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1. Oracles High-Availability Vision: Whats New in Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Juan Loaiza Senior Vice President, Oracle System Technology.

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1 1

2 Oracles High-Availability Vision: Whats New in Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Juan Loaiza Senior Vice President, Oracle System Technology

3 3 Oracle High Availability Architecture 1.Scale-Out & Low-Cost – High-volume hardware – All components active 2.Application Oriented – Protect and recover application objects – Enable online application changes 3.Integrated & Simple – Availability integrated into all components – Automated 4.Complete & Open – Handles all planned and unplanned downtime – Pluggable components

4 4 Oracles Database HA Server Failures Data Failures System Changes App Changes Unplanned Downtime Planned Downtime Data Changes

5 5 Server Failures Data Failures System Changes App Changes Unplanned Downtime Planned Downtime Real Application Clusters (RAC) Best-of-Breed Server Protection At Lowest Cost Data Changes

6 6 Scale workloads across multiple low cost servers Consolidate into fewer servers and databases Runs all Oracle database applications Built-in HA HRSALESERP Real Application Clusters

7 7 A virtualized single instance database – Omotion - live migration of instances across servers Move services, then shutdown transactional – Built-in cluster failover for high availability Better than OS level virtualization – Rolling database patches – Manage fewer Operating Systems 10 DBs on a node does not mean 10 Operating Systems to manage – Rolling OS upgrades New in 11.2 RAC One Node Virtualization Benefits for Oracle Databases

8 8 Data Corruptions Storage Failures Site Failures Human Errors Server Failures Data Failures System Changes App Changes Unplanned Downtime Planned Downtime Data Changes Best-of-Breed Data Failure Protection At Lowest Cost Flashback RMAN Oracle Secure Backup ASM Data Guard Streams

9 9 Flashback revolutionizes error recovery – View good data as of a past point-in-time – Simply rewind data changes – Time to correct error equals time to make error Correction Time = Error Time + f(DB_SIZE) Low impact, easy – simple commands, no complex procedure Flashback Query, Table, Transaction, Database, Drop SQL> flashback database to ; Enhancements in 11.2: Flashback database performance & monitoring optimizations Flashback archive support for schema evolution Recovery Time Traditional Recovery Flashback Flashback Technologies Error Detection & Correction New in 11.2

10 10 Oracle Enterprise Manager RMAN Data Files Fast Recovery Area Tape Drive Oracle Secure Backup Intrinsic knowledge of database file formats and recovery procedures Block validation Online block-level recovery Unused block compression Online, multi-streamed backup Native encryption Recovery Manager (RMAN) manages Database Backup & Recovery Cloud Oracle Backup & Recovery Integrated Disk, Tape & Cloud Backup

11 11 Backup compression: popular way to save on storage Multiple RMAN backup compression levels – Choose between compression levels & backup throughput [BASIC] | HIGH | MEDIUM | LOW New in 11.2 Multiple RMAN Compression Levels More Cost Savings

12 12 Oracle Enterprise Manager Oracle Database RMAN Integration File System Data Oracle Secure Backup Tape Library Virtual Tape Library (VTL) Tape Backup for Oracle Environment Built-in Oracle Integration 25 – 40% faster than leading competition 4X less expensive than comparable products Supports Oracle Database 11g through Oracle9i Oracle Secure Backup Enterprise Tape Backup Management

13 13 Amazon S3 Oracle Secure Backup Cloud module: Backup databases to Amazon Cloud – Complements local disk and/or tape backup – Eliminates IT management overhead of a disaster recovery site Oracle Secure Backup Cloud Module Database Files / Fast Recovery Area RMAN Compression / Encryption Oracle Secure Backup Cloud Module Offsite Database Backups in the Cloud

14 14 3 rd Party FSApplicationDatabase ASM Disk Group ASM dynamic volume manager supports file systems ASM directly supports Clusterware files – Cluster Repository, Voting Disk Built-in mirroring protects from disk failures Enables auto-repair from corrupt blocks using a valid mirror copy Automatic Storage Management (ASM) Stores & Manages All Data

15 15 Manage both database & file system data – E.g.: Oracle & Application binaries, trace files, alert logs, BFILEs, image files, etc. Clustered or local file system – Data stored in ASM – Inherits all ASM manageability benefits Online disk add/drop/rebalance Integrated mirroring Cross-platform Read-Only Snapshots – Up to 63 point-in-time space efficient copies of file system Linux and Windows only in first release Shared File System New in 11.2 ASM Cluster File System Oracle Management of File System Data

