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Company Overview. November 24, 20142 This is ITT High-tech engineering and manufacturing company $11 billion in revenues 40,000 employees Delivering extraordinary.

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1 Company Overview

2 November 24, 20142 This is ITT High-tech engineering and manufacturing company $11 billion in revenues 40,000 employees Delivering extraordinary solutions to life’s most essential needs: More livable environments Better protection and safety Breakthrough connections

3 November 24, 20143 Three Vibrant Growth Platforms Global defense and security Top-tier U.S. aerospace and defense contractor delivering advanced systems and providing technical and operational services Water and fluids management World’s largest supplier of pumps and systems to transport and control water and other fluids Motion and flow control Manufacturer of highly engineered, critical components for multiple growth markets

4 November 24, 20144 ITT Revenue Profile Multi-industry company with leading positions in attractive markets Balanced portfolio across geographies Portfolio designed to produce predictable and consistent growth Fluid Technology: 33% Motion & Flow Control: 13% Defense & Information Solutions: 54%

5 November 24, 20145 ITT Business Profile Defense & Information Solutions Fluid TechnologyMotion & Flow Control Diversified Customer Base Navy Army Other Air Force Aligned for Future Growth Electronic Systems Information Systems Geospatial Systems Balanced Markets Agriculture, Irrigation, Dewatering Industrial Municipal Residential/ Commercial Strong Technology Platforms Interconnect Solutions Motion Technologies Flow Control Control Technologies Other Automotive Rail, Truck, Bus, Marine General Industrial Aerospace/ Defense Balanced Markets Strategic Portfolio Water & Wastewater Residential & Commercial Water Industrial Process

6 November 24, 20146 Global Profile Commercial business revenues North America: 41% Europe: 38% Asia: 11% Rest of the World: 10% Defense business revenues United States: 95% International: 5% Operations in more than 60 countries Employees and sales presence in more than 125 countries Customers in 140 countries Growing presence in emerging markets China India Eastern Europe Commercial business revenues North America: 41% Europe: 38% Asia: 11% Rest of the World: 10% Defense business revenues United States: 95% International: 5% Growing presence in emerging markets China India Eastern Europe Brazil Working in all areas of the world Operations in more than 60 countries Employees and sales presence in more than 125 countries Customers in 140 countries

7 November 24, 20147 Global Reach: Fluid & Motion Control Customer Service/ Distribution/Sales Offices Motion & Flow Control Manufacturing Sites Operating in More Than 125 Countries Fluid & Motion Control Headquarters Fluid Technology Manufacturing Sites

8 November 24, 20148 Global Reach: Defense & Information Solutions Global Demand for Our Solutions ITT International OfficesCustomer LocationsITT Defense HQ

9 November 24, 20149 ITT Vision and Values Defining the way we do business and interact with customers, co-workers and communities: Aligned with employees’ personal values Brought to life through our daily actions Embedded in ITT policies and procedures

10 November 24, 201410 ITT Management System Defining a way of life to grow the company and sustain premier performance Creating meaningful economic, customer and human value with the right values Leveraging our diverse strengths through a shared approach Superior Strategies Profitable Growth Value-Based Management Value-Based Product Development Resource Optimization Premier Resource Management Portfolio/Capital Allocation Operational Excellence Value-Based Lean Six Sigma Value-Based Goal Deployment Leadership & Learning Value-Based Leadership Development Partnership for Performance Premier Metrics Superior Execution Superior Resources Superior Leadership Premier Performance Organic Revenue: 5-7% Earnings Before Interest and Taxes: 11.5-12.5% Free Cash Flow/ Net Income: 105-115% Return on Invested Capital: 15-20% Earnings Per Share: 10-15% Voice of Customer

11 November 24, 201411 We Do Essential Things in Extraordinary Ways Water Solutions: Acknowledged as global water leader and world’s largest provider of fluid technology equipment Location Information: Provided “brains” for every Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite ever launched without a single mission failure Dependable Connections: Delivered more than 1 billion reliable antenna connections for cell phones and other mobile communications devices Safer Soldiers: Created “jamming” technologies that have proven 100 percent successful in protecting soldiers from invisible improvised explosive devices Better Braking: Produce 80 million brake pads a year that deliver the shortest, safest stopping distances to drivers Space Exploration: Operate communications systems that detect “whispers” from spacecraft at the edge of the solar system Night Vision: Make it possible for more than one million soldiers, law enforcement officers and rescue personnel to see in dark and dangerous environments Water Citizenship: Bring safe, sustainable water systems to people in need around the world through ITT Watermark, our signature citizenship effort

