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ATHLETE BRIEFING Welcome History Pre-Race Swim Bike Run Post-Race.

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2 ATHLETE BRIEFING Welcome History Pre-Race Swim Bike Run Post-Race

3 WELCOME Welcome by Challenge Almere-Amsterdam –Chairman Stichting Holland Triathlon: Patrick Seinstra

4 HISTORY Oldest tradition in Almere –Triathlon and Almere, connected since 1983 Oldest Triathlon in the world after Hawaï European Championships in 2014, 2006, 1999, 1991 and 1985 World Championship in 2008 Almere is Challenge since the year 2013


6 WELCOME Welcome by European Triathlon Union officials –Technical Delegate: Eugène Kraus –Assistent Technical Delegate: Kalle Jensen –Race Referee: Kitty van Bloois / Marco van Oostende

7 COMPETITION JURY Competition Jury –Eugène Kraus, ETU, Chair –Ton Bloothoofd, LOC / Challenge –Wim van Oijen, NTB

8 TIME TABLE 12:30 – Registration opens14:00 TA opens 17:00 CarboLoading Party 20:00 Registration closes 22:00 TA closes Friday SaturdaySunday


10 REGISTRATION PROCESS Split: Long Distance / Half Distance Registration: Check completeness Race pack handoverInformation

11 RACE PACKAGE Race number (back cycling / front running) Tattoo/Decal for upper arms Bike number (place under bike saddle) Helmet race sticker (LEFT SIDE) Swim cap Red, blue and green bags Accreditation bracelet Run lap count wrist bands (6x LD – 3x MD) Timing Chip (unless own chip) Ticket for pasta party

12 RACE TATTOO/DECAL Two Decals, for both upper arms. Clean skin Remove the clear surface of the decal Position the number Press a damp cloth or sponge over the number, 30 sec Carefully remove paper Do not touch, put shirt on, for 3-5 min

13 TRANSITION AREA CHECK- IN Bikenumber attached to your saddle stem? Zadelpensticker bevestigd aan je fiets? Helmet placed on your head with chin strap fixed? Sticker on the left side. Vastgemaakte helm op je hoofd? Start number close at hand? Startnummer bij de hand?

14 BAGS Red: Contains all bike gear that can not be attached to the bike Rood: Bevat alle fietsspullen die niet aan de fiets zitten Blue: Contains all running gear (shoes, etc) Blauw: Bevat al je loopspullen (schoenen, enz) Green: Contains everything you need after the race Groen : Bevat wat je na de finish wilt hebben


16 FINAL FRIDAY CHECKLIST Did you attend the briefing? Bij de briefing geweest? Left your red and blue bags in the basement? Rode en blauwe tassen ingeleverd in de kelder? Checked-in your bike and helmet in the TA? All equipment in the bags. Only bike shoes fixed on the bike. Fiets en helm ingeleverd in de wisselzone? Alles in de tassen; alleen fietsschoenen aan de fiets. Bike mechanic available in TA Fietsenmaker is aanwezig. Ready for the Carbo Loading Party? Klaar voor de pastaparty?

17 WATER, WEATHER AND WIND Water temperature: 18.0 °C Watertemperatuur: Wetsuits allowed Weather forecast:Partly clouded, 18.0 °C Weersvoorspelling: Wind prognosis: Gentle breeze, 18-20 km/h Windvoorspelling:North east

18 SWIM – PRE START Elite uniform check. Location: Entering Transition Area Wedstrijdkleding gecontroleerd van de Elite binnenkomst de TA Timing chip on your left ankle? Tijdregistratiechip om je linkerenkel? Green ‘after race’ bag handed-in? Groene ‘na wedstrijd’ tassen ingeleverd? Get ready for the start at the Swim Start sign! Elite get ready for the line-up 10 min. before the start! Sta klaar voor de start bij het Swim Start bord! Elite voor de line-up! Stay behind the line of bodyboards Blijf achter de lijn met bodyboards