16 16 Data Corruptions Storage Failures Site Failures Human Errors Server Failures Data Failures Unplanned Downtime Active-Active Availability Minimizing Downtime During Site Failures Data Guard GoldenGate Streams

17 17 Network Broker Production Database Logical Standby SQL Apply Open R/O with Active Data Guard Transform Redo to SQL Physical Standby Backup Redo Apply Sync or Async Redo Shipping Boston Chicago Dallas Open R/W for peripheral writes Oracle Data Guard Best Disaster Recovery

18 18 Queries on standby database concurrent with apply Available with Physical Standby in 11.1 – Handles all data types, very fast, operationally simple Eliminates cost of DR – All hardware used for production load Physical Standby Database Primary Database Real-time Queries Continuous Redo Shipment and Apply Concurrent Real-Time Query New in 11.1 Active Data Guard Offload Queries to Standby

19 19 Scalable Reader Farm Production Database Updates Queries Up to 30 active standby databases Flexible options to scale read performance Add more active standby databases Scale active standby databases using Oracle RAC New in 11.2 Oracle Active Data Guard Read Scalability, with DR

20 20 Active Standby Database Primary Database Continuous redo shipping validation & apply Automatically repair block corruptions online Primary repaired from standby and vice-versa New in 11.2 Oracle Active Data Guard Auto Block Protection Read/Write Workload Real-time Reporting

21 21 Use Standby Database for testing and development – Eliminates cost of DR – Justify full scale test and DR environments by combining into one Preserves zero data loss while in test/dev mode – But no real time query or fast failover Similar to storage snapshots, but: – Provides DR at the same time – Single copy of storage Physical Standby Apply Logs Snapshot Standby Perform Testing Open Database Back out Changes Continuous Redo Shipping New in 11.1 Snapshot Standby Test with Production Data Before Deployment

22 22 Standby Database Primary Database FAN enabled JDBC and OCI clients Wide Area Network (ASYNC) Automate client failover with role-based services and FAN New in 11.2 Oracle Data Guard Better Application Availability New Primary Database Auto-start of primary database services Fast notification of application clients

23 23 Active Standby Database Automatically enforce service levels for standby queries Primary Database Read/Write Workload Continuous redo shipping validation & apply Query receives error if data delay exceeds SLA Applications can redirect query to primary New in 11.2 Oracle Active Data Guard Ensure Service Levels for Query Latency Real-time Reporting

24 24 Additional Data Type support: – Basic Table Compression – OLTP Table Compression – SecureFiles Without deduplication – Online Table Redefinition – Extended data type support for SDO_GEOMETRY (SQL Apply) New in 11.2 Additional Data Type Support Both Data Guard SQL Apply & Streams

25 25 Critical Data Guard metrics reported on HA console Comprehensive Data Guard Monitoring Using Enterprise Manager 10g Release 5

26 26 Apply1 Capture Apply2 Redo Logs Non-Oracle Database Active-active databases with automatic conflict detection & optional resolution Provides HA for custom apps where update conflicts can be avoided or managed Transparent Gateway Propagate Target Database Source Database Oracle Streams Built-in Oracle Database Replication Solution

27 27 Extended Streams - XStream – API for fast real-time access to changes in Oracle database – Client attaches directly to Streams apply process using OCI/Java – Outbound server (XStream Out) Stream changes out of the Oracle database – Inbound server (XStream In) Stream changes from external sources into an Oracle database XStream New in 11.2 XStream Fast Real-Time Programmatic Access to Data Changes

28 28 Performance optimizations of uni-directional Streams extended to one-to-many Faster transformations – Statement DML Handlers Up to 4x faster than procedural DML handlers – New Declarative Transformation - Keep Columns Extensive tuning throughout Streams Improved JMS integration and faster Streams Advanced Queuing – AQ dequeue is 30%-100% faster than previous releases New in 11.2 Better Streams Performance

29 29 GoldenGate Best-in-class leader in real-time data solutions Continuous Availability for heterogeneous systems Real-time data access for Reporting Real-time data for BI, EPM, Exadata Zero-downtime migrations / upgrades to Oracle Database and Applications Over 400 customers with 4,000+ implementations across Fortune 500 companies: Financial Services, Communications, Healthcare, Public Sector, Retail & Utilities industries Top 3 of 5 largest commercial banks Top 3 of 3 busiest ATM networks Top 7 of 10 financial data services companies Top 4 of 5 telecommunications providers Top 3 of 5 largest food & drug stores Real-time information Real-time Access

