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Introduction to World Geography

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1 Introduction to World Geography
Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4 Ms. Maitland

2 What’s wrong with this picture?

3 Analyze (or describe) this picture

4 5 Themes of Geography Location Place Regions Movement
Describes where something is Place Describes physical and human characteristics that make the place unique Regions Areas that share common characteristics Movement Explains how and why people and things move and are connected Human-Environment Interaction Describes relationship between people and their environment

5 6 Essential elements of Geography
The World in Spatial Terms Places and Regions Physical Systems Human Systems Environment and Society The Uses of Geography

6 The World in Spatial Terms
Spatial relationships: links people and places have towards one another based on location Absolute location is the exact spot a place is found on earth Longitude: degrees east or west of the Prime Meridian Latitude: degrees north or south of the Equator Relative location is when you locate a place in relation to another

7 Places and Regions Every place on Earth has unique characteristics
Places on Earth are grouped into regions to better understand the complexity of Earth The defining characteristics of a region can be: Physical; climate, landforms, soils, vegetation, animal life Human; language, religion, political systems, economics, population

8 Physical Systems and Human Systems
Two branches of Geography: Physical: focuses on earth’s physical features Human (or cultural): focuses on human activities and their relationship to the cultural and physical environments Geographers also study how natural phenomena affect Earth’s physical features and also how those physical features interact with plants and animals to influence ecosystems Another topic of interest: The migration and settlement patterns of people

9 Environment and Society
Geographers examine ways people use their environment, how and why they change it, and the consequences of such changes Mountains Dams Geographers help people make better decisions about how to interact with their environment

10 Uses of Geography

11 Research Methods Direct Observation Mapping Interviewing
Analyzing Statistics Using Technology Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

12 Geography and Other Subjects
Past Environments and Politics Society and Culture Economies

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