19 TIME TABLE 05.30 uniform check elite / 6:00 TA open 06.50 line-up elite athletes / 7:00 Start Elite Long Distance 7:10 Start Age-Group Long Distance7:15 Start TriTogether&Para 8:10 Start Half Distance Friday SaturdaySunday 8:15 Start Business4Tri

20 SWIM COURSE 1 lap is 1.9k (dist. 1st buoy 680 m) 1 ronde is 1,9 km (naar 1 e boei 680 m) Waterstart Start uit het water Turn at red Challenge buoys Keer bij de rode Challenge boeien Start on canon shot Start na een kanonschot No landlap Geen landlap

21 FALSE START PROCEDURE False start Example 1: - several horn blasts - bodyboards in front of you - everyone goes back to start line False start Example 2: - single athletes starting just before the horn receive a time penalty of 30 sec in TA1 - during penalty athlete can not take any equipment!

22 TRANSITION 1 Mount line Ramp


24 BAGS AFTER SWIM Take the Red bag: –Take out the gear you need on the bike, –Put in all your swimming gear, –Put your red bag on the rack, –Go to your bike Neem de Rode tas : -Pak de spullen die je nodig hebt op de fiets, -Stop hier al je zwemspullen in, -Hang je rode tas terug in het rek, -Ga naar je fiets

25 BIKE COURSE 1 lap is 90k 1 ronde is 90 km Extra loop, only in 2nd lap (LD) Extra lusje, alleen 2 e ronde (LD) Each 10k marked Elke 10km gemarkeerd Houd rechts Keep right i i i

26 POINTS OF SPECIAL ATTENTION Fongerspad: sloping roads and tight left corner (4k and 88 (HD)/176k) Fongerspad: schuine randen en scherpe bocht links (4km en 88 (HD)/176km)

27 POINTS OF SPECIAL ATTENTION Knardijk: stay on the bike path (40k and 135k) Knardijk: blijf op het fietspad (40km en 135km)

28 POINTS OF SPECIAL ATTENTION Forest Zeewolde: narrow and 2 sharp corners (70k and 160k) Bos Zeewolde: smal en 2 scherpe bochten rechts (70km en 160km) Pole will be removed

29 BIKE COURSE - REPEAT 1 lap is 90k 1 ronde is 90 km Extra loop, only in 2nd lap (LD) Extra lusje, alleen 2 e ronde (LD) Each 10k marked Elke 10km gemarkeerd Houd rechts Keep right i i i

30 AID STATIONS / COACH AREAS Every 22k aid station Elke 22 km verzorgingspost Coach areas at hot spots (before Lelystad, at the turning point of the extra loop in de 2nd lap and in Almere Haven) Coachposten bij de hot spots (net voor Lelystad, bij het keerpunt van het extra lusje in de 2 e ronde en in Almere Haven)

31 NUTRITION ORDER Nutrition order: Half bananas Gels – High5 EnergyGel Flavours: Orange, Apple and Banana Sport drink – High5 Energysource, White drink bottle(750ml) Flavour: Citrus Water – White drink bottle(750ml)

32 SPARE WHEELS No wheel stations There will be 3 cars driving over the bike course with neutral spare wheels and equipment for simple repairs. Ask closest volunteers to call. Geen wielstations. Er rijden 3 busjes rond met reserve wielen en gereedschap voor simpele herstelwerkzaamheden. Vraag de dichtstbijzijnde vrijwilliger om te bellen.

33 TRANSITION 2 Dismount line


35 BAGS AFTER BIKE Take the Blue bag: –Take out the gear you need on the run, –Put in all your biking gear, –Put your blue bag on the rack, –Go to the run course Neem de Blauwe tas : -Pak de spullen die je nodig hebt bij het lopen, -Stop hier al je fietsspullen in, -Hang je blauwe tas terug in het rek, -Ga naar het loopparcours

36 WRIST BANDS You are responsible for your own lap counting. Timing mats on the course. Je bent zelf verantwoordelijk voor het tellen van je ronden. Er zijn registratiematten op het parcours. Wrist bands (6 LD and 3 HD) in your race package can be used Gebruik de 6 (LD) of 3 (HD) armbandjes ontvangen bij de wedstrijdbescheiden