12 November 24, 201412 Meeting the World’s Need for Clean Water Clean Water ITT is a global water leader with products that play an integral role in every stage of the water cycle Wastewater Water Intake and Treatment Instruments to analyze water quality Pumps to collect and move raw water Treatment systems to remove salt and impurities Water Usage Pumps to transport water to and from municipal water stations Pump systems designed for farms, manufacturers, homeowners and commercial building owners Flood-control pumps for municipalities Intelligent systems to achieve maximum pump energy efficiency Water Transport and Treatment Pumps to transport wastewater to and through neighborhood treatment facilities Instrumentation to assess wastewater quality Mixers to physically remove contaminants and solids Aerators to break wastewater into water, carbon dioxide and solids Water Disinfection and Water Return Treatment systems to remove secondary-level impurities Pumping systems to transport environmentally sound water back to rivers and lakes or for reuse as irrigation, industrial or drinking water

13 November 24, 201413 ITT products and services align with the current priorities of the U.S. military and its allies for information-based, networked solutions. Meeting The Need for Global Security Tactical communications systems Night vision technologies Counter improvised explosive device technology Radio frequency and infrared defense countermeasures Airborne and marine countermeasures Unmanned surface vehicles Coastal radar/sonar Anti-missile defense capabilities Intelligence and cyber-security systems Information warfare Satellite payloads Bio-chem early warning technology Base maintenance and mission control Information integration and operations Advanced research

14 November 24, 201414 Meeting The World’s Need for Modernized Infrastructure ITT is helping to build a stronger, safer and more energy-efficient global infrastructure. Mass Transportation Shock absorbers for trains, buses and bridges Electrical connectors for trains and subways GPS systems for route mapping and vehicle operation Water and wastewater stations Fluid transport pumps and systems Fluid treatment systems Intelligent systems to control pump speeds and reduce energy use Buildings Booster pumps for delivery of drinking water Heating/cooling pump systems Pump controllers for steady, energy-efficient water flow Mines and construction projects Dewatering pumps Electrical connectors and power devices for construction vehicles Air Traffic Management Satellite-based, next generation air traffic control system

15 November 24, 201415 Meeting The World’s Need for Information Connectors for computers and cell phones Sensors for Global Positioning System satellites Imagers and sounders for weather satellites Operations and maintenance of Deep Space Network antennas

16 November 24, 201416 Helping People in Need ITT people aid their communities in many meaningful ways, including their growing, global involvement in ITT Watermark®. Exceeding expectations (progress to date): Safe, sustainable water for 500,000 people around the world Water solutions and hygiene education to 300 schools by end of 2010 Water aid to disaster zones around the world Partnerships with leading water non-government organizations: Water For People, Mercy Corps and China Women’s Development Foundation 300 ITT Watermark “ambassadors” and 20,000 employee volunteer hours to date ITT’s signature corporate citizenship program Bringing clean water, sanitation and hygiene education to Latin America, China and India Launched in 2008 with initial three-year, $4 million commitment

17 November 24, 201417 talented employees strong values customer partner products that matter proven business model engineering excellence sustainable solutions engaging workplace culture socially responsible global leaders ITT…

18 November 24, 201418 Supporting Value Center Slides

19 November 24, 201419 Electronic Systems ITT develops and fields technology solutions to sense and deny threats to manned and unmanned aircraft, ships, submarines and ground vehicles and personnel, and to provide warfighters with uninterrupted networked tactical communications. Integrated electronic warfare systems Networked communications systems Force protection systems Radar systems Integrated structures Reconnaissance and surveillance systems Undersea systems Key program: Modular, scalable ALQ-211 electronic warfare systems for wide variety of fixed and rotary-wing aircraft

20 November 24, 201420 Geospatial Systems ITT is a leader in next-generation imaging that integrates space, airborne, ground and soldier sensors into broader, coordinated systems. Tactical night vision systems Space-based satellite imaging Airborne situational awareness Weather and climate monitoring Positioning navigation and timing systems Image exploitation software Key programs: Optical and digital Enhanced Night Vision Goggles and next generation Global Positioning System (GPS) III space satellite program

