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What is Geography?. What Words Come to Mind? Geography.

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1 What is Geography?

2 What Words Come to Mind? Geography

3 Geography is......... Maps Places Mountains Rivers Cities Landscape

4 Geography is......... People The Environment Patterns Processes Countries Oceans Geology

5 Geography is......... A LITTLE bit of readingENGLISH A LITTLE number crunchingMATHEMATICS Making new discoveriesSCIENCE Studying the past HISTORY GEOGRAPHY IS EVERYTHING AROUND YOU “No one is bad at geography” -Mr. Scott

6 Defining Geography Geography: The study of how things change over space and time on the Earth surface. Analysis, Interpretation, Relationships, Processes, Observation Population, Climate, Geology, Vegetation, the Environment Countries, Continents, Townships, Provinces, Cities, Towns Past, Present, Future

7 What is Geography? Geography is the science that tries to understand how the Earth works and how humans change it. – This science examines the Earth’s surface and the processes that shape it. – Geography especially looks at the relationship between people and the Earth’s physical environment. – To understand our relationship with the Earth, geographers ask questions and search for answers to problems. By exploring these problems, we can make better, wiser decisions.

8 What is Geography? Geographers try to answer three questions: – Where are things located on Earth? – What are the connections between people and the Earth? – How can we illustrate this information to understand it better? Geography has two main focuses: – The Earth’s physical geography (natural things) – The Earth’s human geography (people and things related to people such as cities)

9 Geography is.. Not just where something is..... Why is it there ? How has it changed over time? How is it related to something else?

10 Geography of……. CAIRO, Egypt Why is it there? How is it related to something else? How has it changed over time?

11 The Geography of Huntsville Considering the last slides: Lets understand Huntsville

12 The Geography of Huntsville Why does Huntsville exist? What environmental factors made settlement here advantageous? What impact does the landscape have on the town? What impact does Highway 11 have on the town? How has the economy of Huntsville changed in the past?

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