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CAR Web Application Collection of Assessment Results

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1 CAR Web Application Collection of Assessment Results
Learning Assessment Specialist: Flora Trueman

2 Declaring CAR Participation in September:
First Nations Schools Each year First Nations Schools are sent a letter asking if they are participating in CAR 3-4 and/or CAR If Manitoba education gets an affirmative response, then theses schools are added to the database. If schools fail to reply or they reply that they are not participating, they are not added to the CAR database for the upcoming session. When the department receives an last minute notification that they now want to participate, there is a very time consuming process required to add the school to the database. This could make it impossible for schools to complete the entering of students and data before the close date. If schools are going to participate in CAR, they must fill in the appropriate forms sent each fall. Declaring CAR Participation in September: Update your EIS disk in order to prepare the population fields automatically on the CAR system (Maplewood activity)

3 Access to CAR: Collection of Assessment Results
The principal will create a User Account to request an account for someone who doesn’t have one yet Each Gr. 3, 7, and 8 teacher needs a separate account Each User receives 2 separate confirmation s from server with address: - 1 contains user ID; -2nd contains temporary password Principal informs each user of organization code

4 CAR Web Application Navigate to:
The system opens for reporting: Grades 3 (October 21– November 29, 2013) and Grades 7-8 (January 20– February 28, 2014) Each person uses the same user ID, password & organization code for every application they access

5 CAR Login Page

6 Organization Code Principal gets small card with the organization code. User types in code word (case sensitive) & clicks Save Note: Everyone in the school uses the same organization code

7 Agree to the Terms and Conditions

8 6 STEPS: When Reporting Step 1 –Enter Student Data (Also ensure all students on list) Step 2 – Verify Data, Edit & Re-Save Data, Save Verification Report Step 3 – Save School Summary Step 4 – Save Raw Data File Step 5 – Save Parent Reports & Print from Saved File Step 6 – Submit the Data

9 Navigation Tips It is important that you save often during data entry to ensure no work is lost, all data will be lost after 15 minutes if not saved. Make sure you are the only user in the competency at a time (or risk losing data). Do entries as early in the collection period as possible. The more logged in users & data, the slower the application. The back button does not work in the web applications.

10 Step 1: Sample Student List

11 Missing Students can be added to your list

12 Grade 3:

13 Grade 7/8:

14 Step 2: Verify Data Click “Verification Report” link
This report can be used to cross reference with the original data source for accuracy This is the only report that links the MET numbers, student name and assessment values If there are errors, go back to student list in application, make changes & SAVE data. Regenerate verification report to ensure that changes have been saved.

15 Sample: Verification Report


17 Gender Issue Gender data is displayed on the verification reports and only captured in the school’s raw data file. It does not display on the school summary or parent report. The issue of the wrong gender being entered in CAR only appears when a new student is added to the list. The students lists are populated with the names, MET numbers and gender of students reported to the department each year . If students are not reported on, they must be added manually by the school.

18 Step 3: Save & Print School Summary Report


20 Step 4: Save Raw Data File
This is a data file, it is not a report Save the data file to the computer and print a copy Open a spreadsheet program such as Excel, then open the data file in Excel. Review the data and use it to guide discussions & planning for differentiated instruction.

21 Correct Gender in Raw Data File Avoid the Issue in the Future
When the data file was saved, it was saved as a .txt file. You can open excel or any other spreadsheet program you might use, and open the saved data file in the program. It is a good idea for schools to review the complete data submitted including gender. If incorrect, gender can be edited and the revised data file saved. Avoid the Issue in the Future Manitoba Education hopes to have the gender issue addressed for this school year. It is only an issue when a school adds a student. This entire issue can be, for the most part, avoided if participating schools complete and submit EIS collection to Student Records by the September 30 deadline. (ie. with updated information including grade for each student for the current year)

22 Step 5: Save & Print Parent Reports
When you click Parent Reports, they will be generated on the screen. If you entered a classroom identifier, reports will display in classroom order, alphabetical by last name within class. (This is for multi-grade classes only) Save your parent reports to your computer , then print two copies (report card/cum files). To print just the reports for your class, specify the page range to print. (Note: default size is legal/landscape).

23 Grade 3 Sample



26 Grade 7: Sample



29 Grade 8 Sample


31 Reminders Save data often, create an excel sheet to track data
Print copies of all reports (verification report, school summary report, raw data file and parent reports) Teachers and Principals signatures are required on all reports

32 Step 6: Submit the Data Notice that the submit button is only visible when all the data is entered. Once the data has been submitted, it cannot be changed and you cannot get it back.

33 Recording School Data

34 Monday to Friday (8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)
Help Desk Monday to Friday (8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) Telephone Toll-Free , ext. 6156 - link on home page After Hours? Send or leave voice mail (Refer to Frequently Asked Question’s).

35 E-mail:
Assessment Specialist: Flora Trueman MFNERC Phone: ext. 2129

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