30 30 DatabasesO/S and Platforms Capture: Oracle DB2 Microsoft SQL Server Sybase ASE Teradata Enscribe SQL/MP SQL/MX Delivery - all listed above, plus: HP Neoview, Netezza, Greenplum, and any ODBC compatible databases ETL products JMS message queues MySQL TimesTen Windows 2000, 2003, XP Linux Sun Solaris HP NonStop HP-UX HP TRU64 HP OpenVMS IBM AIX IBM z/OS GoldenGate for Heterogeneous Platforms

31 31 GoldenGate is Oracles strategic replication solution Streams continues to be a supported Oracle Database feature Best Streams technology will be integrated into GoldenGate GoldenGate and Streams Oracle Streams Oracle GoldenGate

32 32 GoldenGate and Data Guard Information Distribution & Consolidation, Application Upgrades & Changes – Use GoldenGate - heterogeneous, active-active, transformations, subsetting Disaster Recovery / Data Protection / HA – Simple Full Oracle Database Protection Use Active Data Guard High-performance, simple, drop-in solution for HA and DR, readable at standby Works for all apps and data types, including packaged apps that cant be changed – Application desiring flexible HA, active-active, schema changes, platform changes Use GoldenGate Avoid or manage active-active conflicts at application level Combine the two for full database protection and information distribution Oracle Active Data Guard Oracle DB Primary Oracle DB Standby Heterogeneous Distributed Fully-active Subset Replicas Oracle GoldenGate

33 33 Server Failures Data Failures System Changes Data Changes Unplanned Downtime Planned Downtime App Changes Best Online Planned Maintenance At Lowest Cost Online Reconfiguration Rolling Upgrades Online Redefinition Edition-based Redefinition

34 34 Servers – Add/Remove RAC nodes online – No data movement needed Storage – Add/Remove ASM disks or arrays online – Automatically rebalance after storage change Clusterware, ASM – Upgrade Oracle Clusterware and ASM (11g) in an online manner Database Storage Online Reconfiguration Scaling on Demand

35 35 Online Patching and Upgrades Most one-off patches can be applied to a running Oracle instance – Linux-x86, Solaris 10, HP-UX 11i – [New in 11.2] Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit, AIX v6.1 [TL2 SP1] More complex one-off patches can be deployed online using RAC rolling patches (available 10g onwards) Database release/patchset upgrades, operating system upgrades, platform migrations can be applied in rolling fashion using Data Guard / GoldenGate / Streams Data Center moves / SAN migration / Technology Refresh etc. can be done with minimal downtime using Data Guard / GoldenGate / Streams

36 36 All index changes can be done online – 11gR1 – table is never locked during online index creation Tables can be Reorganized & Redefined online – Allows changing location, table type, partitioning, columns, column types – Contents can be transformed as they are copied Source Table Update Tracking Transform Copy Table Transform Updates Result Table Continuous Queries & Updates Store Updates Online Index & Table Redefinition

37 37 Edition-based Redefinition Overview Enables online application patches and upgrades Allows old and new version of application to co-exist even though schema is changed by new version Capabilities primarily used by application developers New in 11.2

38 38 Maintains logical versions of changed database objects, through: – Edition – Editioning View – Crossedition Trigger PL/SQL code changes and view changes installed in the privacy of a new edition New data changes made to new columns/tables not seen by old edition Editioning view exposes a private projection of a table into each edition Crossedition trigger propagates changes made by old edition into new editions columns, or vice-versa Pre-upgrade Edition New in 11.2 Post-upgrade Edition Crossedition Triggers Edition-based Redefinition How Does it Work?