37 RUN COURSE 1 lap is 7k 1 ronde is 7 km 1k points marked Elke km gemarkeerd Coach station near finish Coachpost bij finish Coach station at Relay Point (B4Tri) Coachpost bij wissel Relay Point 90% tarmac, 10% gravel 90% asfalt, 10% grind

38 AID STATIONS / COACH POST Every 1.5k aid station – coach station at Relay Point and near finish Elke 1,5km verzorgingspost – coachpost bij Relay Punt en naast de finish Nutrition order: Gels – High5 EnergyGel Flavours: Orange, Apple and Banana Food – Raisin bread, bananas, oranges Sport drink – High5 Energysource – High5 cup Flavour: Citrus Cola – blue plastic cup Water – blue plastic cup Sponges

39 BIKE PENALTY BOX Bike Penalty Box

40 RUN PENALTY BOX Run Penalty Box

41 PENALTY BOX The penalty box on the bike course is for drafting penalties: 5 minutes per yellow card. Athletes must stop at the next penalty box. The penalty box on the run course is for infringements in TA1, TA2 and on the run course: 30 seconds per infringement. Can be served on any lap of the run. Information: white board, written race numbers in black If you don’t stop: DSQ

42 RULE INTERPRETATION Drafting: zone is 3 m wide and 12 m long; 20 sec for overtaking; move out in 5 sec. 3 X Time penalty = DSQ. Mount after the mount line and dismount before the dismount line. Rack you bike correctly inside own space. Used equipment in the bag, not with the bike. Do not use posts or elements for curves.

43 RELAYS / TEAMS Timing chip is essential: pass it! Tijdregistratiechip is essentieel: geef hem over! Relay Zone in TA: Not via basement! Relay Zone in wisselzone: Niet via kelder! Business4Tri: Relay run runner 1 -> runner 2 at coach station Business4Tri: Van loper 1 -> loper 2 bij de coachpost

44 TIME LIMITS LIMITSLONG DISTANCEHALF DISTANCE Swim: Zwemmen: 09.30 (race time: 02.20) 09.30 (race time: 01.20) Bike: Fietsen: 17.30 (race time: 10.20) 13.30 (race time: 05.20) Run start last lap: Lopen laatste ronde: 21.45 (race time: 14.35) n/a Finish: 22.30 (race time: 15.20) 15.10 (race time: 07.00)

45 TIPS, TRICKS, NOTICES Don’t blindly follow motors, they take other routes Volg niet blindelings motors, zij nemen andere routes Don’t draft! Obey the drafting regulations Niet stayeren, houd je aan de stayerregels Withdraw from the race: Inform a Technical Official Meld bij een jurylid als je stopt met de wedstrijd Parking tickets for Hospitaalgarage for sale: €5,- Uitrijkaarten Hospitaalgarage te koop voor €5,- For Supporters and coaches: take the free ferry to bike turning point and Relay Point (leave Esplanade between 09.30-14.45; return between 09.50-14.20) Voor toeschouwers: neem de gratis boot

46 TIME TABLE 15:00 Award Ceremony in the Stadium On Saturday only flower ceremony, 15 minutes after finish 3rd athlete for: - 1, 2 and 3 Elite LD - Dutch Championships 1, 2 and 3 Elite LD Friday SaturdaySunday

47 PRIZE MONEY BRAKE DOWN The prize money schedule for the Elite (Male/Female) is: -1st place:8.000 EUR -2nd place:5.000 EUR -3rd place:3.500 EUR -4th place:2.500 EUR -5th place:2.000 EUR -6th place:1.500 EUR -7th place:1.000 EUR -8th place:700 EUR -9th place:500 EUR -10th place:300 EUR The LOC will pay the prize money directly to the winners by bank transfer.

48 ANTI-DOPING CONTROL Photo ID is needed for every athlete to have ready for Doping Control Voor de dopingcontrole moet een geldig legitimatiebewijs met pasfoto worden getoond




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