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1 Presents

2 MizziSoft the Company Vision
Our vision is to be the world's most progressive and innovative developer of workforce management systems. Systems that are the most intelligent, the simplest to use and provide the greatest savings, both with time and money. Mission Our mission is to provide business with a workforce management toolkit that will reduce labour cost without impacting service delivery standards and without infringing on worker entitlements. Values Automation: We try to automate your scheduling as much as humanly possible. Our focus is to allow the software to perform as much of the menial tasks as possible so that you can focus your energies on other important tasks of your operation. Flexibility: MizziSoft understands the diverse conditions to be catered for with a "one size fits all" online scheduling system. Our experience with providing scheduling solutions for multi departmental organisations within the hospitality, emergency, health and transport industries has equiped us to build software that we believe will work for a large variety of business sectors. Simplicity: Keeping the software simple is an important aspect of any online solution. Available with our software are roadmaps, macroing facilities, user guides and a vast array of online help to equip the user to generate schedules quickly.

3 Easy roster Web Access Access from any established PC with internet access Access to system - password protected Easy to use and tailor to match business requirements No infrastructure set up costs No maintenance costs

4 Easy Roster - Users The system has been designed to allow anyone with limited computer knowledge to set up and navigate their way through the menus and commands. The options available provides the user with complete control of the system and roster which are created. The majority of the functions are controlled with the mouse, with some keyboard short cut available for keyboard users

5 Easy Roster The configuration of easy roster is user definable
Allowing the user to use current naming conventions and language/ labels used by the organisation The quick start menu allow the user to perform the initial set up to quickly establish the foundations of the system The top title bar provides a easy to see set up review – employee setup, shift rules leave rules etc.

6 Easy Roster Configuration
Configuration of the system allows the user to set up any number of records which represent the current business processes At a glance the user can identify what has been created or need reviewing Employee Category FT Fulltime PT Part time CA Casual Employees Provides the employees to quickly identify the number of employees on record Leave Records AL annual leave RDO Rostered Day Off SL Sick Leave Shift Rules Number of different shift types currently available by the user to build rosters covering the daily operation

7 Easy Information Displays
Within each program the menu selection options are tailored to access applicable options related to the program

8 Easy Maintenance From the information display program, new data can be created, deleted or edited. The dialogue boxes are clear, with data selection drop down boxes or conversion information.

9 Employee Maintenance Setup
From the quick set up menu employees can be easily set up in the system The system provide provision for other relevant information Seniority (bidding and priority allocation) address and password control Activation/ deactivate employees secondment to other departments temporary leave of absents Activate / deactivate employee's allows them to stay on the system without terminating them.

10 Easy Shift Rules Creating shift rules – allows the user to identify all the component of the shift , start / end time, meal breaks, position, skill and priority Skills and position identification can be generic or specific

11 Easy Fixed Roster Patterns
Creating fixed roster patterns is easy – user definable Identify RDO pattern Identify the shift start / end time pattern Allocate pattern to employees working this shift rotation

12 Easy Pattern Roster Open patterns allows the user to define the RDO pattern The allocation of shift is controlled by the user based on Demand (operational coverage) Bidding requests Skill Availability Priorities

13 Easy Open Roster Open Rosters – have NO RDO or shift patterns
Allowing the system to build a roster based on the underlying rules – employee categories and pattern rules The user can then allocation shift following rules and system priorities

14 Easy Demand Rostering Rosters and shift can be created from a fixed demand Non operational demand areas eg managers, information counters, ticketing, baggage services etc. The demand can be edited to suit daily requirement Demands can be copied to other roster periods

15 Easy Shift Generation Shifts yet to be Allocated
Employee details displayed -allocated hours (inc leave) Created rosters Shifts yet to be Allocated At this point an easy roster has been created Staff will rotate through allocated roster patterns Rosters can Easy be manipulated to accommodate leave or changes in workload demands These Easy rosters require minimal maintenance Only shifts unallocated shifts will need attention (if required) Once the demand has been identified the shifts are generated awaiting manual or system controlled allocation.

16 Easy Roster – Next level
Allocate skills to employees Proficiencies Qualification & Expiry dates Allocation of shift according to employee skill sets and competencies Easy roster gives you choices Simply assign a skill to the shift rule

17 Easy Schedules Easy roster technicians can upload the operational schedule Easy roster understands that operational coverage is dynamic – therefore allows the use to have full control over schedule allowing full editing capabilities. Schedule can be displayed with a number of options

18 Easy Task Allocation to Aircraft
CY323 has been moved to new time slot Easy Roster has also moved all the task associated to aircraft to new time slot By simply selecting an aircraft movement Easy roster allows the user to create tasks matching the operational requirements of Aircraft Type Destination Time of day etc. If CY323 has a schedule change Using the Easy options, select “Move Movement” option – them select affected aircraft (mouse click) and move to new time slot

19 Profile / Task Creation Matching Operational Requirements
Creating a profile (series of tasks to match a operational event) requires an number of components Task can be generic – apply to all or specific meeting the contractual obligation of the carrier Location , Aircraft type, origin/destination, carrier are some of the controllable variables

20 Work Profile Manager A profile is and event in the operation
Each event requires work to be performed (TASKS) A profile can be time specific eg arriving or departing aircraft Or non time specific eg service counter, cleaners, managers etc. A profile can be very specific Matching the unique requirements of selected aircraft or Identifying and satisfying contractual obligations

21 Profile Manager Each flight specific event has a number of characteristic Work stream – carrier Entity – Aircraft type The more information filled in the more specific the profile (allocation of work tasks become) Origination / Destination Port All or non this information can be used when creating a profile

22 Task Manager Reviewing the processes
Download or created an aircraft movement schedule Create a series of profiles for task which has to be performed to cover the operation (including aircraft movement and other non aircraft specific Tasks) Applying the profile to the schedule to produce all tasks which need to be performed All the tasks are now displayed in the Task Manager The next step is to allocate these tasks to existing shift or Create new shift to accommodate the tasks Easy roster allows task to be allocated to shift to identify that all work is covered Easy roster will validate the allocation process to determine Right person – right skill – job well done Calculate efficiency – shift coverage options – skill set mix

23 Easy Roster Controls Easy menu selection allows the user to have full control Move non time specific tasks from high demand period to low labor demand period (non peak) Split task – do ½ now ½ later in free time

24 Easy Time and Attendance
Easy Roster will provide the functionality for employee time capture – from allocated easy roster Management of swipe cards or time capture device – passwords etc. Swipe history – who has wiped in /out and time of swipe

25 Easy Time Manager The time manager has access to a number of support programs Swipe card status – extra security Local agreements Time capture rules (grace time before and after shift)

26 Easy Summary Easy set up and roster creation
Rosters can be very fixed or demand driven Flight schedules can be used to identify and drive the roster Provision for time sensitive task (aircraft related) and non flight specific tasks Roster information linked to swipe and TnA Therefore provides a full comprehensive package No set up costs Easy to use – Easy Roster

27 Compressive Roster Package
Easy to user Mouse driven Easy to read displays

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