39 39 End-to-End Availability

40 40 Sun Oracle Database Machine © 2009 Oracle Corporation - Confidential40 Grid is the architecture of the future Highest performance, lowest cost, incrementally scalable Redundant and Fault Tolerant Sun Oracle Database Machine delivers the first and only complete grid architecture for all data management needs Exadata Storage Server Grid 14 High-performance storage servers 5TB flash storage Data is mirrored across storage servers Oracle Database Server Grid 8 High-performance compute servers InfiniBand Network 40 Gb/sec fault-tolerant unified server and storage network

41 41 WAN Protection from – Server Failures – Storage Failures – Network Failures – Site Failures Real-time remote standby open for queries Human error correction – Database, table, row, transaction level Online indexing and table redefinition Online patching and upgrades Real Application Clusters ASM Fast Recovery Area Active Data Guard Oracle Secure Backup Database Technology Drives Availability

42 42 Backup & Recovery – Backup shows extreme performance and scalability using Exadata – Full Database Backup to tape demonstrated at 7.8 TB/hr Limited by tape performance of 14 tape drives used in test – Incremental backup to tape at 10% change rate: 70TB/hr – Single RMAN backup channel runs full backup to disk at 2.5 TB/hr Data Guard – Full DR demonstrated with uncompressed loads over 2TB/hour – Compressed tables reduce redo & net traffic enhancing Data Guard 5 TB/hour load rates with Data Guard into compressed tables – 5 customers have implemented Data Guard on a Database Machine in first year Database Machine HA Metrics

43 43 Oracle High Availability Architecture 1.Scale-Out & Low-Cost – High-volume hardware – All components active 2.Application Oriented – Protect and recover application objects – Enable online application changes 3.Integrated & Simple – Availability integrated into all components – Automated 4.Complete & Open – Handles all planned and unplanned downtime – Pluggable components

44 44 HA Sessions, Labs, & Demos by Oracle Development Sunday, 11 October – Hilton Hotel Imperial Ballroom B 3:45p Online Application Upgrade Monday, 12 October – Marriott Hotel Golden Gate B1 11:30a Introducing Oracle GoldenGate Products Monday, 12 October – Moscone South 1:00p Oracles HA Vision: Whats New in 11.2, Room 103 2:30p Oracle Streams: What's New in 11.2, Room 301 4:00p Database 11g: Performance Innovations, Room 103 5:30p Comparing Data Protection Solutions, Room 102 Tuesday, 13 October – Moscone South 11:30a Oracle Streams: Replication Made Easy, Room :30a Backup & Recovery on the Database Machine, Room :30a Next-Generation Database Grid Overview, Room 103 1:00p Oracle Data Guard: Whats New in 11.2, Room 104 2:30p GoldenGate and Streams - The Future, Room 270 2:30p Backup & Recovery Best Practices, Room 104 2:30p Single-Instance RAC, Room 300 4:00p Enterprise Manager HA Best Practices, Room 303 Tuesday, 13 October – Marriott Hotel Golden Gate B1 11:30a GoldenGate Zero-Downtime Application Upgrades 1:00p GoldenGate Deep Dive: Architecture for Real-Time Wednesday, 14 October – Moscone South 10:15a Announcing OSB 10.3, Room :45a Active Data Guard, Room 103 5:00p Exadata Storage & Database Machine, Room 104 Thursday, 15 October – Moscone South 9:00a Empowering Availability for Apps, Room :00p Exadata Technical Deep Dive, Room 307 1:30p Zero-Downtime DB Maintenance, Room 103 Demos Moscone West DEMOGrounds Mon & Tue 10:30a - 6:30p; Wed 9:15a - 5:15p Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA), W-045 Oracle Streams: Replication & Advanced Queuing, W-043 Oracle Active Data Guard, W-048 Oracle Secure Backup, W-044 Oracle Recovery Manager & Flashback, W-046 Oracle GoldenGate, 3709 Hands-on Labs Marriott Hotel Golden Gate B2 Monday 11:30a-2:00p Oracle Active Data Guard, Parts I & II Thursday 9:00a-11:30a Oracle Active Data Guard, Parts I & II

45 45 Complete List of New HA Features Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Oracle Database 11g Release 1

46 46 Data Guard Active Data Guard: Online block repair Query SLA Primary with 30 standbys Parallel local & remote SYNC transport Retrieve remaining redo from primary before failover Improved client failover Role-based services Broker support for ONS Support auto-client failover for logical standby for JDBC, OCI, ODP.Net No shutdown of RAC instances in old standby for switchover No shutdown moving from Max Availability to Max Protection Comprehensive support for compressed redo transport Data Guard (contd.) SQL Apply support of OLTP Compression, SecureFiles, XA in RAC, Online Redefinition & Edition-based Redefinition, SDO_GEOMETRY (EDS) Use logical standby as Streams source Streams XStream IN & OUT Statement DML Handlers Better infrastructure to track changes to table data New Declarative Transformation: keep_columns Optimized one-to-many propagation AQ: Improved JMS integration & performance improvements Support of OLTP Compression, SecureFiles, Online Redefinition RAC Server pools RAC One Node Omotion ASM Cluster File System OCR & Voting Disk in ASM Flashback Flashback Database: better performance for direct loads Flashback Database: enable while database is open Flashback Database: better monitoring of progress Flashback Transaction: track foreign key dependency Complete List of New HA Features Oracle Database 11g Release 2

