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Quality Education for a Healthier Scotland SOAR Guidance for Training Programme Directors (TPD) Last updated 14/08/2014.

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1 Quality Education for a Healthier Scotland SOAR Guidance for Training Programme Directors (TPD) Last updated 14/08/2014

2 Overview Background Email Notification Login to correct Role on SOAR Review Declaration Review ARCP (imported from Pinnacle) Make suggested Outcome to support Revalidation Support Overview

3 Background (1/2) Trainee data from Pinnacle is imported nightly to SOAR (around 1am), including: – Trainee details and their ARCPs – Trainees’ linked Educational Supervisor (EdSup) – Training Programme Directors (TPD) EdSup and TPD* will be added to SOAR and linked to Trainees automatically – if they are already on SOAR (checked against GMC number) *Automatic adding of TPDs not yet built, but will do in the future

4 Background (2/2) Trainees are asked to login to SOAR to complete their self declarations on Health, Probity, Complaints and Work History EdSups are asked to sign off their Trainees’ declarations TPDs are asked to review their Trainees’: – Signed off declarations – ARCP details – Make suggested Outcome to support Revalidation

5 TPD Email Notifications from SOAR Currently, TPDs are added manually into SOAR When built, TPDs will be added automatically to SOAR from nightly import (if user is already on SOAR) When TPDs’ Trainees’ declarations are signed off – auto emails to be sent If you click on the link in the email, you will probably be met with a “Security Violation” message upon login - ignore it Click in the “Role” dropdown menu in top left hand corner and select “TR Training Programme Director”

6 Login with your existing SOAR login Change Role to “TR Training Programme Director” “My Details” are the same as your appraisal details “Trainees” lists all those in your programme “Declarations” lists all those declarations involving your Trainees

7 “SOAR Outcome Review” allows you to make suggested outcome to support your trainees’ revalidation You do not make revalidation recommendations, the RO does, you are only asked for your suggestion, based on ARCP and self declarations and other information you have access to

8 Review Declarations

9 Click on Declarations Details of the Declarations (Status; Region; when it was initiated) Similar to Appraisals - click on the notepad icon to access individual Declaration details

10 Self Declarations displayed as tabs for your review General declarations details Date of when Trainee submitted declarations When Supervisor signs off the declarations, any additional comments can be added in the comments/sign off tab

11 Review ARCP details (imported from Pinnacle)

12 The Trainees page lists ALL trainees imported from Pinnacle in your program Search by Surname or GMC number Can also filter search by programme, region or supervisor Can also sort results by column heading TPDs only have access to their programmes’ Trainees Click on Name to review trainee’s data

13 Pinnacle data imported nightly If information is not accurate, Trainees are asked to contact us SOAR Details = Login details (ignore) ARCP Outcomes as imported from Pinnacle

14 Make Suggested Outcomes to support Revalidation (individually)

15 ARCP information imported from Pinnacle “Outcome to Support Revalidation” – Marked by TPD – Reviewed by PgDeans Click on “Edit / View Details” to add individual suggested outcomes

16 Make Suggested Outcomes to support Revalidation (from list / batch operation)

17 Click “SOAR Outcome Review” Only Trainees in your programme will be listed View Declarations status and ARCP at a glance Select Suggested Outcome to support Revalidation Click “Submit SOAR Outcomes” button at bottom of page

18 TPDs are NOT asked to revalidate trainees, only review the information available and make suggestions to support their Trainees’ Revalidation Only the Responsible Officer (RO) and the nominated ROs are tasked with revalidating the Trainees

19 Further support Medical Appraisal Scotland website: – – Resources, FAQ and other useful sections Local Administration teams: – Contact details on Medical Appraisal Scotland SOAR Helpdesk – Black “Help” box on right when logged into SOAR; – or Due to capacity issues we are unable to offer telephone support – You can request a call back via the Helpdesk – but we need detailed descriptions of the issue(s)

20 Assign Educational Supervisor to Trainee Administrator Assign Training Program Director (TRD) Initiate Health / Probity / Complaints / Work History (HPCW) Declarations (batch or individual) Trainee Complete Declarations Submit to Ed Sup for review Ed Sup signs off declaration; and notes any issues arisen in the declarations or the discussions Ed Supervisor TPD reviews HPCW and ARCP TPD Makes suggested “Outcomes” to support Revalidation PgDean / RO Revalidation recommendation for all green / ready (batch) Review outcomes of others (individual) @ @ GMC Connect Overview: Electronic processes on SOAR for Trainee Revalidation Confirmation of Revalidation outcome

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