Source: Statistics Finland

12 Net migration by age 2012 Source: Statistics Finland

13 Net migration by age Source: Statistics Finland

14 Population by main activity and level of education 2011 Source: Statistics Finland*Persons under 15 years old, draftees, and other inactive population

15 Students in major cities 2011 Source: Statistics Finland

16 Families Source: Statistics Finland In % of the families had no children under 18 years old. Families with children had an average of 1.7 children.

17 Household-dwelling units 1960–2012 Total 114,690 household-dwellings units in 2012, of which 48.4 % with one occupant only. An average size of a household-dwelling unit was 1.8 persons. Source: Statistics Finland

18 Dwellings by type of building and tenure status Source: Statistics Finland Total number of dwellings: 125,

19 Completed dwellings by type of building 1990–2012 Source: Building Control Department

20 Completed dwellings by tenure status 1990–2012 Source: Building Control Department

21 Population by level of income 2011 Personal average income in Tampere was 26,578 €, in Tampere Central Region (excl. Tampere) 28,428 €, and in Finland as whole 26,555 €. Source: Statistics Finland

22 Unemployment rate Source: Statistics Finland and Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment

23 Jobs 2010 Change , , , , , , , , , , ‒ 5, ,099 Total 116,219 jobs in 2010 Source: Statistics Finland

24 Jobs 1970–2010 Source: Statistics Finland

25 Jobs in the ICT sector 1994–2010 Source: Statistics Finland

26 Largest employers in Tampere Central Region 2011 Public and privatePersonnel City of Tampere14,472 Tampere University Hospital4,534 University of Tampere2,043 Pirkanmaan Osuuskauppa1,923 Tampere University of Technology1,904 Nokia Corporation1,610 Defence Administration1,275 Itella Oyj1,098 Nokia Tyres1,010 Metso Minerals997 Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy972 Nokia Siemens Networks949 Saarioinen882 VR Corporation715 Pilkington Automotive Finland Oy

27 Passengers at Tampere-Pirkkala Airport 1997–2012 Source: Statistics Finland, Finavia

28 Personnel 2012 City of Tampere Personnel Central administration 991 Social and health services 5,289 Day-care, education and cultural services 5,594 Public utilities and regional rescue services 2,702 Total14,576 Source: Annual Report

29 Income statement, revenue 2012 City of Tampere EUR million Tax revenues781.8 State grants239.7 Sales proceeds149.2 Other operating revenues74.5 Fees and charges71.2 Subsidies and grants36.8 Financial income32.0 Extraordinary items14.0 Total1,399.1 Source: Financial statement

30 Income statement, expenditure 2012 City of Tampere EUR million Staff expenditure626.8 Purchased services482.8 Subsidies110.4 Material and supplies90.2 Depreciation83.0 Other expenditure27.9 Financial expences6.4 Total1,427.5 Source: Financial statement

31 Organisation 2013 CITY COUNCIL CITY BOARD MAYOR Central Election Committee CENTRAL ADMINISTRATION Purchasing Administration and Human Resources Economic and Urban Development Finance and Strategy Service Centres PURCHASING COMMITTEES WELFARE SERVICES BOARDS OF DIRECTORS MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS BOARDS OF DIRECTORS Committee for Services Promoting Health and Functional Ability Committee for Services Promoting Culture and Quality of Life Committee for Senior Citizens´ Services Committee for City Planning and Infrastructure Services Social and Primary Health Care Services Tampere Catering SUBSIDIARIES Committee for Child and Youth Services Deputy Mayor Management of Welfare Service Production Management of Business Activities Service contract Planning Section Human Resources Section Review Committee Audit Committee Internal Auditing Committee for Education, Competence and Economic Development Services Deputy Mayor Institutional Care Specialised Care Day Care and Basic Education Upper Secondary Education Culture and Leisure Services Sara Hildén Art Museum Tampere Infrastructure Production Tampere City Transport Tampere Logistics Tampere Real Estate Services Tampere Water Tullinkulma Occupational Health Regional Rescue Department of Tampere Regional Committee for Public Transport

32 Mayor Anna-Kaisa Ikonen (National Coalition Party) Deputy Mayors Pekka Salmi (Social Democratic Party) Committee for City Planning and Infrastructure Services Leena Kostiainen (National Coalition Party) Committee for Child and Youth Services Mikko Aaltonen (The Left Allliance) Committee for Senior Citizens’ Services, Committee for Services Promoting Health and Functional Ability Olli-Poika Parviainen (Green League) Committee for Education, Competence and Economic Development Services, Committee for Services Promoting Culture and Quality of Life Directors Kari Kankaala Economic and Urban Development Kirsi Koski Administration and Human Resources Juha Yli-Rajala Finance and Strategy

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