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Trainee Revalidation on SOAR An overview of the online processes.

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1 Trainee Revalidation on SOAR An overview of the online processes

2 Outline Overview of online processes on SOAR Completion of declarations by Trainees Revalidation Further support Follow appropriate redirection to login

3 SOAR login requests Administrator Assigning of Ed Sups and Training Program Director (TRD) Health / Probity / Complaints / Work History Declarations (system initiated, manually or automatically) Trainee Complete Declarations Submit to Ed Sup for review Ed Sup signs off declaration; and notes any issues arisen in the declarations or the discussions Ed Supervisor TPD review declarations and ARCP TPD Makes suggested “Outcomes” to support Revalidation PgDean / RO Revalidation recommendation for all green / OK (batch) Review outcomes of others (individually) @ @ GMC Connect Electronic processes on SOAR for Trainee Revalidation Confirmation of Revalidation outcome

4 Overview of SOAR Standard secure login website Trainee data imported from Pinnacle (nightly) Only action Trainees are asked to do on SOAR is complete self declarations Follow appropriate redirection to login

5 Login Login details automatically sent If not received, Request Login (select Trainee)

6 Welcome Screen My Details – mostly for info My Declarations – for completion

7 Pinnacle data imported nightly If information is not accurate, contact us with details of correction

8 SOAR Details = login details Preferred e-mail address If different from Pinnacle import No one has access to user login details We can only reset logins

9 ARCP information imported from Pinnacle “Outcome to Support Revalidation” Marked by TPD Reviewed by PgDeans

10 History of annual declarations Issues / No Issues brings up Educational Supervisor comments

11 Revalidation recommendations made by Responsible Officers “24h delay” built in for cancelling / amending recommendations SOAR will be updated when GMC accepts RO recommendations

12 Completion of Declarations Available upon first login New declarations to be set up automatically 9 months* after sign off by Educational Supervisor Health Probity Complaints Work History * To be confirmed / built

13 To complete the declarations: Click “My Declarations” Click on Notepad icon (this takes you to the declaration details)

14 Declaration Details Declarations (Health / Probity / Complaints / Work History) Submit declarations AFTER completing the declarations Educational Supervisor’s comments

15 Health Statement Yes / No questions Comments if required Tick boxes Option to upload files if required Finish by clicking Save

16 Probity Statement Same format Yes / No questions Comments if required Tick boxes Finish by clicking Save Same forms for all doctors

17 Complaints Statement Same format as before Yes / No questions Comments if required Tick boxes Upload supporting info Finish by clicking Save “All info is true to best of my knowledge” tick box near bottom – don’t forget to tick this!

18 Work History For each place worked at in last 12 months: Dates (From / to) Place of work Description of work Option to Edit or Delete Option to “Add New Work History” Finish by clicking Save

19 Return to “Details”… …To submit declaration You will be prompted with an “Are you sure?” box

20 “OK” to proceed SOAR will email Ed Supervisor Who logs in to review your submitted declarations

21 Ed Supervisor will add additional comments as appropriate Any answers where Trainees were asked for additional comments will be highlighted as “issues” Any “issues” highlighted will require the Supervisor to enter comments to ensure discussions were had around this. Supervisor sign off near bottom of page

22 Revalidation Responsible Officer = NES Medical Director Recommendation will be based on: Completion of Declarations Signed off by Educational Supervisor Reviewed by Training Program Director Post-grad Dean to suggest Outcome to RO Other information available to RO / PgDean

23 Further Support For technical queries relating to SOAR, please email We need your GMC number Which Deanery/Region you are in Description of problem For other general training programme queries - please contact your local deanery for further assistance

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