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Blinded By Colors Written By: Deborah Grate Frink Recreated by LaTema.

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1 Blinded By Colors Written By: Deborah Grate Frink Recreated by LaTema

2 About the Author Deborah Grate Frink Born December 16 Parents are Thomas Grate Sr. and Eliza Grate Published one book ”Blinded By Colors” Quote:” Reflection relieves the soul; therefore, think before you speak.” Quote: “ Hunnuh gwine haffa lis’en. E gwine haffa min ‘e mannus and shet ‘e mout’. Hunnuh ent no sass mout’.”

3 Blinded By Colors This book is about a story of kindness, conflict, and racism. It takes place in Mayfield, South Carolina. A young girl named Lynn finally finds a true friend. The problem is he’s white. His father forbids him to see Lynn because he doesn’t believe in a friendship like that. Back then they still separated blacks from whites at times. That’s why they say blinded by colors. When Lynn and other black folks show kindness to their neighbors, they are helping uncover the blindness. I was so overwhelmed when I finished this book. Not only because my favorite teacher wrote it, but because it’s over. Now not only do I have black friends, but white ones too. I don’t care what anyone says they’ll be my friends until the end!

4 Fact and Opinion Fact: Mollie is sure hungry. Fact: Lynn was ten years old. Opinion: There are some good people left. Opinion: Pa never had too much to say, he was the quiet one.

5 Cause and Effect Cause: Sammy’s dog ran into the road. Effect: The dog got hit by a speeding car.

6 Questions 1.Who was Johnny to Lynn? 2.What was Sammy’s dog name? 3.What happened to Bruce? 4.What did mama bring home to Lynn? 5.What did Lynn name her gift? 6.How did Sammy feel when he lost his best friend? 7.Why did Johnny run when he saw the white man get out of the car? 8.Did Johnny stay to Lynn’s house for dinner? 9.Did you like this book? Why or Why not? 10.Would you recommend anyone to read this book?

7 Vocabulary 1.Abandoned: morally unrestrained 2.Earnestly: seriously intent and sober 3.Premature: happening, coming, born, or done before the usual or proper time 4.Fittingly: not regular 5. Gradually: proceeding or changing by steps or degrees 6. Slumped: to sink down suddenly 7. Raggedy: done in an uneven way 8. Briskly: alert or lively 9. Positioning: an arranging in order 10. Lanky: ungracefully tall and thin

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