47 47 Online Patching & Upgrades Edition-based Redefinition using Edition, Editioning View and Crossedition Trigger Online Patching for Windows & AIX RMAN Multiple compression levels Target-less DUPLICATE Optimized checks for DUPLICATE Expanded DUPLICATE options Enhanced tablespace point-in- time recovery using transportable tablespace and Data Pump Improved flexibility of SET NEWNAME Faster transportable database OSB 10.3 Server-less tape duplication for VTL using NDMP tape copy Better automation for tape vaulting Support for IPv6 as well as IPv4 Supports LTO-4 tape drive encryption Manages encryption key seamlessly between native or LTO-4 encryption More comprehensive backup / restore monitoring Verification of tape device configurations Grid Control HA Console MAA Advisor Minimal downtime ASM migration & RAC conversion Streams dashboard and improved monitoring of Streams configurations. Database Clone from existing database backups Comprehensive OSB management OSB File System Backup/Restore and reports Task based workflow for mining redo and archived logs Complete List of New HA Features Oracle Database 11g Release 2

48 48 Clusters Better performance, failover, management Seamless integration with XA and Microsoft Transaction Server Optimized Cache Fusion protocols ASM Temporarily freeze I/O to unresponsive storage and replay writes when it returns Rolling Upgrade for ASM instances Data Guard - Generic Snapshot standby Fast-Start Failover in secs Fast-Start Failover for asynchronous mode Fast Redo Transport Redo Transport Compression for gaps SYS user no longer required for redo shipping Standby across Linux/Windows on x86 Flashback Flashback Transaction Flashback Data Archive Data Guard SQL Apply Support XMLType data type (CLOB) Support Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) Apply performance improved significantly Support Fine Grained Auditing Support Virtual Private Database Data Guard Redo Apply Active Data Guard New parallel media recovery doubles redo apply performance Fast Incremental Backup Better RMAN integration Complete List of New HA Features Oracle Database 11g Release 1

49 49 Upgrades Online patching Transient logical standby Online Redefinition Fast add column with default value Invisible Indexes prevent premature use of newly created indexes Online index build with NO pause to DML No recompilation of dependent objects Easier to execute table DDL operations online Streams Support XMLType data type (CLOB) Support Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) Apply performance improved significantly Support AWR, ADDM, ASH Streams Performance Advisor Synchronous capture Table Data Comparison JMS/AQ performance improvements Backup & Recovery Data Recovery Advisor Intra-file parallel backup and restore Faster backup compression Duplicate database over the network Integration with Windows Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) API Integrated protection through ultra safe mode Complete List of New HA Features Oracle Database 11g Release 1

50 50 General – Across the Platforms – Event Marker Infrastructure – Start Delivery as of CSN (Commit Sequence Number) for efficient instantiation – Enhanced Memory Management – Deferred Apply – Array Fetching to increase initial load performance Oracle – Additional data type support – Spatial, IOTs, Sequences, clustered table, object table – Support of Append hints (Apply only) – Increased Oracle DDL text maximum size to 2MB – Filtering by User for more efficient loop detection and capture task type separation (e.g. batch vs OLTP) – Expanded Support of ALO (Archive Log Only) mode for RAC environments SQL Server – SQL Server 2008 Delivery – Capture of tables without primary keys (SQL Server 2005) DB2 LUW – Support for Multi Dimensional Clustered Tables (MDC) – Support for Materialized Query Tables (MQT) NSK – Support of HP Blades – Support Primary Key Updates from Open Systems (e.g. Oracle to NSK) Teradata – Integration of Oracle GoldenGate Director with TMSM (Teradata Multi-System Manager) – Support of Teradata v13 – DDL replication – Support for additional platforms: Solaris 10, SUSE 9/10 – Full Unicode Support for Linux ODBC Oracle GoldenGate Key Features in v10

51 51 Oracle HA Customer Success Stories on OTN: Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA): MAA Assessment: Resources

52 52 A Q & Q U E S T I O N S A N S W E R S

53 53 For More Information or

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