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Take the labor out of scheduling. ESP 5.6: Take the labor out of scheduling If youre spending more than ninety minutes a week producing your weekly crew.

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1 Take the labor out of scheduling

2 ESP 5.6: Take the labor out of scheduling If youre spending more than ninety minutes a week producing your weekly crew schedule, its time for a change. Put ESP to work for you and youll have your manager back on the floor in record time, all while saving up to one percent in labor cost. A perfect scheduleEasy-to-useDetailed reportsRespects all labor laws


4 Create a perfect schedule in record time Using the ESP Home page checklist allows you to: Stay organized: simply follow the tasks in order Never miss a task: check off each task when complete Remain focused: if interrupted you know exactly where you left off

5 Measureable results The home page summary lets you set goals for improvement. It shows you: Length of time spent editing Number of shifts changed Number of schedule errors On our website is our ESP scorecard. It lets you measure your scheduling managers results.

6 Help is just a mouse click away On-screen help changes to reflect the screen you have open, giving you immediate help. On-line help for additional tools, resources and tips.


8 ESP is easy to use ESP 5.6 is so easy to use, your manager will have it mastered in no time. ESP has a standard Microsoft Office look and feel so managers will already be familiar with many of its features. Perform volume projections Enter employee time-off requests Generate and edit schedule Print and e-mail completed schedule to employees

9 Flexible, accurate volume projections To make your volume projection you just click on the start button beside that task. Use sales or transactions to project your weekly volume. Accurate projections mean a better schedule and better customer service.

10 Two ways to project your volume Our powerful volume projection options let you customize the projection to your exact needs. Average as many/few past weeks as you wish. Adjust for recent sales trends Remove high/low values to eliminate influence of unusual events

11 Advanced projections Advanced projection option lets you choose any weeks of history to include. Past comments are displayed to help you choose the right weeks. Perfect for projecting spring break, start and end of school and other holiday events.

12 One-step time-off requests Once projections are complete, you can then enter any time-off requests your employees have made. Just click on the start button beside that task to begin.

13 Easy one step time-off requests Easy one step time off requests means you just Fill in the name and the day off, and ESP handles the rest. Time-off requests can be entered for any date in the future. The number of employees booked off is displayed beside each day.

14 Editing made simple To change a shift just click the item you wish to change and change it in place. Navigate between days using the tabs across the top. Hourly labor variances and crew-to-manager ratio at the top help you manage your labor hours effectively.

15 Detailed labor statistics

16 Interactive editing ESP automatically warns of violations of your scheduling rules. Shifts turn red to draw attention to problems. The status box gives details about shift status and errors. One click of the mouse calls up the interactive on-call list to help you find the perfect replacement.

17 The on-call list The on-call list displays employees in order of best to worst choice. Just click a name to choose a replacement.

18 Several views to choose from When editing your schedule you can choose from several different views. The traditional daily line-bar view shown here. This gives you an excellent overview of your daily labor coverage and who is working.

19 Several views to choose from You can view the traditional line bar, with the managers shifts all displayed at the bottom of the day, even when they are on productive stations.

20 View by employee Next, you can view your schedule grouped by employee name. Quickly find and edit all the shifts for individual employees. Using the Expand/Contract all button on the toolbar you can collapse the shifts to get a summary overview.

21 View by errors The errors view only displays shifts with problems that need your immediate attention. Customize which errors you will allow and will not allow. Printing is disabled until all non-permitted errors are corrected.


23 Comprehensive reporting ESP has a variety of managers reports for perfect labor management. Clear, easy-to-read reports, with all the details you need. Print reports to your printer or to PDF, ready to be e-mailed to your office or supervisor. ESP can e-mail individualized schedules to each employee.

24 Daily schedule The Daily schedule report provides an excellent overview of the daily labor coverage. Projected volume, labor and variances at the top. Quick labor summary at the bottom Full daily labor coverage, and shift information.

25 Schedule by employee The alphabetic Schedule by employee ensures your employees can see all their shifts in one place, helping to reduce absenteeism.

26 Additional reports ESP also produces the following reports: Service awards Break report Managers summary report Training summary Daily labor tracking by hour

27 Preview before printing All reports are previewed on- screen before printing. Select the report you want and click the print icon to print it. Click the PDF icon to send your report to a PDF file ready to be emailed to your office.

28 E-mail schedules ESP sends all your employees their weekly schedule by e-mail. Employees dont have to come to work to get their schedule, reducing absenteeism E-mail template lets you customize the message your employees receive.


30 Complies with all local labor laws Unlimited labor categories Use different restrictions on school and non-school days. ESP guarantees no shift ever violates any of the restrictions you define.

31 Complies with all local labor laws You define which rules can never be violated when editing. Security features allow you to lock these options so managers cannot change them. Printing the schedule is disabled if the manager violates any of your restrictions.

32 Customize your shift lengths Shift lengths are fully customizable. Use different lengths at different times of the day or days of the week. Use long shifts for your opening staff. Use shorter shifts for your part time after school staff. Its all up to you.

33 Positioning where it counts ESP helps you create the perfect positioning guide every time. Use as many guides as needed to account for differences in productivity or average check ESP calculates the productivity for optimal labor placement Automatically adjusts for price changes

34 Positioning guide graphing tool ESP graphs your positioning guide productivity. Quickly find problem areas. Let ESP automatically optimize your guide. Click the Optimize labor tool on the toolbar, and an erratic chart like this.... Instantly updates to a perfect guide like this.....

35 Fixed shifts Fixed (core) shifts are all in one place. Use 3 kinds of fixed shifts. Fixed shifts with both the station and the employee assigned. Fixed shifts with the station assigned but not the employee. ESP will find an available employee. Fixed shifts with the employee assigned but not the station. ESP will schedule them where they are needed the most.

36 Flexible fixed shifts Heres an example of a fixed shift where the employee and the station are both assigned. Here is an example of a fixed shift where the employee is assigned but not the station. ESP will find a station for them to work. Here is an example of a fixed shift with no employee assigned. ESP will find a qualified employee to work this shift.


38 Employee management made simple Employee profiles are divided into four tabbed screens. General information Availability Station qualifications Other information

39 Availability The availability tab lets you manage: When employees are available Time off requests Vacations Fixed shifts Dual availabilities allows for school and summer. Switch between them with a single mouse click.

40 Quickly switch between availabilities When school is out for the summer, Spring Break, or Christmas break, you can quickly switch between availability sets. Here we switch just the minors to use the alternate availability. Minors set to use the alternate availability

41 Time off requests Quickly manage time off requests. Just enter the employee name and the day off they wish and your done. Enter time off requests for any date in the future. ESP summarizes how many people are off each day

42 The right person in the right place ESP ensures you have a balance of your most and least experienced employees. The station ratings tab allows you to specify which stations each employee is qualified to work, and how experienced they are at each. The Coach and Trainee ratings allow you to indicate the best employees and the new trainees.

43 The right person in the right place On the stations form you can: Specify your required average skill level for each station. User higher requirements for more important stations Set up exceptions where you wish to increase the rating for important sales periods.


45 Set your preferences You can easily increase or decrease the importance of various shift assignment factors: Shift rotation Station rotation Equitable distribution of hours Station ratings balancing Optimizing labor cost

46 Strict scheduling rule enforcement You determine the rules your scheduling manager can override manually when editing the schedule. If a shift contains a non- permitted violation, printing is disabled until the error is corrected.

47 Your total labor scheduling solution

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