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Thursday 5 th March 2015 Elite Athletes’ Briefing.

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1 Thursday 5 th March 2015 Elite Athletes’ Briefing

2 Briefing Agenda Welcome and introductions Competition jury Schedules and timetables Check-in and procedures The course Post-race procedures Weather forecast

3 Welcome and Introduction Marisol Casado, ITU President Antonio F. Arimany, ITU General Director Thanos Nikopoulos, ITU Team Leader Jorge Garcia, ITU Technical Delegate Dirk Bogaert, ITU Race Referee Dr. Andras Galyasz, ITU Medical Delegate Ian Banner, LOC Race Director

4 Competition Jury Jorge Garcia (ESP), Chair Thanos Nikopoulos (GRE), ITU Representative Ahmed Nasser (EGY), ITU Executive Board Member

5 Schedule and Timetables Thursday 18:30 Race pack pick-up Your race package includes: Helmet stickers (3x) Bike sticker (1x) Body decals (4x) – both arms and both legs + Accreditation card: give access to the athlete’s lounge on race day

6 Schedule and Timetables Friday 10:30 – 11:00Bike Course familiarization escorted by the police during two (2) laps. Meeting point in Transition at 10.15 11:00 – 12:00Swim Course familiarization. All the bikes should remain in the Athlete’s Lounge as this is the secured area

7 Schedule and Timetables Saturday ELITE WOMEN 13:00 – 14:30 Athletes lounge check in 14:00 – 14:50Transition Area check-in 14:15 – 14:50 Swim warm-up 14:57Athletes’ presentation 15:06Elite Women Start 16:10Medal ceremony after finish

8 Schedule and Timetables Saturday ELITE MEN 15:15 – 16:30 Athletes lounge check in 16:15 – 16:50Transition Area check-in 16:15 – 16:50 Swim warm-up 16:57Athletes’ presentation 17:06Elite Men Start 18:10Medal ceremony after finish

9 Access to Venue Official Hotel

10 Access to the Venue

11 Check-in Procedures Random Bike check – before entering Athletes’ Lounge Refer to 5.2 in competition rules -Handlebars -Wheels (non authorized UCI wheels rule) -Bike frame -Saddle positions (-5cm≤ Men & -2cm≤ Women) Approved exceptions on ITU website: Approval for the addition/modification of any equipment to the bike, MUST be obtained from the Race Referee up until 10 minutes after the end of the Athletes’ Briefing. Mechanic service available.

12 Check-in Procedures Athletes’ Lounge Uniform and gear check (name, country, logos, ITU logo, zippers, race caps) – photos will be taken of each uniform. Wearing a different uniform during the race = DSQ Body marking check (both arms and both legs, 33 vs ) Swim cap distribution Timing chip distribution Leave your personal gear in the Athletes’ Lounge (use your bag drop sticker)

13 Check-in Procedures Transition Area Helmet check – Do not leave your helmet fastened in transition. (NEW RULE on BRANDING) Running shoes go outside your box Helmet on bike Labeled Spare wheels go to the athletes lounge, and the TO’s will move the wheels to the Wheel Station Return your non-competition gear to the Athletes’ Lounge (use your bag drop sticker)

14 The Course Swim 1 lap of 750m Bike 4 laps of 5km Run 2 laps of 2.5km

15 The Course

16 Video

17 Pre-start Procedure

18 Athletes’ Introduction 15 minutes before your start, you will be called to leave the Athletes Lounge, following the technical officials instructions, towards the Transition Area in front of the grandstands When you are introduced, jog to the swim start platform Quickly select your start position After selecting your position, stay behind the line Blocking more than one position = DSQ

19 Start Procedure Athletes in Position The start can be given any time after the Race Referee announces “On Your Mark!” Air Horn The race starts After selecting your position, stay behind the line Athletes not moving forward from the start line = 10 second penalty in TA1

20 False Start Procedure False start with many athletes Several horn blasts Kayaks move in front of you Everyone goes back to his/her original start spot Valid start with early starters If a few athletes start before the horn and everyone else starts with the horn, the false starter(s) will receive a 10 second penalty in TA1. During the time penalty, the athlete(s) many NOT touch any equipment.