21 November 24, 201421 Information Systems ITT provides leading-edge data fusion, network integration and decision support services to both government and commercial customers. Next generation air traffic control systems Cyber: information protection, sharing and integration Networked communication systems Large system operation and maintenance Engineering and professional services Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive detection technologies Key program: Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B), the cornerstone technology of America’s next generation air transportation modernization system

22 November 24, 201422 Industrial Process ITT has the most complete portfolio of pumps, valves and control systems for industrial markets, providing specialized technology for challenging environments, reduced maintenance and energy-saving solutions. Pumps Valves Oil and gas offshore reverse osmosis units Intelligent control systems Plant Performance Services Leading brands: Goulds Pumps, Pure-Flo, Jabsco, Flojet, Alcon, A-C Pump, Fabri-Valve, C’treat, PumpSmart and PRO Services Customers in oil and gas, mining, power generation, chemical, paper and biopharmaceuticals markets

23 November 24, 201423 Residential & Commercial Water ITT products and systems deliver comfort and convenience, and save energy through the efficient movement of water. “Green building” and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) applications Pumps and systems for building heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems Booster systems and pump packages for building service and irrigation Turnkey fire pump packages Residential pumps Leading brands: Goulds Pumps, Bell & Gossett, Flowtronex, Lowara, Vogel, McDonnell & Miller, Hoffman, Standard, A-C Fire Pump and Laing

24 November 24, 201424 Water & Wastewater ITT is a world leader in water handling and treatment. With global direct sales and service capabilities, we work close to our customers to deliver energy-efficient and reliable solutions to customers in more than 140 countries. Advanced treatment systems to clean and disinfect water Intelligent pumps and controls to transport water and wastewater Full-service dewatering capabilities – including pump sales, rental and onsite services – to remove unwanted water Integrated solutions combining world-class products and systems design expertise Leading brands: Flygt, Sanitaire, WEDECO and Leopold

25 November 24, 201425 Analytics ITT products are used every day by tens of thousands of people worldwide to analyze and control the quality and characteristics of water, wastewater, food, beverages, pharmaceutical and clinical products. Online, field and portable water quality instrumentation Temperature and data logging systems Sensors and sounders Ocean water quality systems for surface and subsurface applications Precise analysis and measurement for water and wastewater, environmental, medical, industrial and food and beverage applications. Leading brands: AADI, Bellingham + Stanley, Ebro, Global Water, Royce Technologies, SI Analytics and WTW

26 November 24, 201426 Control Technologies ITT provides technologies for a broad range of industrial and aerospace segments Valves, actuators, pumps and switches Regulators and diaphragm seals Electro-mechanical actuators, servo motors, computer numerical control systems and motion controllers Shock absorbers, buffers, rate controls, dampers and vibration isolators Best-in-class component and subsystem provider for commercial, military and general aviation, rail, alternative fuel vehicles, power generation, fluid power and chemical processing markets Leading brands: Aerospace Controls, Enidine, Enivate, Burny, Kaliburn, Cleveland Motion Controls, Compact Automation Products, Turn-Act, Neo-Dyn® and Conoflow

27 November 24, 201427 Flow Control ITT’s low flow positive displacement pumps control the flow of water and delicate or viscous liquids in everything from beverage systems to leisure boats. Pumps for beverage dispensing, food & beverage processing, pharmaceutical processing, specialty industrial applications and leisure marine boats Renewable energy pumps Valve control systems and solenoid valves for harsh industrial environments Leading brands: Jabsco, Rule and Flojet

28 November 24, 201428 Interconnect Solutions ITT products make it possible to connect with our electronic world, with connectors and contacts that perform in harsh-environment, power and deep space applications. Connectors Contacts Customers in defense, aerospace, industrial, oil and gas, medical, handheld electronics, alternative energy and transportation markets Leading brands: Cannon, VEAM and BIW

29 November 24, 201429 Motion Technologies An integrated transportation platform, world leader in safety solutions ranging from passenger cars up to high speed trains. Automotive. Brake pads and shock absorbers for cars, trucks, trailers Mass Transit. Comprehensive portfolio of bogie and wagon link safety solutions for rail and bus customers Integrated Bogie System (IBS): dampers, air-springs and brake friction materials Rolling Stock Link (RSL) through “ITT Rail” common front end: buffers and couplers, interconnectors, pressure switches and pumps Leading brands: KONI and Galfer Patents: FSD, CVD Technologies

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