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About Honeywell HONEYWELL BUILDING SOLUTIONS. Honeywell Proprietary  2 Document control number Energy, Safety & Security Chemicals, Specialty.

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2 Honeywell Proprietary  2 Document control number Energy, Safety & Security Chemicals, Specialty Materials & Fertilizers Safety & Security Aviation & Defense Automotive & Transportation Buildings, Construction & Maintenance Consumer & Home Efficiency, Energy & Utilities Fire Protection & First Responder Healthcare & Medical Industrial Process Control Manufacturing Oil & Gas, Refining, Petrochemicals & Biofuels Scanning & Mobile Productivity Honeywell Helps Customers Address Megatrends

3 Honeywell Proprietary  3 Document control number Honeywell’s Broad Portfolio A Fortune 100 company – $36.5 B * in sales 130,000 employees operating in 100 countries Aerospace Specialty Materials Transportation Systems Automation and Control Solutions 12% 14% 31% 43% Diverse Businesses, Technologies and Products *2011 revenues estimate

4 Honeywell Proprietary  4 Document control number Leading innovator of automotive turbochargers Engine downsizing, emissions, fuel efficiency Maker of consumer automotive product brands Prestone®, Autolite®, FRAM® World’s premier supplier of aircraft engines and systems, avionics For airliners, regional and business aircraft and spacecraft Aerospace Transportation And Diversified Technologies Building Control Systems; Energy Management and Services Control Systems for Continuous Process Industries; Advanced Solutions Home Comfort; Building Controls; Combustion; Wiring Devices Sensors; Switches; Mission- Critical Applications Fire Alarm Systems; Gas Detection; Personal Protective Equipment; Remote Health Monitoring Alarm Systems; Access Control/Video; Low Voltage Distribution (ADI); Cable and Custom Electronics Automatic Identification and Data Collection Automation and Control Solutions World leader in high- performance materials Fluorocarbons, specialty films, advanced fibres Packaging, reflective coatings, ballistic materials Anso® carpet fiber, Spectra® high performance fibre Specialty Materials

5 Honeywell Proprietary  5 Document control number Starting with ACS HOMES INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS Comfort Convenience Safety Security Productivity Energy Efficiency $15.5 Billion in Sales* 65,000 Employees in over 120 locations *2011 revenues estimate Automations & Controls Solution (ACS) products, solutions and services are in 150 million homes, 10 million buildings, 5,000 industrial facilities & hundreds of utilities worldwide.

6 Honeywell Proprietary  6 Document control number ACS Helps You Achieve Results Captures more and better data faster, across a wireless landscape; Helps you be more compliant; Drives better decision-making; Improves productivity, safety, and security; Reduces risks Reduces costs Manage your assets over the life cycle Manage energy consumption Our sensing and control expertise: Comprehensive Portfolio, Working Together SOLUTIONS & SERVICES PRODUCTS Building Solutions -Building efficiency & management Process Solutions - Industrial process efficiency & controls Environmental Combustion & Controls -Thermostats, Building Automation, Water Controls, Gas Valves Security Group -Motion/Human Presence Sensors, CCTV / DVR, User Interfaces, Control System Life Safety -Fire /Smoke Sensors, System Panels, Gas Detection, Home Medical Care Scanning & Mobility -Bar code Scanner, Miniature Bar Code Scanning Engines, Rugged Mobile Computers Sensing & Control -Speed & Position Sensors, Acceleratometers, Pressure Sensors

7 Honeywell Proprietary  7 Document control number Honeywell Building Solutions (HBS) Install/Projects Building Control, Integrated Systems;, Converged Buildings Solutions, Fire Solutions Security Services, High-end Security, Critical Infrastructure Protection Serving Education, Offices, Government, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Transportation, Universities, Stadia, Retail Service Life Cycle Management Remote Services M&E Maintenance, Automation Maintenance, Fire and Security Services Serving Offices, Education, Healthcare/Hospitals, Government, Industrials, Pharmaceuticals, Airports Energy Services Energy Retrofit Energy Management Services, Performance Contracts Renewable Energy Demand Response/Smart Grid, Utility Services Serving Schools, Universities, State, Local, Municipal and Federal Government, Utilities Healthcare Airports Business Landside: Terminal Airside: Control & Monitoring, Surface Movement, Airfield Lighting, Video Docking Perimeter: Protection Serving Airports: Full portfolio of solutions to increase through-put without capital infrastructure

8 Honeywell Proprietary  8 Document control number HBS: What We Do Honeywell Building Solutions helps: Design, Install, Service & Maintain, Retrofit solutions your building to enhance productivity Integrate your building’s various subsystems, controls & equipment Access data quicker, more effectively Provide measurement & verification & mechanical engineering Provide Energy and Security audits & services Manage energy consumption & patterns

9 Honeywell Proprietary  9 Document control number How We Help: Solutions Enabling quick and effective communication with all affected parties for emergencies and day-to-day communication. Emergency Communication Solutions Improve the comfort and operational efficiency of your HVAC, lighting and other building systems Ensure a safer environment and achieve regulatory compliance through advanced fire detection systems Safeguard people, assets and intellectual property through integration of access control, digital video and asset tracking Provides higher efficiency, lower costs and reduced risks through plant-wide performance optimization Control operations via “Enterprise View” of all resources and information – your own customized digital cockpit Building Control Solutions Fire Solutions Security Solutions Process Solutions Integrated Systems Solutions

10 Honeywell Proprietary  10 Document control number HBS: Long Term Partner Energy Services Asset management Supply management Demand management Building Services Preventative maintenance Component replacement Emergency back-up Installation Services New construction Renovations Upgrades Design-build Throughout the Life of Your Building Support Services Training Financing

11 Honeywell Proprietary  11 Document control number HBS & Energy Efficiency By immediately and comprehensively adopting existing Honeywell products, the United States could reduce energy consumption by 20 to 25 percent More than 50% of Honeywell’s portfolio offers energy efficiency benefits Green Buildings Reduced Emissions Energy Efficiency, Demand Response, & Smart Grid Energy Performance Contracts Biofuels Air Traffic Modernization Fuel Efficiency Industrial Process Efficiency

12 Honeywell Proprietary  12 Document control number We are building a world that’s safer and more secure.… More comfortable and energy efficient.… More innovative and productive. We are Honeywell.

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