21 Swim Course Today at 14.00: Water temperature:22.1  C Air Temperature:26.0  C WBGT Reading:20,8 ºCCondition: 1 Lap of 750 m (anticlockwise) Distance to first turn buoy (orange) at 300 m; keep on left shoulder Keep remaining orange buoys on your left shoulder Swim behaviour will be closely monitored Take swim cap and goggles to transition and place in your box

22 Swim Course

23 Swim Exit

24 Transition Area Individual bike racks Name, Number, Country Code and Flag All used equipment goes into your box Failure to put equipment in box = 10 second penalty on run Mount Line is at the end of TA (GREEN LINE) Dismount Line is at the beginning of TA (RED LINE)

25 Bike Course 4 Laps of 5 km = 20 km Ride through the venue and the Transition Area Flat and really technical in the access to the venue; be careful with this part Two Wheel Stations Team WS approximately 50 m after exiting transition, on the right side Neutral WS at the intersection, served twice Littering zones for the bike, after the neutral wheel station, on both directions Lap Counter: at the end of the Transition Area Lapped athletes will be removed from the race Last bike / first runner scenario can occur at entrance to the venue

26 Bike Course

27 Bike Course #Entrance to the venue

28 Caution Signals Caution Signal Sharp whistles and/or red flags

29 Run Course 2 Laps of 2.5 km = 5 km Aid Stations 3 per lap Sealed water bottles Only discard bottles and litter within the littering zones as indicated by the following signs:

30 Run Course First Runner Last Biker Scenario

31 Run Penalty Box Run Penalty Box is for infringements in TA1, TA2 or on the Run Course Mount before mount line Dismount after dismount line Equipment outside your box, et. cetera Location: At the entrance to the venue on the left side Notification:Posted on white board at Penalty Box (YOU MUST read the board) Procedure:10 second time penalty served on any lap of the run Failure to serve penalty = DSQ

32 Post-race Procedures Photo Finish When you finish, keep moving through to the mixed-zone and recovery area For awards, dress “up” with race uniform or country clothes Ambush marketing rules apply Hats/visors are allowed on the podium with maximum 1 sponsor logo having a maximum height of 4 cm and a total area of 20 cm 2 Prize money will be wire transferred to athletes by ITU

33 Ambush Marketing Rule Ambush marketing is defined as: “Deliberately using the opportunity of live television and media photographers to acquire additional exposure for your sponsor product, apparel or brand.” The consequence for this behavior is that the athlete will immediately forfeit their prize money for that event, if any. Please follow the ambush marketing rule

34 Post-race Procedures Anti-doping Control Photo ID is REQUIRED for every athlete that is selected for testing Team Medical Access Only accredited team medical personnel will be permitted to enter the medical tent, after receiving the ITU Medical Delegate’s permission Each National Federation is permitted to have 1 team medical accreditation. Team doctors should register with the ITU Medical Delegate (Dr. Andras Galyasz)

35 Coaches’ Areas Coaches accreditations will only be distributed to those coaches who’s National Federations registered them through the on-line system They will have access to: The Athletes’ Lounge and Post-recovery Area Behind the start area Sea side media lane / swim exit

36 Notes There will be no warming up on the bike course as the roads will be in use for other events / logistics purposes Prize money will be wire transferred to the athletes by ITU following the event.

37 Access to Briefing Presentation Race Briefings can be found as follows:

38 Weather Forecast

39 Measurement of the course One coach per NF can have access to the Elite run course between 16:10 and 16:50 on Saturday for measuring the course. Vests will be provided from the LOC. Access will be given through the Elite athletes’ lounge Please register with the technical officials at the coaches’ accreditation distribution.

40 2015 Competition Rules updates – Elite draft legal events specific Section 2.8.b) - any kind of propaganda (religious, political, ratial etc.) will not be accepted; Section 2.12 - Exceptional conditions at an event; Section 5.2.b).(i).4thbullet - Juniors don't have to respect the saddle position rule 5/2cm; 5.2.e.(ii) - Helmet must be used in all official activities when the athlete rides the bike: competition, familiarization and training sessions; Section 6.1.a)(v) - barefoot running is allowed;

41 6.2. Finish Definition - a.) An athlete will be judged as finished, the moment any part of the torso crosses a vertical line extending from the leading edge of the finish line; Section 7.1.b) - Racking the bikes in the transition; Section 7.1.g) - clarifications in cases athletes loses their shoes/equipment at the mount/dismount line; Section Appendix F - There is no limitation of manufacturers or sponsors on the helmet, but it has to be custom made. Any added stickers of sponsors or manufacturers will be removed. 2015 Competition Rules updates – Elite draft legal events specific

42 There will not be Junior/U23 Mixed Relay World Champs in 2015, but continue in 2016. Littering zones on the bike and the run course; time penalty applies 2015 Competition Rules updates – Elite draft legal events specific


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